Monday, October 4, 2021

Fake ID

 LOTS happening!

Dante and Sam are in Monaco. Good to see them dressed up. They are looking for Dallas to find out where Drew might be. She throws a drink in his face to try to attract Dallas' attention. OH! Dallas is a gorgeous lady that's head of the casino they are at. 

Esme wants to celebrate at the Savoy but ...fake ID. She gets kicked out. Curtis talks to Nina and understands why she did what she did. Friend loyalty right there. She leaves for Kelly's. Curtis tells Nina all about Jordan, breaking up and her kidney adventure in Albany. 

Joss tells Millow about Nina knowing about Sonny. Willow is kinda nice about it and thinks it's because of Nelle and Nina wanting to get back at Carly. They keep talking. Then Esme walks in and starts talking to Joss. Millow leaves. Cam and Trina come out to confront Esme. They tell her her plan failed and they set her up. 

Carly and Sonny. She wants to know why he didn't tell her about Nina knowing. He says it didn't think it was important. AHAHAHA. Okayyyyyyy... She tells Sonny she confronted Nina at the Qs and was going to kill her but Jason stepped in. OH!! He's not going to like him tracking her!! LOL Oh he says thank you! Carly flashes back to her wedding day. ..BLOOP! Then she and Sonny hug. 

Nik and Spencer: Ava walks in. Spencer tells her everything. She loses it because he used her daughter.  He still protects Esme saying the car fire was his idea, she only executed it. Ava thinks Spencer is only sorry because he got caught. Spencer tries to explain he was just doing what he thought was right like his father did pretending he was dead and 'it's kinda a family tradition' but Nikolas LOSES it and tosses him out of the house!! WOW, he picks AVA again!! After Spencer leaves Nik says that Spencer is dead to him. Ava says NEVER say that!! EVER. They are relieved that the stalker isn't real. 

Millow go to the Savoy to confront Nina. They yell a bit then Curtis sticks up for her. 

Carson makes ze WUB

Dante goes upstairs to Dallas' room

Trina tells Spencer she doesn't hate him

Ava and Nikolas throw the divorce papers into the fire

GOOD SHOW, exhausting to type up lol 


  1. Sonny's conversation with Carly was a little weird. made me wonder if he suffered some brain damage.

    All in all it wasn't a bad show. Things are still moving along nicely.

  2. I was hoping for Sonny to think of Nina during the wub! Dig a little deeper into Carly's back since she of course was thinking of Jason while speaking with Sonny.

    I actually felt bad for Spencer. And I was happy to hear Ava correct nik about saying Spencer was dead to him.

  3. Wasn't there a similar scenario in Monte Carlo before? Dante and Sam look like siblings.
    Esme will never take no for an answer. She always will have a plan.
    Hope Ava and Nik can be happy for a minute.
    Curtis looks fine!

  4. Replies
    1. Kemo is gorgeous, and I am usually all for soapy dresses but her chest looked like a butt today.

    2. hahaha The feathery fringe came out so far in front I thought she was using it for social distancing.

    3. "Linda says, but her chest looked like a butt today."


    4. "Di says, hahaha The feathery fringe came out so far in front I thought she was using it for social distancing."

      Hahahahahahaha. Could be! :) Good one. :)

    5. OMG, you all are killing me! Mumbles has got a great figure, but that dress??!! Ack!

    6. Why didn't they just let her go topless? That dress wasn't far from it. Did anyone else see Kacey Musgraves nude performance on SNL? Couldn't really tell with the guitar strategically placed.

  5. Monte Carlo:

    Dante and Sam: Sam and her bread, while Dante and his fine ass self. :) Oh yes Dante kish her. :) Are the Tribbles there?

    Dante and Dallas: Hmmmm if they were a couple they would be D&D! :) Did Dallas kidnap the Tribbles?

    Port Chuckles:


    Chad and Nava: Come on! YELL YELL YELL!!!! Well all of them didn't yell just Nik. Ah well. Great scene!

    Nik: Get out! NOW!

    Oh Nik is just upset because the Tribbles are missing.

    Nava: Covid kiss awwwww. :) Well once Marcus Coloma gets fully vaccinated then they can kiss. :) Divorce papers in the fire! YAY! :)

    The Savoy:

    Vampira and Curtis: Nice try with your fake ID Vampira. :)

    Nina and Curtis: Awwww what a sweet non judgemental friend Curtis is. :)CurTis talking about the divorce. Uh Curtis? YOU ARE STILL MARRIED!!!

    Nina, Curtis, and Mildew: Curtis has a very good point about Wiley, so I hope Michael listens to him.


    Mildew and Joss: Mini Carly just HAD to spill all the tea. :)

    Trina, Jam, and Vampira: Vampira pretending to not know what the hell they are talking about hahahahaha.

    Trina, Jam, Vampira, and Chad: Awwwww Chad. :(

    Trina and Chad: Awwww love that Trina feels bad for him.. #Team Sprina!

    Vampira and Chad:

    Vampira: Don't worry. No matter what happens. You still have me. We can fix this.

    The wheels in her head are spinning already. She will cook up something don't worry Spence!

    Carson home:

    Carson: Does Sonny's beard and mustache hurt Carly when they kiss? It would me. Ouch! They go upstairs to make all the wuv! Covid sex? Will they show it tomorrow? Will Sonny think of Nina, and Carly think of Jason? I bet!!! :)

    Sidenotes: I've been meaning to mention about that doctor talking to Victor! Wow did not see that coming. Also I can't believe that Sonny didn't apologize to Nik! UGH!

    1. Loved Nik losing his ish with Spence. I'd have thrown as ass out too.

      I'm kind of against Millow letting Nina see Wiley. How many chances are they supposed to give that lunatic? Curtis pulling the Wiley card was a good strategy (and a good friend move) but Nina has blown it every time.

      Robert Freaking Scorpio sighting in the previews...yay!!!!

    2. Considering his other grandma is Carly this is nothing!

    3. "Julie H says, Loved Nik losing his ish with Spence. I'd have thrown as ass out too."

      Yeah loved the yelling! :)

      "Curtis pulling the Wiley card was a good strategy (and a good friend move) but Nina has blown it every time."

      Maybe she will learn her lesson this time.. :)

      "Robert Freaking Scorpio sighting in the previews...yay!!!!"


      "Linda says, Considering his other grandma is Carly this is nothing!"


  6. Line of the day: Esme to Trina, "Remind me never to underestimate you again."

  7. WHERE will Esme and Spencer go now? SURELY not with Laura and Kevin - I want Laura to apologize to Spencer for everything she said to him when she thought Spencer was innocent....I want to yell at Spencer now...
    I'm not gonna do well if Carly still doesn't know about Nina at the family Christmas dinner.....I hope PHYLLIS shows up and tells Carly - we all know Sonny will invite Phyllis to stay with them....
    No Mac? Taggart? Greg and Jackie?
    and by the way I missed the kids moving into the dorm and attending class first day!


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