Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Buckle up

 It's a day when 900 characters are on. 

Liz and Finn run into each other on the floor of #GH ..they are going to be a team for Trivia Night (remember that? LOL) .. OMG SEE BELOW FOR WHAT HAPPENS WITH LIZ 

TJ gets approached by that mystery man. He says he's sick and TJ takes him into an exam room. Guy asks a lot of questions about TJ's life. About Molly. When he graduated...and about his Uncle. TJ says there's nothing wrong. He's going to get another doc to make sure he didn't miss something but the guy disappears. 

Maxie and Austin talking outside somewhere. It looks new! Like a woody place but by a plaza?? Huh. Oh it's by the restaurant that Olivia and Ned are in: Port Charles Grille. 

Ned and Olivia out to dinner. He says it's been a YEAR since they were separated. WOW..a YEAR? She tells Ned Dr. Diamond also said that Leo needs to see a neurologist and she's pissed. Says not every kid comes out of the womb like Dante...or all social. Leo might be the creative type. Then Austin and Maxie walk in and Olivia goes off on him. Leaves. Ned says he's sorry. Austin tells him Brook Lynn has filed a complaint. Ned says that's not right and he doesn't agree. 

Carly and Sonny. Sonny tells her about the Elijah thing in Nixon Falls, how he helped the town. She wishes she knew "Mike". They kiss and Jason walks in. Jason says they have to talk about the 3 of them. Both he and Carly want to leave the 'past in the past' and Sonny FLASHES BACK TO NINA! Telling her HE LOVES HER!! SQUEE! Jason also says he's leaving for Greece. He tells them all about Dr. O and the whole thing. Sonny is like: Dr O and Scotty are an item? LOL Then BRITT walks in.. Carly @@ 

Britt tells Terry she's leaving. Terry is like WTF. Then Terry agrees to help and they make nice. 

Nina and Curtis are talking at The Savory. Just talking..yada yada. Talk about their "sins' Seems like Curtis thinks he left his behind. I think that mystery guy might take umbrage with that! 

Michael and Willow. Willow wonders if Michael can be Nina's boss still. (me : DERP, he's her boss? LOL). Michael thinks they should take Nina to court so she can't see Wiley. Willow thinks that's a bad move. Michael agrees because Nina will just hire a lawyer and fight them. Maybe she'll be too ashamed to see Wiley for awhile. 


Terry tells ELIZABETH HER FATHER CALLED ASKING ABOUT HER!! What!!!!!!!!!! He had called when Franco died and Liz never called back. He heard Terry was COS and wanted to find out how Liz was holding up. 

Michael makes a contribution to the PA District Attorney's office but wants to talk about a crime there...committed by Nina Reeves? Oh waaaaaaht? 

Guy sees TJ and Curtis go out to a midnight movie. 


  1. I'm with Karen! I'm excited for Sonny to be thinking about Nina. Keeps things interesting esp if Jason won't go back to Carly, let Carly be alone. If that sounds cold, so be it. We all know Sonny won't last with Nina.. but some angst is always fun.

    Missing Kristina, and missing seeing Ana with Valentine in the hospital. I could care less about Millow.

    1. In my opinion, Carly being alone is the only silver lining that could happen I still can’t stand Sonny/Nina.

    2. It really would be nice to see Kristina more than once every 3-4 months!
      I would really enjoy Carly being alone, glad I'm not the only one. :)

  2. I couldn't believe Carly's "So you're taking Jason from us." line. Like he's a piece of luggage.

    The old guy is now getting really creepy. His semi sob when they were talking about family has me back to the dead father though, although his motives don't seem entirely altristic given the way he's going about making contact with them. I hope he's not a male version of Gladys.

    1. Agree with everything you said, Di. Though if Carly breathes she pisses me off, lol!

  3. So he will be Curtis' daddy, and I KNOW it is a show, but no way does a man walk into the hospital and not have ID and just makes up a name and is seen by a doctor.....come on, writers....
    don't like Nina - she doesn't feel guilty - don't like her and Sonny at all.....
    WHY bring Jeff back? We have too many characters as it is--------
    by the way, where IS Hayden? Victor didn't have her.

    1. For me any character brought on to Give Becky a storyline I am on board. And he is a legacy character just depends if they find the right actor. Would love to see Hayden too.

    2. Mufasa, we are on the same page regarding Sonny/Nina. But I wouldn’t mind Jeff Webber returning.

    3. Exactly. The lady screaming in that cellis. Just gone??? Dropped that didn't they?

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  5. The Savoy:

    Neka and Curtis: Curtis is a great boss! Making sure she is comfortable with that mystery guy.

    Neka: He wouldn't shut up about it.

    Hahahahaha. She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Oh there is the mystery guy. It's like where is Waldo? It's where is the mystery guy?

    Curtis and Nina: Awwwwwww. I love their friendship. :)

    The hospital:

    TJ and Mystery guy: Okay. Come on now!! :) This mystery guy is Curtis's daddy. I mean... :)

    Finchy and Liz: Oh look. We have to have flashbacks because it's been like what a month since we have seen them.. No writers we haven't forgotten. They talk about trivia night and it's a date? HUH?! I think the writers forgot that Fiz already made a date with Trivia night. They should be looking at that flashback. Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: Maybe we stop acting like a couple of high school kids.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The writers are trolling us! :)

    Finchy, Liz, and Terry: Wait what? Liz's dad called Liz?! Out loud I said HUH?! :0

    Finchy and Terry: Oh yes Finchy. Liz will tell you ALLLLL about her daddy. She has stories. Including when he was married to Monica. :)

    Britch and Terry: I love that Britch told Terry where she was going. Britch trusts her. Awwwww. :) Besties. :)

    TJ and Curtis: I wonder what movie they are going to see. Oh look mystery man again. I want this mystery guy to talk to himself and say, I'm sorry I left you when you were a little boy Curtis my son. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. :) Anyway is he going to follow them to the movies? Get some popcorn? Watch the movie or watch them the whole time? Hide under Curtis's bed?

    Outside Port Chuckles Grill:

    Maxie and Pawtucket Holtser: Is this a date? I am getting used to them together now. :)

    Inside Port Chuckles Grill:

    Nedlia: Olivia don't like Dr. Diamond. Karen put up a picture of Screech aka Dustin Diamond on twitter hahahahaha. Thanks a lot Karen now I am going to think of him everytime Dr. Diamond comes up. Hahahahaha.

    Nedlia, Maxie, and Pawtucket Holtser: Oh I can't wait until Olivia apologizes to Pawtucket Holtster.

    Outside Port Chuckles Grill:

    Nedlia: Awww Olivia. :( Are you scared? :(

    Q Mansion:

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Michael on the phone: RA RO! I don't want Nina in jail.. Hmmm well if she does go in jail I hope Sonny visits her. :) And sticks up for her.

    Carson home:

    Carson: Oh Carly you would hate Mike and his cowboy hat!

    Carsason: Oh Sonny you can't forget or ignore the past. You are still thinking about you and Nina and when you said you love her.. :) You still are in wuv with her.. Tell Jarly! :)

    Britch, Jason, and Carson: Time to go.. You are taking Jason from us? Yeahhhhhhhhhh Carly hates it.. Sonny is very understanding.. THIS ISN'T SONNY THIS IS MIKE! Sonny isn't understanding about anything..

    1. I think they are trolling us, Sonya. lol

    2. "Di says, I think they are trolling us, Sonya. lol"

      Hahahahhaha. They are!! :)

    3. Agree about the trolling, lol!
      Kind of liked Mikey bringing up arresting Nina for her "crimes". Didn't see that coming and it might make him a little more interesting!
      I also liked Sonny being so Mike like. Very soapy.
      I don't really understand Olivia being the Queen of de Nile when it comes to Leo. Seems to me she would want to know, and it's a little goofy.

      Totally loving the fact that Jeff called, but $20 says that story is dropped or not mentioned again for another month. :(

    4. "Julie H says, Agree about the trolling, lol!"


      "Kind of liked Mikey bringing up arresting Nina for her "crimes". Didn't see that coming and it might make him a little more interesting!"

      Yeah.. :) Very interesting. :)

      "I also liked Sonny being so Mike like. Very soapy."

      YES! :)

      "I don't really understand Olivia being the Queen of de Nile when it comes to Leo. Seems to me she would want to know, and it's a little goofy."

      Maybe she is scared. She doesn't know how to handle it.

      "Totally loving the fact that Jeff called, but $20 says that story is dropped or not mentioned again for another month. :("

      Yeah they probably will just drop it. I mean what was the point? Just to interrupt them talking?

  6. Loved your recap as always Sonya, but now I want popcorn. 😁

    1. "Gary says, Loved your recap as always Sonya,"

      Thanks. :)

      "but now I want popcorn. 😁"

      ROFL! I just had popcorn! :) Your turn. :) Do you have any at home? :)

  7. The big mystery….Why has GH never had Liz’s Mother on? I don’t mean that she has been on in a few years, as far I can tell the part of Carolyn has never appeared onscreen. It Just seems odd and a an obvious story to be told since Liz has been on since 1997.

  8. I have always wondered the same thing. Good writers could weave an interesting tale out of that fact.


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