Monday, October 11, 2021


 Carly wants to be "honest" with Britt about Jason. Says everything she said about Jason was a lie. She just wanted Britt to let go of him. She says that she and Jason were actually happy but Sonny came home. And that's the way it is. She says things should go back to the way they were. Britt says she's not going back to Jason.  She knows now that Jason will always put Carly first no matter what. 

Brando visits Sonny. Tells him he's going to be a father. Sonny says Brando can have a warehouse job. Brando says no-- he's out of the business. Sonny wants to know if Sasha is pressuring him. He says not really. He just wants to have his garage up and running. Have a simple life. Sonny says he can appreciate that. I think Sonny likes Brando's idea of a 'simple life' like he had in Nixon Falls. 

Sasha (I think with a fake belly?) is in seeing Nina. Sasha understand Nina and about screwing up. She did it to Ava after all. Nina says she's kind to be understanding. Nina says how much she loved Nixon Falls and how happy Sonny was there. 

Spencer at Wyndemere. Trina tells him to treat Ava better. They talk alone. She says his apology was weak. She says he scared her so much at the Gallery and never thought about anyone but himself. He says Trina is awesome. She stood up to him. Trina won't believe he's sorry. She leaves. Ava comes back in and tells Spencer it's good to be face to face with her 'enemy'. Ava LAYS into Spencer. He breaks and tells her he still hates her. She's like THERE IT IS...and then says if he tries anything ever again there will be hell to pay like he's never seen before. GREAT SCENE. 

Cam, Joss..Esme. She's "crying" saying Spencer has lost so much. She says they have no home. Joss doesn't care. Esme leaves. Touches Cam's shoulder.... flutters her eyelashes. Joss is like GOOD GRIEF!! Cam's clueless! LOL Joss tells him Esme is after Nik's money. Cameron says Esme has money. She asks how he knows. Joss says she thinks Esme is manipulating Spencer. 

Esme gets a phone call. She's interning at Spa Jail where Ryan is. I guess we might see a connection there? 

Alexis and Nikolas talk about Spencer. She can't believe he was the stalker but finally says she was wrong and Nikolas was right. It's probably Nikolas' fault anyway. She reminds him that he faked his death for 3 years. Then he said that he threw Spencer out of Wyndemere. Alexis says how stupid that is. She says it's time to parent him. "GROW UP" she says. 
Then Shawn comes in and looks weird at Nikolas. 

Jax and Shawn talk about the stupid Hayden investigation. Blah blah.. talk about Nikolas acting shady. Jax tells him that Nikolas scared Hayden into leaving town. Shawn leaves. 


OH Ava called the police on Spencer!! She's having him arrested for stalking her and breaking and entering yada yada LOL 

Sonny goes to the bar to talk to Jax


  1. Now Spencer has a place to stay. lol
    We already have seen Esme's connection with Ryan. She arrived at the 'spa' late and apologized to him for being late.
    Lots of talk today. Seems that they don't do the Friday thing anymore as this would have been Friday's show but nothing exciting or thought provoking happened.

  2. I think Esme is working with someone powerful - not Ryan yet but I do think she is his daughter. Her remarks and attitude towards Joss who is THE Mob Boss' step-daughter show she isn't afraid. so WHO is she working with I wonder?
    This whole Hayden thing - I have completely forgotten -
    Hayden + Naomi + Drew + Russell + Victor + Nicholas + Peter = who the hell cares?
    TOOOOOOOOOOO many characters in this thing--------it was one thing when Shawn wanted to help himself figure it out, but now it is a hot mess.

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      With one exception, I like Hayden. Mainly because she has a connection with Liz and precious Violet.

  3. Now Ava just has t have Esme arrested too for blowing up herr car. that will take care of that intern job. Then we'll see her horns come out. lol

  4. Carson home:

    Brando and Sonny: Awwww they hugged. The bromance is alive and well. :)


    Cam and Vampira: Vampira is hypnotizing Cam! Oh she is really good. Also she is using her feminine wiles.

    Jam and Vampira: Yeah Joss is NOT hypnotized and knows the score.

    Jam: Oh no! Cam has been bitten by Vampira and is a vampire now. Where is Lucy? Hahahaha.

    Joss and Vampira:

    Joss: Esme, what do you want?

    Hahaha. Joss is not buying what you are selling Vampira...

    Vampira on the phone: Ohhhhhh.. She got the internship at Spring Ridge.. Delicious. :)

    Spring ridge:

    Nik and Alexis: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Stop whining.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHHAHAAHA. Oh look Shaun. Shaun and Nik having eye sex.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carson: Hmmm I wonder when the whole Sonny thinking about Nina and him kissing will start and Carly thinking about her and Jason kissing will start. Phyllis is at the Metrocourt???? YAY! Show her!

    Carly and Britch: Oh how sweet that Carly is giving Jason to Britch as a gift. :) Britch don't want to be 2nd choice. GO BRITCH! :) Love that Britch brought up how Carly always comes first with Jason. YUP VERY TRUE. Talking about Liz now.

    Britch: She still carries a torch for him.

    WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! What the hell are you smoking Britch. Liz's husband just died 7 months ago, AND she is starting to have feelings for Finchy. Still carries a torch for JASON?! HUH?!

    Sonny and Jax: Now kiss. :)

    Nina's office:

    Nina and Sasha: HOLY COW HAHAHAHAHHA. I can't watch Sasha without laughing. That fake baby bump the prop department gave her, looks so fake. Give her a better one please. I couldn't even look at the screen..

    Brasha: The giggle was adorable.


    Trina and Chad: Awwww great scene.. He was so close to her. Kiss her! :)

    Chad and Ava: ARRESTED HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Love the whole scene. Love Ava yelling too.

    1. Carly really was a piece of work today. Very arrogant and entitled about Jason. And what the heck was that nonsense about Liz!!

    2. Totally agree with both statements Kathy M! So happy Britta told Carly where to stick it. I was applauding her, lol!

      Sonya...line of the day? Perfect. I love the way Alexis and Nik interact!

      Ava was on fire today! And seriously the actor that plays Spence held is own with her. She makes EVERYONE better!

      I'm so confused about the Hayden/Nik/Shawn thing. So now we're going back to Nik shooting her? I thought they were rewriting history about that. In the end I don't care. Never cared for Hayden or the actress.

      Also not liking Cam acting like a typical teenage boy and falling for Esme's load of crap, lol!

    3. "Kathy M says, And what the heck was that nonsense about Liz!!"

      I have no idea!!

      "Julie H says, Sonya...line of the day? Perfect."

      It was.. :)

      "I love the way Alexis and Nik interact!"

      Me too.. :)

      "I'm so confused about the Hayden/Nik/Shawn thing. So now we're going back to Nik shooting her? I thought they were rewriting history about that. In the end I don't care. Never cared for Hayden or the actress."

      Yeah I'm very confused myself.

      "Also not liking Cam acting like a typical teenage boy and falling for Esme's load of crap, lol!"


      "Ladderr says, Worst baby bump prop ever"

      Yeah it is.. Hahahaha.

  5. Some episodes make it so obvious that the show needs to purge non legacy characters and bring back some characters that’s it’s just weird that they are not here for certain strories.
    Purge: Esme (2021 Sage Alcazar), Sasha and Willow ( it’s the bland meets the bland), Franco/ Austin( There is no difference and he just should of come back as Todd, Finn ( hasn’t Liz had enough forgettable romances)

    Bring back: Lucky ( yeah, his children may need him right now) Lulu (. Why bring back Dante only to have him with Sam when they actress clearly doesn’t want to be there and they read as brother and sister) Helena ( you know that she is not dead and why have all of these day player villains for 2 year stretches) Emily ( just fix the stupid mistake of killing her and move on). AJ ( Drew should of been a brainwashed AJ instead of another miscellaneous twin and Sonny and Carly would of befriended him without ever knowing )

    Maybe some unpopular options but does anyone agree that some of the main families need to be fixed and put back together instead of all of these random collections of writer vanity projects?

    1. I heard once that they only get paid when they introduce new characters. Something like that. Don't know if it's true.

    2. I agree about Sasha and Willow (and Brando IMO). The rest should stay. The actress that plays Helena is elderly and and is mostly retired so they need to have new villains. But I really agree with you about AJ. I really, really wish they did not kill off AJ.


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