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Sonny and Carly. He asks her if she's the same as she was 9 months ago. Then he tells her he talked to Jason about the wedding night. She says yes, they would have slept together if he hadn't come home. "How can I be ok with that" asks Sonny. They talk about her missing him.. yada yada. Carly says they were going to let themselves fall in love. He's very quiet lol..For Sonny that is. He can't wrap his mind around it all; his best friend/brother and his wife. Carly tries to throw Nina under the bus for all this but he's not having it.

Jason goes to see Britt. He has all the personality of a brick wall. GEEBUS. She tells him about her mother. The whole story about going away with Scotty.

Spencer and Ava. She tells him if it was up to his father, the PCPD would throw away the key. She basically says she can help him with his father, get a lawyer and all that but with conditions. We don't hear the condition but Spencer says NO way. Ava says fine..stay here then. Tells him which cell is the best one LOL 

Nikolas tells Kevin that it was Spencer that was doing the stalking. Kevin says Laura will be so upset. Nik thinks Spencer is like Ryan and Kevin says no way. Nikolas tells him Spencer had help. Then Esme waltzes in and cries about Spencer being arrested. Kevin says that his behavior was criminal. Nik tells Esme she's lucky she's not locked up too. Esme says that Spencer loves his dad, and he should help him. Nikolas says no. She leaves. Kevin says she's full of it. Kevin says Esme is bad news. 

Greece: Dante, Sam..Alexis at the bar looking at the shooting scene. Drew wakes up with a wound. Peter brings Liesl to see him. Drew has a flesh wound from a bullet. He has no idea how he got it. Dr. O and he figure out he lost time before when Helena Cassadine was controlling him. Oh! BINGO! 

Robert is going to talk to the Greek musician. Anna, Dante and Sam talk about the whole Drew story. He found out where the compound is and it's owned by Victor Cassadine. 

Victor tells Peter he's in trouble. Peter "used" Drew without Victor knowing. Now one of Victor's men is in custody. He's not happy. 


Ava tells Nikolas that Spencer didn't accept their terms 

Victor has the goons go after Peter 

Carly and Sonny choose to build back their marriage

Britt and Jason are going to Greece together

Spencer is going to stay in jail overnight


  1. Let's recap: if I have counted correctly, it is two DAYS after the wedding AND
    ---Sonny hasn't told Carly about PETER - can't remember if Jason knows?
    ---Sonny hasn't told Carly about NINA????
    ---Sonny is gonna be mad at JARLY cause he was gone 9 months and they got married - didn't sleep together but THEY are honest and HE hasn't been honest with them?
    ----we didn't see Finn or Liz all week so did they go to Trivia Night?
    ---- WHO ran Crimson while Nina was gone? cause NOW she is busy?
    -----I think it's more obvious that Britt does NOT have Huntington's and Victor made it up.....
    -----Cyrus? Mrs. Wu???? Diane????
    -----I really thought Drew was faking...
    ------Esme needs to go -
    we gotta move this along...
    November sweeps??? Toughts?

    1. My thoughts are that the writers write as they go. No matter. They are lucky to have some great actors to try and make it work.
      November sweeps might involve a broom left over from Halloween.
      It's late.

    2. The writers definitely write as they go and don't do homework on any history.

      Are we ever getting that Stuart Damon episode?

    3. Sonny - the never ending hypocrite....I kept thinking WHEN ARE YOU TELLING HER YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH NINA during the entire scene they were talking. I'm a Sonny fan - but frankly - this "version" is boring me....and I feel like they are missing a lot of opportunity...but then - 2 calendar days has taken about 5 years so maybe I'm just hoping for too much.

    4. this scene was so bad, Carly has never been an honest person, I expected the truth from Jason, but not from her, her instinct is to lie............
      writers must love her.........can do no wrong......Josslyn is behaving just like her, so high and mighty......doesn't she know her mom's past?

  2. Greece:

    Robert, Anna, Sam, and Dante: Come onnnnnn! Just stop talking and go find V.C. and Hiney, and the Tribbles.

    Dr. O and Hiney: KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!

    Drew, Dr. O and Hiney: KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!

    Drew and Dr. O: Come on strategize on Hiney's murder.

    Victor and Hiney: OH! Victor's men grab Hiney? YAY! Now kill him!

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Jason and Britch: Britch wins the line of the day.

    Britch: Oh wow where are my manners? Let me take your cape.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now the writers are just trolling us. :) Where is Liz? She must be in the broom closet thinking and yearning for Jason. ROFL!

    Carson home:

    Carson: Thins just can't go back to the way it was.. And no Sonny you can't just shut your feelings off just like that. So Carly wuvs Jason, Jason wuvs Carly, and you wuv Nina. :) And Carly is allergic to your cowboy hat.

    Police station:

    Chad and Ava: Great scene! :) Chad can stay in jail for a few days. :)


    Doc and Nik: Love their scene. :) Nik knows the score on Vampira. :)

    Doc, Nik, and Vampira: Oh she flies in, tries to manipulate them, and when THAT doesn't work, she acts all innocent.. :) Still doesn't work. Doc can see right through her. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to watch Anna find out she is pregnant* Also Olivia Jerome faking being pregnant. There are 5 parts to this. You can watch the rest if you want online. There is a part with Felicia's horrible short hair. I remember.

    1. Doc is a shrink and has a psycho for a brother. He knows a psyco when he sees her.

    2. "lindie says, Doc is a shrink and has a psycho for a brother. He knows a psyco when he sees her."

      Hahahha. Yeah he does. :)

    3. I was hoping with the badger sighting - the most might have been found as well - to put everything back to how it was!

    4. "Ladderr says, the most might have been found as well"

      I kept trying to figure out what you meant.. Then it hit me.. You meant moss. Hahahaha. :) Yes I hope they are found soon!

    5. Sonya - didn't even catch my typo!!! I could swear it was correct when I typed it! ha.

    6. Sonya, for some reason I feel you want Peter dead. 😁

    7. "Ladderr says, Sonya - didn't even catch my typo!!! I could swear it was correct when I typed it! ha."

      Hahahaha. Yeah that happens with me too. :)

      "Gary says, Sonya, for some reason I feel you want Peter dead. 😁"

      ROFL! Don't you? :) Or just leave. Go away forever. Or land in jail and not see him forever.

    8. I think everyone wants Peter gone except TPTB

    9. "lindie says, I think everyone wants Peter gone except TPTB"

      Hahaha. True. :)

  3. I love Robert!!! "Everybody strap in, we're in for a bumpy ride"


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