Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 We see Finn's new apartment. Looks like Silas' old one to me!! Liz and Aiden and Violet are there. Aiden is huge, looks like a different kid. Aiden brought over old photos for Violet to see. She's like "They aren't on the phone"? Oh and old photo of Liz and her dad are in there. Violet wants to meet him. Aiden says they never see him either. Later, Chase comes over with a "Kiss the Cook" apron. Liz stares at the photo of she and her Dad after everyone goes into the kitchen. 

Gladys listens to her recording again and hears Maxie says Val isn't the daddy of Bailey. She starts shopping on the net for things and charging them to Brook Lynn. lol 

Willow sees Sasha at the PC Grille and wants to talk. She's upset at Michael. "He blindsided me"!  Why didn't he ask my opinion? Yada yada. Trying to stir up some trouble with those 2, I guess. 

Michael calls the DA in PA and Carly and Sonny listen. Carly's happy. Sonny is not. Sonny wants to forget about it. Michael finally tells him about 'contributing' to the DA's campaign. 

Austin and Ned in Austin's office. Ned wants help from Austin to talk to Olivia about Leo. Austin says he need a marriage counselor. LOL Austin says he'll NEVER forgive Brook Lynn. They go around and around. Austin says HIS father had integrity unlike the rest of the Qs. 

Brook meets Chase for a drink at the Metro to celebrate Austin dropping the lawsuit. Retelling the whole Austin story. He thinks she was wrong to do what she did. 

Later, Gladys comes in and Brook yells at her after getting a text alert from Wyndams about charges. Gladys is like TOO BAD!! Then she says she recorded her conversation. 

At Kelly's... Spencer and Esme talk about Spence's need for a job. He's going to call Britt...he goes outside and Cam comes over to Esme. Then Cam tells Spencer he's assistant manager now and he can use a server. Spencer passes. Esme isn't happy. 


Spencer takes the job at Kelly's

Brook listens to Glady's recording of her

Austin gives Ned the name of a specialist but Ned has to convince Olivia to go


  1. Did Kevin say ESME could live with him (and vacationing Laura)? We never saw that, right?
    I thought Ned had legal custody of Leo, which he still should get Olivia's permission, but I bet he doesn't and takes Leo anyway.
    After all these years, Jeff is a coming back - wonder who will play him? Remember before Liz and Franco got married, Franco invited sister Sarah to come to the wedding and Liz got all huffy BUT we all thought Sarah was coming back?
    WHERE is Hayden? Anyone looking for her at all?
    even with blackmail, Gladys is annoying.....
    Sonny asking Michael about 'legal contributions' is rich............
    still waiting on -------------Stuart Damon episode (I wish)
    Laura coming home
    Diane seeing Sonny
    AND Sonny going to visit Cyrus in jail and saying "Hello, CY-rus"

    1. So I wasn't the only one wondering if Kevin would allow Esme. It seemed like she just assumed that she would.

  2. Deception offices: Gladys making out with her phone. Anybody see tongue?

    The hospital:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Ned: Pawtucket Holtster should talk more about his step brother Jonah. I wonder how he is. I wonder if Ned is going to bring Leo to the specialist behind Olivia's back. Part of me thinks it's a good idea, and the other part of me doesn't think so.

    Finchy's home: FINCHY GOT A NEW HOME YAY!!

    Finchy, Little V, Recast Aidan, and Chase: Oh this family unit is adorable!! :) Good to see little V! :) Oh oh daddy Webber talk and picture. Is Jeff Webber coming to Port Chuckles? Did Liz get a hair cut? It's cute. Little flowers for little V awwww. :) Damn I wish there was a voiceover telling us that there is a recast and what the little actor's name is. I thought I had to wait until someone said his name, but someone on twitter said Aidan was recast. Chase wins the line of the day.

    Chase: If you cook it.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chase and Brooky: Chase is right Brooky. Listen to him!

    Gladys and Brooky: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Brooky is not smiling now. :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Sasha and Willow: Oh man that pregnancy belly looks awful. Yesterday's one was better, but she isn't wearing that one today. It doesn't fit right with that shirt. Willow is whining. Is there trouble in the air for Mildew? :) WOW THEY ARE HAVING SALAD AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY EATING! :0


    Michael, Carly, and Sonny: Carly and Michael are both smug, and Sonny looks concerned over Nina. :) Wait Sonny didn't stop Carly from going after Nina! That was Jason! Love that Sonny was defending Nina. :)


    Vampira, Chad, and Cam: Jobs jobs jobs. When is YOUR internship starting Vampira? Will you be with daddy Ryan all day? Or uncle Ryan? I bet Chad will drop things and mess up on his first day working. :)

    1. Are they teasing us (again!) or is Jeff Webber really coming back?
      New Aiden IS huge. Holy cow! He seemed to fit right in. I really liked the other little actor, though.

      The Corintho hypocrisy was in full bloom yesterday. Sheesh! I enjoyed Sasha and Willow's little chat yesterday, but Willow sure came across as a babe in the woods. Another "sheesh"! Totally agree about Sasha's belly. She could have balanced a six pack on that thing, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, Are they teasing us (again!) or is Jeff Webber really coming back?"

      I have no idea!!

      "New Aiden IS huge. Holy cow!"

      Hahahaha. Yes he is!

      "He seemed to fit right in."

      Yes he fits in really well with the family dynamic. :)

      "I really liked the other little actor, though."

      Yeah me too.

      "The Corintho hypocrisy was in full bloom yesterday. Sheesh!"

      Yes it was! Someone needs to wipe that smile off of Carly and Michael's face!

      "Willow sure came across as a babe in the woods."

      Yeah she sure did.. It was weird.

      "Totally agree about Sasha's belly. She could have balanced a six pack on that thing, lol!"

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! She could have! :)

  3. I had to laugh at Spencer. Typical younger generation. He thinks he can get the Chief of Staff at General Hospital to give him a job as her assistant. He's a high school graduate! lol I know young people like him and I've often said that they want the head of a company to come knocking at the door and invite them to be V.P. lol No concept of working for a living. They just live in their phones in lala land.

    I hated that Liz ripped up that picture. Some day her grandkids will want to see where they came from and she's erasing her history.

    I really wanted Brooklyn to take that phone and destroy it under her heel. She needs to tell Valentine the truth asap and threaten to have Gladys arrested if she doesn't leave town.

    I also want to know where Esme is living. Kevin and laura have no obligation to her. I notice she didn't offer to take the server job.

    1. I think Brooklyn deserves Gladys doing that. Brooklyn needs a taste of her own medicine.

  4. P.S. Loved that grin on Cam's face when Spencer repeated the server's greating. lol

    1. Di, I did too! And Spence almost seemed sincere, lol! I was laughing too, about his attitude regarding working. Self entitled to the nth degree. Seriously where is Esme living. She had on the same outfit though, so it must still be the same day. I really want Laura back!

  5. Violet wins the day by just being so darn cute!

  6. Gladys will blackmail Maxie and BLQ. Valentin won't find out yet


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