Friday, October 22, 2021

Kin For You


Kin was on Twitter showing off his Green Lantern socks!! I'm here to say that I will be OUT Today... last minute thing. So, please let me know if the show is worth watching and what you thought!! See you for Sunday Surgery!! 


  1. Twenty minutes after Michael talks to the PA guy they arrest Nina. So stupid.
    Val wakes up. Still critical.
    Not much else.
    MW looks delicious.

  2. Nina committed many moral crimes, but criminal... that seems a stretch even for a soap.
    Michael is so boring that I just don't care.

    Josslyn reminded me so much of Carly by getting in the face of Spencer's attorney. I would have told the privileged girl to sit down.

    Anyone wonder who had Scout and Danny while her parents were both on a 12-15 hour flight away in Greece?

    1. They might as well move in with Monica, Sam is an absent Mother...

    2. They have rooms at the Quartermaine mansion. Sam actually said that one day.

    3. Looks like they are grooming Joss to be Carly Jr. Won’t be able to watch either. Michael is really quite the jerk.

  3. Nina had an obligation to call the police on Peter, moral and legal.

    1. Agreed Peter needs to be behind bars for life. Nina for keeping secrets? Not so sure.

    2. moral yes, legal? I don't think so.

  4. Karen DID watch the show today. :)

    Crete Clark:

    Robert and Victor: 2 men with different accents in a scene together. LOVE IT. New bromance? New besties? New bromance besties? Robert grill him about the Tribbles!

    Anna and Victor: Anna, if you marry V.C. then Victor will be your father in law. :) Victor wants to know about his son! :)

    Anna and V.C.: V.C. Baby wake up! :( Anna kisses his hand. :)

    Anna: You may have been born in Greece, but I'll be damned if you die here.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. :( I love Vanna. Her phone rings.

    Anna: It's my doubting ex husband.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but Robert wins it. Riiiight now.

    Robert and V.C.: V.C. WAKES UP YAY!

    Robert: Hey Valentin, are you awake?


    V.C. and Anna part 2: She is happy he is awake. V.C. don't want Anna to listen to anything Victor says, but Anna doesn't have a choice.

    Sam and Jason: Blah blah blah Drew.. Blah blah blah Drew.

    Sam and Dante: Sam says her children come first.. Geez how many times is she going to say that, and then go off to another country? :) Oh Dante is going with her awwww good. :)

    Jason and Britch: Time to go find your mudder!!! :) I wish Scotty was there too.

    Port Chuckles:

    Q mansion:

    DA PA guy and Michael: Nina talk.. Nina Nina Nina. Come on Michael. You should be talking about the Tribbles too.

    Mildew: Hey Willow. Like Carly said, if you push Michael too far, he will react.

    Courthouse: Chad is freeeeeeeeeeeeee! Now he could go live with Doc and Laura, and he can get a job. :) Oh and Esme is wearing something so inappropriate. :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Ava, Sonny, and Nina: Ohhhhhhhhhh. Sonny wants to buy Charlie's pub and restaurant and so does Nina.. :) Queen Ava trying to get them together. :)

    Sonny and Nina: No Nina, Carly don't know that you and Sonny did some tonsil hockey and she don't know you two are in wuv. :) I really really REALLY want Carly to see those photos of them that are on Nina's desk. :)

    Sonny, Nina, and the cops: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Nina being arrested. Will Sonny defend Nina? Will he? I bet. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 14 2013.* I had to see Lucy mistaken John McBain as Caleb Morley a vampire. Crazy FUN! :) She stakes him. Remember this? :) John McBain had a lot of funny one liners. :)

    1. In Carly character, she would have lied to Sonny about her relationship with Jason, Carly has never been an honest person, totally out of character.
      Michael is so dumb, can't stand him, I hope Willow runs back to Chase. Willow and Michael have NO chemistry

    2. "sammy says, In Carly character, she would have lied to Sonny about her relationship with Jason, Carly has never been an honest person, totally out of character."

      Yes she would have lied, but it looks like she has changed some. :) Character growth? Maybe..

      "Michael is so dumb,"

      Nah not dumb, just pushed too far.. Carly is right.

      "I hope Willow runs back to Chase."

      Chillow!!! *Cry* I miss my Chillow. :(

      "Willow and Michael have NO chemistry"

      No they don't! They are so boring.

  5. Read that as expected Trinas portrayer moves to reoccurring due to college

    1. Which I guess explains new storyline for Curtis. Still no Taggart sighting.

  6. I still need to watch. Sounds like it was pretty good??

    1. Yeah it is.. The Vanna scenes were really good.. V.C. and Robert scene was good. Robert and Victor were good. Sonny and Nina scene was good. :)

    2. Thanks Sonya. My favorite characters too.

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