Monday, October 18, 2021

Computer Virus

OMG today was such a FRIDAY SHOW!! wow!! 

 Britt tells Scotty that Jason is going to help them with Liesl. Jason tells Scotty he's not going to find Liesl, Scotty is. Oh Scotty was looking up Hungtinton's disease and Jason thinks that he got hacked and someone found out. Spinelli is coming to help. Scotty is like 'DON'T LOOK AT ALL MY STUFF" ahaahhahaa. Spinelli has to look at his browser. Again, Scott isn't happy. Oh Scott responded to a pop up ad about the private plane, that's how he got hacked LOL someone in Russia. Oh and he finds out it's came from Crete.

Curtis and Portia come to the Savoy from a date at the museum. Portia says she saw Aunt Stella. Oh no, Aunt Stella wrote her snail mail and she said she's sorry. Portia and Curtis talk about his family and parents. Curtis' father died suddenly and his mom couldn't get over it. That's when Aunt Stella came in and took care of them. Then, some guy shows up on the bar just looking at them. Must have to do with Stella since they were talking about her? 

Sante and RnA talk about saving Drew and arresting Peter, Victor et. al..not sure if they know Dr. O is there? Oh Anna won't let Sam and Dante go with them to the compound. She's afraid it will trigger Dante's PTSD and also Sam is a civilian. They leave. Sam and Dante try to get the WSB person to let them go. 

Drew and Dr O trying to figure out how to stop Peter from controlling him. She says to concentrate on something that's important to him to thwart the mind-game. He focus' on Scout. 

Victor is saying he's going to kill Peter. Peter pleads for his life. Victor tells the guards to kill him. DAMN IT... Peter has the guards on HIS SIDE!!  ALL the guards. Victor is hauled off to a cell. Oh no...just back to his room with Val. 

Valentin is in Victor's room, talking to a guard. Oh guard is Australian and his name is Russel. BUT Russel is also controlled by Peter. Peter tells Valentin and Victor he has a plan. Oh WSB STORMED THE GATES!! Peter goes to get Drew and 'activate him' but Drew is ready and says NOT TODAY!! 

EXCITING! Anna and Robert find Drew's cell and see "Scout" carved on the wall. Russel keeps Val and Victor hostage..then Drew (Dressed now) bursts in and shoots the guard in the leg!! He says Peter is running for his life. RUSSEL is down!! 
Then Sam and Dante find Victor (I guess the WSB agent let them go). Victor is like YOU NEED TO FIND PETER, HE'S THE DANGER HERE! 

RnA are on a foggy bridge looking for Peter. Anna says that she won't shoot to kill Peter but Robert says HE will. 

Then Drew and Valentin come over the bridge..Robert is like Oh it's just you.. then a shot rings out and Valentin is hit..then Drew gets sub-machine gunned and falls in the water. STUPID PETER DID IT!!!!



  1. I guess the writers are looking for a storyline for Curtis since Jordan is gone/Stella is gone to Bob Hearts Abishola/who knows where Taggart is----- and Curtis is still not divorced? Not complaining cause I LOVE Donnell ---- I think it's his real father who didn't die.....still think Phyllis is related somehow to maybe Stella? Ephinany"
    HOW can Peter still be getting away with things? I truly thought THIS time the WSB would win and lock him up/Maxie would try and get Louise back, etc etc and WR would be off-screen for a time.............It is the same thing over and over ------- Peter gets away and we are ALL tired of it......
    Thinking still that Britt doesn't have Huntington's after all.
    Aren't Jason and Britt gonna be late getting to Crete since the action is happening like NOW?

  2. Oh for the love of God. I think it was Drew who had the machine gun. Peter had a pistol. He was able to stand in place in a James Bond pose and shoot Drew and Valentine while 4 people with guns couldn't freaking kill him.

    I can't take the thought that he'll "get away" again. Maxie's daughter will be graduating high school before she can claim her.

    And anyone else think Curtis' stalker is Curtis' father. Maybe he didn't die of a heart attack and simply disappear. Maybe he went deserted his family or went to jail or something.

    1. for sure it's Curtis' dad - I wrote that too!

    2. "Di says, Oh for the love of God. I think it was Drew who had the machine gun."

      Yeah just looked it up.... It was Drew! Too many moving parts and action going on hahahaha. Oh and screaming.. From me. :)

    3. There was no post up yet when I wote that, mufasa. By the time I finished typing that with one hand on this old relic and posted it, yours was up. I guess great minds think alike.

      And thanks Sonya. I thought maybe I saw it wrong. But "Mr. Bond" was just shooting with a pistol and he hit them both, and Drew, the Navy Seal couldn't hit him with a machine gun! The writers just slipped another few notches in my book. ( And the expletive was meant for the whole situation, not the mistake. lol)

    4. Di - great minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Wouldn’t Curtis recognize his father?

    6. He was around 3 when he "died". Said he got the lawn mower for his 3rd birthday.

    7. "Di says, And thanks Sonya."

      You're welcome. :)

      "I thought maybe I saw it wrong. But "Mr. Bond" was just shooting with a pistol and he hit them both, and Drew, the Navy Seal couldn't hit him with a machine gun!"

      Hahahaha. Yeah it was pathetic..

    8. Never thought about the stalker being Curtis's father! That's one of the reasons I read this blog...lots of great ideas from everyone!

  3. Port Chuckles:

    Private room:

    Jason, Britch, Spinny, and Scotty: Hey Scotty! Is your phone number 1-800-Scotty? Too bad it wasn't a real number. That would have been fun and funny. :) That is so sweet that Scotty has been looking up huntington's disease. Awww. :) Scotty what kind of fetishes do you have? Hmmmm? :) Britch wins the line of the day.

    Britch: Let's fetish up boys.


    The Savoy:

    Curtis and Portia: Portia looks sexy in that dress. Curtis looks sexy in his outfit.. Was this a date? KISS ALREADY! Hmmm who is that guy staring at them? Is it Curtis's dad who supposedly had a heart attack and died? An uncle? Vampira's uncle? Is it a PI that is looking for the Tribbles? Glad Portis kissed. :)

    Crete Greece:

    Drew and Dr. O: Time to get out you two..

    Robert, Anna, Sam, and Dante: I'm glad Anna stopped Sam and Dante from going. Now it's just Robert and Anna! YAY! :)

    Anna and the men in black:

    Anna: I want a special detail into finding him.

    YEAH ANNA! Get your man. :)

    Sam, Dante and WSB agent: I'm glad he didn't join them to have a drink, because Sam could have drugged the drink. I can't believe the WSB agent fell for her sob story.

    Hiney, Victor, and his henchman: OH SON OF A! DAMMIT! Come on Henchman. How could you side with Hiney? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Hiney, Russel, Victor and V.C.: Oh come on. This is insane. I can't believe Russel turned on Victor too. *facepalm*

    Russel, Victor, V.C. and Drew: Drew shoots Russel YAY! Wait how did Drew get that shirt? Is it Hiney's shirt? Where is Hiney? Last we saw of him, it looked like Drew was going to choke him!

    Sam, Dante, and Victor: I guess you all have to team up together to find Drew, Hiney, and The Tribbles.

    The bridge: What is this? Scottland Yard? ROFL!

    Robert and Anna:

    Anna: I'm not going to shoot to kill.


    Robert: I am.

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm glad Anna didn't fight him on it.

    Robert, Anna, V.C., Drew, and Hiney:

    Anna: Valentin!

    V.C: ANNA!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is V.C. going to die? Is James Patrick Stuart leaving? When Jordan left I didn't know the actress was leaving. Oh no! V.C.! When he got shot, I covered my mouth with my hand and screamed! That shook me up a bit. No V.C. no. :( I don't know what to do with this. Man these writers did it again.. They shocked us. :) I guess Drew didn't strangle Hiney to death. Machine guns? UGH! Poor Drew too.

    Previews: Wow what previews!

    1. he isn't dying but this DOES set up going back to PC and Victor being cleared and going through all the 'he's my fath-a' -------- and Charlotte crying, etc.
      Peter + still alive = we are ALL screaming...............

    2. "mufasa says, he isn't dying"

      Whew. :)

      "but this DOES set up going back to PC and Victor being cleared and going through all the 'he's my fath-a' -------- and Charlotte crying, etc."

      Hahaha. Yeah.. That's true. :) I wonder if they are going to reshow the whole thing again. :( This is a Friday's episode, so maybe.

      "Peter + still alive = we are ALL screaming..............."

      UGH! Yeah.. *Facepalm*

    3. Why Drew let go of his throat and let him go I'll never know. He's capable of breaking his neck in 2 seconds. D... writers!

    4. "Di says, Why Drew let go of his throat and let him go I'll never know. He's capable of breaking his neck in 2 seconds. D... writers!"

      GAHHHHHHHHHH! Hiney is like a super villain. Nobody can kill him.

    5. Lots of face palming Sonya....I was right along with you. Really Anna? Not shooting to kill? Gah!!!!! (as you say!) The special effects were on the money when Valentin was shot, that was awesome! I'm am so SICK TO DEATH of Snidely Shakespeare (stole that from someone on DC because it's just hilarious!) that I can't even speak about him. And the previews were awesome!

      Victor's character reminds me of Lord Ashton. Which isn't a bad thing. But he's very flippant and not at all menacing. I do love the actor though. :)

      Line of the day was perfect, I knew you would pick that. lol!

      The totally blah performances from Mumbles are distracting from the story line. Why is she even there?

      Curtis and Portia are very pretty together, and I liked the rehash of Curtis's childhood. But I agree with mufasa below, no doctor would have those fingernails, lol!

  4. Yes, the last 2 minutes were exciting but the whole Drew story is a giant eye roll for me. And always putting Hiney ahead makes me want to hurl.
    Still can't understand a thing Sam says. She said Drew hasn't seen Scout in half of her life. I don't think Sam has seen her in that long either.

  5. We all know Peter will never die. This is getting so old with him not being taken down or killed. Won't ever happen. Not with who he is.

  6. Replies
    1. He was shot at the end of today's episode.Didn't you watch it?

  7. I was watching and thought “ oh they were really shot … even for soaps” Peters cadence is too over the top and pretentious to buy into his performance.

    1. Agreed. I’ve never loathed a soap character more.

    2. Same here, I couldn't agree more!

    3. I agree, too. His bad acting has made this character a really loathsome caricature.

  8. Loved loved Portia’s dress. Course she looks gorgeous anyway but wow. Now on the other those nails would never be on a doctor. ...


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