Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Watch


Olivia and Carly. Olivia is surprised Carly isn't raising Crimson's rent since their lease is up. Leo is in the office too. He gives Carly all the expired creamers LOL. Yep. That's real life. He tells Carly her desk is a mess. Then asks for the egg on her desk (it's like a glass egg)... she says sure. Olivia is taking him to the pediatrician. 

Sonny and Nina in HER office. He tells her she wont' be happy staying in PC. She says I'm staying. He says we need ground rules. 1. Stay away from my Family 2. we should not cross paths and I can change the rules whenever I want. Nina doesn't back down... and give him the watch. Oh she won't move when he leaves and they have to touch shoulders. THERE IS SUCH CHEM THERE! He starts talking about his throwing the watch. Nina says maybe Lenny had a hand in getting it back. Sonny tears up a bit!! EEK! He says he can't forgive Nina yet...but he's not ruling it out. YOU MUST WATCH THESE SCENES on Hulu or YouTube if you can't live. I can't explain them but part of what Nina says gets Sonny to think back to Jarly's wedding night and seeing them when he opens the door!!! 

Britt and Brook Lyn. Brook wants to talk to Britt about Austin and Leo. Brook lets it drop that Austin mentioned TO HER that Leo might be on the spectrum which is a no-no. Britt figures out she told her on purpose to get Austin in trouble. Britt says that Brook can make a complaint to the board. Then she says "If Austin thinks Leo is on the spectrum he probably is"...walks away. Brook turns and OMG OLIVIA IS THERE!! EEK!! 

Jason and Austin. Austin says the Qs should share but then again Jason isn't "really a Q". They are at the gym btw. Austin is cracking jokes. Sounds like Todd. Says Jason's honeymoon must have been crowded. Jason doesn't laugh. Lots of Jimmy Lee Holt talk. 

Ava and Scotty... he pulled the divorce papers and they are still married. Scotty tells Ava about Nina knowing Sonny was alive. THEN she finds out that his name was Mike there. She figures out that NINA was Mike's girlfriend! LOL She runs out of the bar.

Scotty talks to Britt. Tells her to call Jason for help in finding Dr. O. Britt says NO WAY ..he tells her if her mom matters she will ask him. He finally convinces her to think about it. 

Ava goes to Carly!! Not Nina! She wants Avery back. THEN she starts talking about Nina knowing..oh will she spill about "Mike"!!? She totally mind games Carly!! Tells her "Well, Sonny had a whole life in Nixon Falls, just like you had one here"!! Ohhhhh!! She leaves ..Carly calls Jason because she can't find Sonny. 


Ava goes to see NINA!!

JASON AND SONNY IN SONNY'S OFFICE!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Sonny mentions Jason and Carly!! TOMORROW He asks him what they would have done if he hadn't come in!! 

Austin has to go to Britt's office to talk 


  1. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava and Scotty: Great scene. Love that Ava's light bulb came on and flashed very fast when she realized that Mike was Sonny that Nina was talking to her about. Glad they showed that flashback. That was appropriate.

    Carly's office:

    Carly, Olivia, and little uncle Leo: Little uncle Leo is adorable. :) And Olivia made very good questions. It isn't like Carly to not do anything to Nina. Come on I need a good fight without Jason running in to stop them.

    Carly and Ava: Hahahaha. Ava and her planting seeds in Cary's head.. Hehehehe. *Evil grin* :)

    Carly on the phone with Jason: And of course she has to call saint Jason because the seeds in her head are growing. :)

    Nina's office:

    Nina and Sonny: HATCHA HATCHA HATCHA. SO VERY HOT CHEMISTRY. And it looked like he wanted to leave very quickly from her when she got close. :) I'm team Nonny!! I'm on that train baby. :) Come on Sonny. Kiss her!!

    Nina and Ava: Hehehehehehhhe. I can't wait for Ava to confront Nina about Mike aka Sonny. :)

    The gym:

    Jason and Pawtucket Holtser: Uh not sure what that was all about, but okay. :)

    The hospital:

    Brooky and Britch: Brooky rams right into her hahahahaha. On purpose.. Britchy knew. come on Brooky you used to be a good con. :) You are all rusty now. :)

    Olivia and Brooky: Never mess with Olivia. I really can't wait until Olivia finds out the truth and goes on the apology tour. When Pawtucket Holtser showed up, I thought Olivia was going to rip him a new one.

    Britch and Scotty: Scotty is so desperate to find Dr. O that he wants Jason to help. NO NO NO. We don't need Jason. Get Sam. Or Spinny. Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: That happens every day.


    Pawtucket Holtser and Britch: Oh I hope he doesn't get in trouble.

    Sonny's office: BADGER! YAY! :)

    Jason and Sonny: Ooooooo. Get him Sonny. Get him. :)

    1. If I was Jason I would have punched Pawtucket Holtser in the nose. I find his character annoying as hell because he doesn't SHUTUP, and I could care less about him and is storyline.

      I'm liking Scotty and the Britch. They make me smile. And seriously I could watch Ava all day long. She so messed with Snarly and yup, I was doing the evil "heheheh" too!

      Maybe Sonny is channeling a little bit of Mike. He hasn't thrown barware or yelled betrayal yet. Of course that could happen today if Jason tells the truth. Instead of omitting it, because you know, Jason NEVER lies, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, If I was Jason I would have punched Pawtucket Holtser in the nose. I find his character annoying as hell because he doesn't SHUTUP, and I could care less about him and is storyline."

      Yeah I was going to mention that it looked like Jason wanted to hit him, but I forgot. Yeah we don't know much about Pawtucket Holtser.

      "I'm liking Scotty and the Britch."

      Yeah me too. They gotta find Dr. O!

      "I could watch Ava all day long. She so messed with Snarly and yup, I was doing the evil "heheheh" too!"

      Hahaha. Yeah I can watch her all day long too.

      "Maybe Sonny is channeling a little bit of Mike. He hasn't thrown barware or yelled betrayal yet."

      Or called Carly or Nina a faithless whore. :)

  2. I know ya'll gonna be mad, but I don't like Nina and Sonny together. I don't like Nina back in PC---------it wasn't real - Mike didn't know who he was-------it's like that summer vacation romance whatever.....
    if they start dating, and Sonny has his mob boss life and she likes it, then I will accept it, but everyone's acting like Nixon Falls was truth and wasn't.....
    surprised Sonny remembered so fast about walking in.
    I repeat - has anyone told the PETER part of Nina and Phyllis for crying out loud? Scotty didn't tell Ava.............sigh........

    1. I totally agree Mufasa. I can’t stand Sonny and Nina together. I do not see chemistry. You’re right, it was not real. And it was manipulative and cruel what Nina did. I do not like this storyline or where it’s going. The only silver lining would be if Sonny and Nina got together, and Jason chose Brit over Carly, Carly would be out in the cold. That would be great.

  3. Dr. Austin was actually only giving his opinion. I don't think that qualifies under Hippa.
    It is refreshing to have Ava back in action. I would like more shenanigans involving her and Nik together.
    Ideally there should be a big GH powwow with lots of story and character trimming. It is sometimes like a crazy snowball out of control coming down a mountain.

    1. "It is sometimes like a crazy snowball out of control coming down a mountain." LOL, well put.

  4. Wednesday's scenes between Sonny and Nina were what I have been waiting for since he got his memory back. I loved them. I am glad Nina isn't being a shrinking violet. She's playing the "long game."

    It's also great seeing my fave, Ava, getting her groove back. I think Ava should continue to play Carly like a fiddle.

    Why is Austin called "Dr. Gatlin-Holt?" Charity was an old-fashioned lady and doesn't strike me as a person to keep her maiden name. Just call him "Dr. Holt." Also, did you catch the mention that he has a brother named Jonah?

    1. I'm loving Ava getting her groove back too.That's one concerto I'll listen too any time. lol No screaming necessary; just wonderful facial expressions.

      I don't know why they use the wholw name for Dr. Holt either except that they want to draw attention to him. It must break up the other actors' flow to constantly use the whole name in the middle of a sentence. It's not like it's an easy name to remember either.

  5. Was it just me or did Scotty say SMIKE when he was trying to piece together Mike / Sonny in Nixon Falls....more writers trolling us. But really - if they pay attention - why do some of the fantastic ideas posted here never happen - you know - like killing off Peter - FOR GOOD???

    1. Yes, I heard that "Smike" too. Yes, KILL HINEY.



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