Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Surgery: "Hat Trick"


Quite a week!! The dialog was pitch-perfect for the most part. It was hard keeping up with live Tweeting and the blog when it was all live. I guess I'll get a chance to digest it a bit more here.  Oh, and thank you to the GH People for having Sonny's office and my Badger Bob appear! 

Still in Greece, still filling up on Ouzo and lamb. 

The show mainly took place back in Port Charles. All the hooplah surrounding Jarly, CarSon and the like.  I loved it. I don't know if I'm going to write too much for your taste but I can't help myself. So much went on that was subtle it needs to be discussed.  At the end, I'll let you know just why I'm so excited for the direction things are going. 

VISIT OF THE WEEK: Sonny and Phyllis. We needed this. HE needed this. I saw that "Mike" smile come out. Yep. Here's hoping he buys Charlie's for her or she starts work at GH Soon. Phyllis said it all "Remember the Mike in you"... 

TIME PIECE OF THE WEEK: Welp, Phyllis went to see Nina and gave her Sonny's watch. Sorry, MIKE'S watch. They did talk about the "old" Days a bit. Phyl found this at Lenny's old fishing spot. Was it Lenny trying to send Nina and Mike a message? Well, what happened next was pretty extraordinary: 

MEMORY OF THE WEEK:  Oh they are playing Nina and Sonny perfectly. Nina isn't in his face demanding anything.  She's not hiding in a corner. She's there to listen when Nixon Falls Feelings bubble up. Even when he's establishing 'boundaries' he's got a softer touch. The way they looked at each other...*sigh*. A shared history and dialog that can only be known by those two. Sonny has teared up more around her than anyone else. When she gives him the watch it's a very subtle scene and they start to move closer to each other. This is when Sonny remembers about seeing Jarly together in the bedroom when he came home. That door is opened. As he said to Carly "can it be shut again"? 

THE TRUTH  OF THE WEEK: This is when Jason and Sonny talk about the wedding night and Jason has to come clean about feelings and where that night was leading. The way it was directed was also good; Sonny's little growl of despair when Jason tells him yes, they would have slept together. Sonny wasn't as much angry as he was hurt. Jason does remind he and all of us how easy it is for him to turn on and off his feelings however, so that's something, right? Sonny has to run home to make sure Carly can do the same. 

THE DOOR OF THE WEEK:  Open. Close. Sonny and Carly began to talk about what really happened while he was gone. He's pensive because of the hurt he feels. Carly's also hurting because of his stupid hat he wore in Nixon Falls. She wasn't a part of all that. You know Carly, not being a part of everything just kills her.  She admits that she and Jason were 'starting to fall in love' (which we know isn't the case; they said they've always been in wub) ...and they'd have a real marriage. Again, Sonny was so quiet in these scenes it was more unnerving than him throwing and bitching. Carly's scared. She's scared she's going to lose him. He talks about that door being opened for Jarly and wonders if it can be closed. For now, they are choosing each other. But for how long?? Sonny hasn't told her about MikeNinSon yet. That's going to be the GARAGE door opening! 

THE LIGHT SWITCH OF THE WEEK:  That's Jason's face. Just after coming from having had the talk of his life with his BFF/Brother Sonny about loving Carly. Where is he? Oh he went running to help Britt with her Mama. Because that's Jason. He CAN turn it on and off. That's what makes him a good killer. Plus, for Jason loyalty is love. Right now, his loyalty meter is pointing to Britt. 

SOAP CHARACTER QUEEN OF THE WEEK: got all the juicy juice!! It clicks that Sonny was Nina's Mike and she sure hurries over to reinforce the fact that they could be together again! Then there's Oh, Carly. Carly Carly Carly. Ava's going to plant that seed of doubt in your head for you. What was Sonny doing that whole time? And with who? Jumping over closer to home, she puts Spencer in the clink. Delights in his entitled ass being locked up. Gets Nikolas on her side AND tries to broker a deal with Spencer. She's just living her best life right now. 

SNOT OF THE WEEK: Reserved for Ol' Esme!! She was in the PCPD demanding Spencer be let go. She was in Trina's face. She was over at Wyndemere trying to get Nikolas to get a lawyer. She even called 1-800-Better Call Scot  to try to help. (Scotty ended up laughing at her and hung up). Who's got HER number? That would be Kevin. He's going to figure out she's the real "Ryan" in that relationship. Spencer might be a stubborn, mean Cassadine but she's the psychopath behind him. 

GRATUITOUS CHESTULATION OF THE WEEK:  We had to see Cam's abs right? HAD to know Drew has been kept in jail for how many years but is: Spray tanned, has a ton of muscle and a 6 pack! Must get a lot of protein and time in the weight room!!  Yes, there was a story behind this. See that wound? Well he doesn't remember being programmed by Peter or shooting at Anna and Robert. He and Dr O figure out that it's probably Peter that had a secret into his brain left to him by his father, Faison. Just think, if Peter dies it dies with him. It's up to Victor now to have him killed. Please. PLEASE.  You would make us so happy. 

REPRIMAND OF THE WEEK: Austin gets a leave of absence from Britt because Brook Lynn told her he talked about Leo out of turn. The biggest take away from all this? Olivia heard the word "Autistic".  That paired with his behavior tidying up Carly's office may just click with her? 

THE EGG OF THE WEEK:  First of all, KUDOS to the writing team for obviously consulting someone about the behaviors of some spectrum kids. This was just written to perfection. Leo gives Carly all the expired creamers. I can tell you from experience that YES, this is a thing!! LOL. Even in restaurants, it's a thing! Leo also cleans up her messy desk and asks for the Egg he sees. Also a trait. Direct and unfiltered. Carly does give it to him. The thing is: it's an EGG. Just struck me as this show's shape. LOL Faberge? No...but close! 

WEAK LINK OF THE WEEK:  This. ALL of this. Poor Alexis...get her out of there. Everyone else is forgiven for everything. We will still have intern Esme going to see Ryan so there's no reason to keep here there. All Alexis is now is exposition for the other stories. And PS. You CAN drop the Hayden thing. We won't mind. Really. Just drop it. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Oh that black cowboy hat!! It's causing a stir!! Carly realizes Sonny had a whole other life back in Ol' Nixon Falls. You can see it in her face; why DIDN'T Nina tell anyone about him? When Cam puts it on and parades in the kitchen, it was just a hoot. That hat is also in the photo of Nina and he that Phyllis brought back. You know that's going to come up somewhere! 

LINE OF THE WEEK: While you were in the Shangri-Lah of WHOVILLE!! Ava to Nina!! Bahahaaha. 

NOTICE there was no "scene of the week". I honestly couldn't choose. There were all of Nina's great lines and scenes; Sonny and Jason...Jarly and also Nina and Mike. Doesn't happen often but this week, there were way too many! 


Phyllis gives Nina Mike's broken watch; Nina gives it back to Sonny

Carly realizes she doesn't know what Sonny's life was like while he was "dead"

Sonny realizes his wife and BFF were falling for each other

Esme tries and fails to get Spencer out of jail

Ava gives Spencer a deal; he doesn't take it

Britt calls Jason for help; Jason complies

Olivia finds out people think Leo might be on the spectrum

Austin is sidelined because he talked about a patient out of turn

Dr O tends to Drew; they figure out Peter is programming him

Dante and Sam reach Greece; Robert finds out about the compound and Victor being alive

Gladys can't stay out of Brando and Sasha's life

SPOILERS:  Curtis and Portia have a stalker, Robert confronts Victor, Spencer goes before the judge and Olivia and Ned talk about Leo. Get them all on Daytime Diagnosis 

WHY am I so excited about this whole show direction? I love--and I mean LOVE when two characters have a secret that they hold dear just for each other. Even if they aren't together, they have that 'one thing' that's only theirs. That's how the Nina and Sonny story is going to play out I think. No one went through what they did with Lenny. No one but them can relate to what Phyllis is grieving for. That's why she needs to stay in town; she's their linchpin. Carly and Jason also have ties that bind they can't go back on no matter how hard they try. Jason might be turning on and off but if push comes to shove, will Carly still come first? Who else has this? Spencer and Trina.  She knows the 'real' him and saw him as "Victor'. Esme can't get into that space. GH hasn't played soft beats between old couples in awhile. When they are done, they seem done. I'm hoping this story is a real story. AND there's a Cassadine adventure going on with some of my fave characters. Is it mainly the same story as the last mind-meld? Yep...but this might end in Peter's death so.. worth it! 

I could list the things I want to happen or to change but this blog is now a novel and I'm sure you have things to do. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. Leave a comment about how YOU'RE feeling about the show. 


  1. I love your SS, so thank you. So glad you mentioned Shangri-la in Whoville, oh how I laughed! I'm loving all things Ava, and yes Nina/Sonny. Never in a million years did I think I'd ever say that last part, lol!

    I'm thrilled that Robert is back and I may be in the minority, but I really enjoy Esme. She plays snotty schemer very well. I'm also enjoying Carly's angst. Let her suffer, I say!

    So I agree, great week for GH. On a side note I haven't seen AntJoan post in quite awhile. Hope she's ok.

    1. Julie, thanks for asking, have been through a rough year. I still watch the show and read the blog every day, though. Also have been watching Sonny's State of Mind blog, it's interesting, and I never can get enough Sonny!

    2. Good to hear from you AntJoan, and very sorry to hear about your rough year. Sending good thoughts your way.

      I remember you being such a true Sonny fan and realized I hadn't seen any comments from you throughout the Nixon Falls story. I'm so glad you're still watching GH and reading the blogs. Take care!

  2. Thanks for another great, SS, Karen! I also love the secrets between Nina/Sonny and Jason/Cary- pure soap!!

  3. Thanks so much for this great SS, kd. You've really outdone yourself with this one. So well written. I actually laughed out loud in places and gave you a little "Yes!" in others. You've dissected it perfectly. Loved the comment about the little "snot." And that was the perfect picture for it.

    I'm also hoping this means we will finally be rid of Peter but that might be too much to hope for. If he survives this I'm thinking a write in campaign where thousands of fans send in broken popsicle sticks. let them know he's not the villain we love to hate, he's just the character we want GONE!

    1. Aw, thank took a LONG LONG time to write!! :)

    2. lol I can believe it. I wrote a long response and then for some reason my old computer deleted it and I had to start again. I had more to say but I didn't want to get the sides lined up.

      I really appreciate all the work you put into this to make my Sunday morning complete. :D

  4. Great job, Karen! I am definitely enjoying GH a lot more than I was not long ago. :-)

  5. What day are we - 3rd day after the wedding and I am STILL screaming: IS SONNY NOT GONNA TELL CARLY AND JASON - or ANYONE - about PETER???? JAX says nothing to Sonny? Even Phyllis and Nina don't mention it!! This is the biggest faux pox to me? Am I the only one?
    The longer Sonny doesn't tell Carly, then bigger the blow-up and she can blame HIM and NINA for - whatever.....I just feel that the writers have made Carly a screaming character.....she did have good qualities and now - she WILL go nuts and it's on Sonny cause he won't tell her..........stupid...
    if the spoilers are true: Victor comes back to PC cause is a free man and Valentin is shot, I guess they explore the father/son connection and that must be why Charlotte is back.
    BUT where is Peter? I am guessing the WSB is going to capture and hold him for a time and Wes Ramey will off screen for months/a year.....
    One more thing - I watched it three times: Sonny's exact words to Jax, "I threw my watch in the river."
    Not the riverwalk - the RIVER....
    Writers change everything.
    Greg, Jackie, Taggart, Mac, Felicia are still MIA.

    1. Not only are characters MIA, but they are not even mentioned much of the time. AND NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR MAXIE'S BABY!!!!!!! Yes, I meant to write that in all caps. Wouldn't people wonder why Maxie doesn't care about finding her baby??????

    2. Nina DID tell Maxie...remember??

    3. Scorpio says he is looking for Maxie's baby.

  6. So, will something happen to Valentin and we find out if he really is Victor's son? Will that bring Anna to really realize her feelings for him? Hmmmmm

    1. Thanks Karen. Now back to vacuuming my house :(

    2. he's supposed to get shot - brought back to PC and Victor comes, so I guess with all the bloodwork - whatever - yes, it'll be verified.......

  7. I hate this show. Where is Elizabeth?

  8. Thanks for another great SS! So great in fact you make GH sound really good.
    So happy that Ava is back in all her glory.
    I'm just not too sure that the writers have a direction as I still think they write as they go but here's hoping.
    Some story lines and characters disappear for far too long. Wouldn't it be more productive for the writers and all if some were just gone?

  9. I am loving GH right now too. Maura West's acting is off the charts. I love her. The subtle story of Sonny/Nina is great and I hope they keep it slow and steamy. And while I can't stand Esme, she is kind of juicy evil and will probably be Ryan's daughter (hey - isn't that an old movie title?) and do equally horrible things.
    On a side note- I just watched "The Chestnut Man" on Netflix. Cesar Faison - Anders Hove - is in the show in a small role. And he's a good guy!

  10. I am looking forward to the show tomorrow which makes me happy. Thanks Karen

  11. ...meh...

    Thanks for all your hard work Wubs, always a good blog no matter what!

  12. I guess I’m the only one in the group who does not like the Sonny/Nina relationship, and I don’t understand why it would be a big deal to Carly since Sonny had amnesia. It would be more of a reason to hate Nina. This was just a relatively small slice of time and the deception by Nina is just too big to make Sonny/Nina a viable couple.

    1. I am with you! HATE Sonny and Nina - it wasn't real!!!!!Nina is not a great character at all ----- I feel she is faking being contrite - Jason is right = the more Carly screams and yells, the more Carly looks bad - I don't believe for a minute Nina feels bad......

  13. I'm glad so of you are enjoying the show; me not so much.

    The pacing is still terrible. It's mostly Carly & Sonny (LW has been on an inordinate number of episodes this year) and neither is all that appealing.

    The Crete stuff has taken forever cause there're not spending enough time on that story. Peter is still alive, which is unforgivable. He needs to be DEAD. Not imprisoned, but DEAD.

    Roger has taken to channeling Franco's personality cause Austin has none. And no matter what persona he's in he has ZERO chem with KS. Austin & Maxie are a no go for me. And why would anyone believe Maxie is missing a kid, cause she shows ZERO concern that the child is missing.

    Elizabeth is MIA. Which is a crime. Scotty says he's looking for Liesl, but he's not. He could be. He would be. But Jason has to be the hero & come to the rescue.

    Soaps should be ensemble shows. GH is not. And it's so predictable. Sonny is going to show he has a heart of gold and buy Charlies for Phyllis. Phyllis will be related to someone in town. Jason will be the hero and Britt will fall back into bed with him.

    1. The show is awful. It has no heart.

    2. I agree. No heart. No core.
      There's no love. No humor.
      it's just all flat.

  14. I don’t why but I like Sonny and Nina in Port Charles a lot more than I did when they were in PA. I actually buy that this could be a thing. I mean Sonny has the great love of his life change every few years so this seems overdue. Watching Maurice interview Cynthia on his YouTube channel helped me with my disinterest in these two.

    I’m not sure that the new Spencer has the acting chops yet to be a Casadine or to be believable in a scene with Ava. When he is in scenes with Britt practically begging her to be his mom, I buy it and it seems genuine. Esme is just a rehash of many a past , young , basic soap villainess. She will be Ryan’s “something” and then be murdered or going missing in a year or two. Like Nell, Sage, Cassandra , Chloe and I think there was a Venus at some point but this list goes on and on.

    The show is pretty good right now but still wasting Vets airtime with the miscellaneous bin of new or non legacy characters. Does Anyone on here every think “ I hope Austin and is on today and not Alexis “?

    1. “ I hope Austin and is on today and not Alexis “? What?
      But Alexis is a legacy character and Austin is new.

  15. Austin talked too much with Jason so I don’t think he has autism.

    1. Austin is definitely not acting like he has autism now. Maybe they told R. to reel in the weird walking and talking because people were saying the character is autistic and it will take away from their storyline. I hope so because I think we were all getting tired of the same behavior character after character.

    2. Di, that is SO true - thanks - glad it wasn't in my head -------- I just can't get into the Austin character at all....

    3. Me either. Same guy, different name every time.

    4. He was supposed to be on the spectrum but the writers are changing that. The character is not even 5 months old and the writers are already changing direction for him.

  16. The writers seem clueless. Jason likes Britt. Jason loves Carly. Jason like Britt. It's like whiplash


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