Friday, October 1, 2021



Sonny threatens Nik. Nikolas says they were going to leave with Avery months ago but Ava wouldn't. Sonny said Esme told him about the plane tickets. Nik says there are no plane tickets! The goons move in on Nikolas.

Cam and Trina show Spencer a pic of Esme talking to Sonny. They burst in as Sonny is going to have Nik beaten up and say they are sorry!! They tell about the plan to trap Spencer. OMG. SPENCER SAYS IT WAS HIM that did all the stalking stuff!!! He admits to it all but the car fire. He Says Esme did it but he told her to (lie). Sonny yells about him scaring and using Avery. He says he'll talk to him later. Leaves. Nik is just staring at Spencer. Then Nikolas unleashes. Yells at him..big time. Then AVA WALKS IN!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Carly is still yelling at Jax. I hope he tells her about the Mike-Nina wub. Oh of course he doesn't. Joss walks in. They minimize Jax's part in not telling. Then he does tell the truth that he had a hunch and Carly thinks that if he would have said it sooner, she and Jason wouldn't have married. Anyway, everything is smoothed over some. Aw, Joss did her laundry there not the dorms just like a real college kid! 

Scotty and Austin. Their case is coming up. He thinks it's a good chance they will win but with the Qs you never know. Austin says he thinks they'll be fair. Scott laughs. 

Ned calls legal. Says to pull all the stops out. Brook lyn comes out to talk to him. He says Leo saw Austin and she's like "who CARES WHAT AUSTIN SAYS"?? Ned tells her about the specialist and that Austin thinks Leo is on the autism spectrum.  Brook Lyn won't believe it even tho Ned tells her some signs he sees. She thinks Austin is trying to split the family. She leaves to go to Kelly's. Ned tries to talk to Leo who just sits and plays. 

Ava tells Ryan she can go anywhere in the world but he's stuck in that chair forever. She says she's glad he's alive and like he is---the pinches his ear hard!! Oh, she goes to leave and ESME walks in!! She's like: WHAT are you doing here ? Esme says to study psychology and she wants to volunteer there because there are so many "interesting cases". Ava tells her to stay away from Ryan Chamberlain. 

Maxie tells Nina that she told Carly because she felt pressure from Maxie. Nina is like "that's ok, she'll find out whenever". Maxie said she didn't tell the romance part. Nina said that's up to Sonny to tell her. Maxie thinks Sonny has some Mike left in him and is protecting Nina from Carly's wrath.  Austin walks up..Nina leaves. 

Scotty tells Nina he wishes Sonny stayed in Nixon Falls and did she fall for him too?? LOL 

Esme says to Ryan "Sorry I'm late, Ava wouldn't leave"

Sonny comes home to Carly by the fire... Carly mentions: NINA!

Ned tries to talk to Leo about going back to bed...Leo just says no and hums. 


  1. I'm so glad Spencer finally confessed. Can't wait to see the blow up from that. The little twit made Nicholas grovel when he told him he wasn't the stalker and he scared him for nothing.

    And I'm glad Ava walked in. I hope when she finds out that Esme torched her car she goes to the prison and tells them to keep her away from Ryan. She should press charges against her because she'll never get an internship there with that kind of record.

    A lot of the rest was just filler for me. But on the whole it was a great ep which kept things moving along nicely.

  2. Kelly's:

    Maxie and Nina: Wow! Nina is so understanding!! It's actually a great scene.

    Maxie and Doc Holtster: Hmmm do they like each other? :) Does Maxie like him?

    Scotty and Doc Holtster: Man they feel like father and son! :(

    Scotty and Nina: Scotty so worried about Dr. O awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Scotty: I was gassed and shucked out of a plane like a sack of potatoes.

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Yes you are right Scotty. Nina is in wuv with Sonny! :)


    The plan: This plan was a stupid idiotic mess!!!! Glad Chad admitted that he was a bad bad boy!

    Chad and Nik: Oh Nik is yelling! Can Chad yell too?!?!! :) Oh hello Ava! Can all three be yelling?!?!! PLEASE?!!?!? :)

    Spring ridge:

    Vampira and Ava: Ohhhh. Vampira is getting all the information wrong! :) I bet she wants to take a bite out of Trina and Cam!

    Vampira and Ryan: Oh my my my!!! :) What do we have here? Will she say, hi daddy? Or bite him on the neck so he can become a vampire!

    The Q mansion:

    Brooky and Ned: Oh come on Brooky!!! What is so wrong to find out if Uncle Leo has autism? I don't get it!!!

    Brooky and Yuri: Awww Yuri wants to get Monica dessert. :) Sweet! No pun intended. Brooky wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: I'll buy you a cookie.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The way she said it. :)

    Ned and Uncle Leo: Oh great scene!! Yeah uncle Leo is more than just shy!

    Kelly's part 2:

    Brooky and Yuri: Yes Yuri go get that dessert for your crush Monica. :)

    Brooky and Doc Holtster: OH BROOKY SHUT UP!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1995* Alan and Emily talk about the wizard of oz! They talk about heaven and what it's like. Well they both know now! :(

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 23rd 2017.* I just wanted to see the original Trina and original Oscar.. Remember original Trina and original Oscar? :)

  3. So, the stalker story was anti-climactic.

  4. Loved it when Nik lit into Spence and I really need Ez to get what's coming to her. I'm with Sonya, I need lot's of hollering Monday!

    Rolled my eyes at Sonny threatening Nik. Same old crap, and it annoyed me greatly!

    Scottie wins the line of the day. Sack of potatoes...hahahaha! Sorry Sonya!

    1. Didn't take long for Sonny to return back to his old self 🙄 Bring back "Mike" 👍
      So glad Ava walked in, hope she and Nik rip Spencer and Ez to pieces and then get back together!! I know Spencer is his son but he shouldn't go easy on him so yes, I hope he rips him a new one, he ruined his marriage, acted like a child, had his psycho gf torch Avas car and basically threaten a child by inserting a psycho killers voice into a bear.

    2. "Julie H says, I'm with Sonya, I need lot's of hollering Monday!"

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Too bad Cyrus isn't there. :)

      "Rolled my eyes at Sonny threatening Nik. Same old crap, and it annoyed me greatly!"

      Yeah and Sonny didn't even apologize to Nik! *Facepalm* Forgot to mention that!

      "Scottie wins the line of the day. Sack of potatoes...hahahaha! Sorry Sonya!"

      Hahahaha. No no that's okay.. It was funny, it's just the way Brooky said her line was so funny. :)

  5. I don't even know this Nikolas Cassadine! He's so wimpy. No Cassadine would ever be intimidated by Sonny! Good grief. Everything is so out of character.

  6. Not a bad show but Sonny was way over the top without listening to Nik. And they usually get along.
    Esme isn't going anywhere. She's their female version of Hiney. But worse. An extension of Ryan. As I said a while back...looking forward to her first kill.

    1. Yup I think she is a serial killer wannabe. Might be Ryan's daughter or just a fan and wants lessons. lol


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