Tuesday, December 19, 2023



It's TUESDAY and I wasn't sure I'd make it today--but HERE I AM!! We got snow last night--which was a surprise to me. I mean, I know it's December but we haven't had very much!! 

I hope GH keeps me awake today! 

Ava and Nina: Nina tells Ava her world is crashing down. Ava says, well get some dirt for NED !! Then Ava shows her the gun that was left for her and tells her about the note. They decide to go to Rice Square to see Avery in the nativity. 

PARK: Donna is a lamb and doing the living nativity. Michael and Sonny are there. Cyrus walks up. He's supposed to be one of the Three Kings. Sonny says NO WAY. He replaced him with Marty. I thought he was having dinner with Lucy and Kevin. Laura is there too. Sonny's like the new DIRECTOR OF THE PC NATIVITY?  Laura and Sonny talk about Charlotte and Anna. 

Cyrus skulks around and listens to Donna and Michael talk about family Christmas plans. 

Then Ava and Nina come to the park. Ava doesn't like it that Cyrus is there. 

Nina tells Michael that Ned is blackmailing her for info on Aurora and he has to help her OR he can't keep blackmailing her. LOL geeesh. Okay... She also says he'll tell everyone he's known for months she was the one that blew Crew into the SEC. 

Carly and Sam talk about Brennan. Sam leaves to tell Dante that he's in town. Then, Brennan walks in. Carly says she'll give him meatloaf. He sees his picture on her phone. He's not happy. Wonders what he's going to do with her. He pulls out zip ties. She smacks him with a tray. Anna and Dante come in with guns drawn. 

Anna and Dante wait on the docks to give her WSB contact that file. HUME guy is listening to them. Hume  is waiting for them with the gun. Sam calls Dante and he says to Anna, we have to leave! Gun goes off. Then Anna says she'll talk to Hume. She goes to give him the key but Dante sneaks around the back of him and knocks him out. Sam runs out and says she think she knows where Brennan is. (at Kelly's)

Tracey tells Ned that Brook is going to run Deception. He asks Lois if she knew about this. Tracey leaves.  Lois tells Ned that she's trying to outsmart Tracey and get Deception for Maxie. 

Lucy and Kevin are waiting at the PC Grille for Laura and Marty to have dinner. Lucy says that she and Scott aren't going to go see Serena after all because she has a new boyfriend and she needs to give her space.  Then Scotty comes over, mumbling about Liesl. THEN Tracey walks in, goes to the bar an orders a drink. Scott tells her to leave. She's like: NO. They bicker about their old tete a tete when Gail and Lee caught them doing it on his desk. SHe's like I want to forget that. He calls Luke a dirty rotten criminal and she throws her drink on him. 


Cyrus hears Nina and Michael's conversation about making up something about Aurora to give to Ned so he'll stop. 

Brennan is arrested and Anna give the evidence to the FBI or cops or someone. Hell that was wrapped up quick LOL 


Felt like a Friday show today for sure


  1. ----today was great - lotsa happening - but I remember when scab writers on day 2 had Ava tell Sonny about Nik and I got all excited and then the boring writing kicked-in, so I can't get my hopes up yet LOL
    ----SHOCKED that Brennan and Hume were caught and arrested - which proves again that the writers wanted to wrap it up ------- HOPE Pikeman is gone/gone......I like the character Brennan but glad the Pikeman thing is not draggning on.
    -------SOOo many questions - is Anna done/not in danger - can she be a bad-ass again and stop crying? surely Valentin doesn't want her back (previews) ------she needs to go visit Robin and come back and be the Anna we have loved before all this mess.
    ------NO remembrance of Scott and Tracy and I have watched for 50+ years.
    ------WHO WHO WHO woulda ask CYRUS to be in the scene? I first thought Laura? anyway, doesn't matter cause now HE knows about Nina/Michael and I FINALLY care - bet he blackmails Ava????? or waits til the right time and tells Sonny?
    -----still don't think Nik is doing this to Ava - kinda used to think it was Victor returning..
    ------guess now too Dante can go be a cop with Chase --------
    GREAT show today ---- cause it seems wrapping up stuff..
    --Maura is gorgeous and LOVED Carly's sweater..

    1. it was like Dan and Chris said WE ARE CLEANING UP!! It was just a great one.

    2. "kdmask says, it was like Dan and Chris said WE ARE CLEANING UP!!"

      YES! Keep cleaning up Dan and Chris!!! :)

      "It was just a great one."

      Yes it sure was! :)

  2. So many funny one liners today!

    The pier:

    Dante, Anna, and Hume: Oh look! Gunfight at the ok corral! And for the holidays too. How fun! :)

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Nina: I'm so glad Ava showed Nina the big gun! Is the person who left her the HUGE gun compensating for something? Hmmmmm? :)

    Rice plaza:

    Michael and Nina: Oooooo turning the blackmail on him! Nice Nina! I'm glad you bit back!!!!! :) Bite him again!!!! Oooooo CYRUS!!!!!! Now Cyrus can blackmail Nina! *Evil smile*

    Michael and Donna: Donna is so freakin adorable in that costume!!! Lamb? Awwwwwwwwwwww! And she is showing her dimples!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHH! I can't take the cuteness!

    Laura and Sonny: Laura did you invite Sonny over for Christmas Eve yet?

    Sonny and Cyrus: I'm confused. Why is he forbidding Cyrus to be in the play? He didn't kill Pawtucket Holtster and Sonny knows that!

    Kelly's: Those green things on the tables, I have a plant app, and I took a picture of them yesterday to find out what type they are. It says they are Sphagnum Girgensohnii. *Shrug*

    Carly and Sam: Yes Sam! Go see Dante! HURRY!!! Don't trip over your shoes!

    Carly and Brennan: YOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That tray hitting him looked real! Ouch! Great scene!

    Carly, Brennan, Anna, Dante, and cops: Oh they showed up in the nick of time! :D

    "Karen says Hell that was wrapped up quick LOL"

    ROFL! I'm so glad the writers are back! :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Lucy and Doc: Why is Lucy acting so strange around Doc? That was an awkward hug. What?! Lucy and Scotty can't go see Serena because she has a boyfriend? So what? They could have still gone. The look on Lucy's face when Marty is brought up. She doesn't look very happy with Marty.

    Lucy, Doc, and Scotty: Doc wins the line of the day.

    Doc I don't know what that means.


    Scotty and Tracy: Doc wants to see the show! BAHAHAHAHA! Ooooo love that Scotty and Tracy are talking about the past. :)

    Lucy, Doc, and Laura: Why didn't Marty text Lucy that he isn't showing up? When Laura said Marty isn't going to be there for dinner, the look on Lucy's face. She is going to break up with Marty isn't she? And then what? Lucy and Scotty will get back together? :) I wouldn't be mad. :)

    Q home:

    Tracy, Lois, and Brooky:

    Tracy: Your phone doesn't work in the proximity of small children.


    Lois, Ned, and Brooky: Yes Lois thank you! What about Lucy!!! Deception IS her baby!

    Brooky: Lucy has made it perfectly clear she won't work with me.

    Oh very childish Brooky! You didn't even tell her your plan!!! Lucy has every right to be mad at you.

    1. yep we all see it - Scott and Lucy back together - BOO - I like her with Marty

    2. "mufasa says, yep we all see it"

      Yeah we all can see it a mile away. :)

      "Scott and Lucy back together - BOO - I like her with Marty"

      Yeah I like her with Marty too! :(

    3. Sonya, for a second there a when you went shrug about the plants at Kelly's I thought you put shrub and thought well those are too big for the tables. 😁


  3. ABC to celebrate 60 years of General Hospital with primetime special



  4. Definite glimmers of hope today. The whole Pikeman storyline was quickly wrapped up and I liked the interaction between Scott, Lucy, Kevin and Tracy. I truly hope this is a sign of better things to come.

  5. so tomorrow is Chrismas Eve and we have yet to see any family except Quartermaines decorate - so the question is WILL Sam and Dante suddenly have a tree? and Carly? and Maxie????????????/

    1. I personally didn't want to see everyone decorating trees. Loved all the issues that were taken care of today.
      Also we never put our tree up until Christmas Eve and then took it down on "old Christmas Day."

    2. "Di says, Also we never put our tree up until Christmas Eve and then took it down on "old Christmas Day."

      What!?! Oh bah humbug! ROFL!

  6. Loved yesterday's show! Enjoyed BLQ and Lois filling Ned in on the plan. Loved the wrap up of Pikeman and hot Mr. Brennan. Who I would like to come back. Decent actor and very swoon worthy. And yes, that swat with the tray from Carly looked very real! I cackled when Tracy tossed her drink at Scott and Doc commenting and watching the whole thing was very funny. Cyrus is going to do something evil, he was eavesdropping on everybody and I was all for it, lol!
    I do need all this Nina crap out in the open. It's now ridiculous. Everybody is going to be mad at everybody, and I really don't care anymore!

    I'm really looking forward to the prime time special and thank you Sonya for the link! :)

    1. "Julie H says, Loved the wrap up of Pikeman and hot Mr. Brennan."

      Yes me too! And yes he is hot! :)

      "Who I would like to come back."

      Me too!!!!!

      "Decent actor and very swoon worthy."

      Yes and yes! :D

      "I'm really looking forward to the prime time special"

      So am I!!!!

      "and thank you Sonya for the link! :)"

      You're welcome! :)

  7. The only thing on GH that I'm truly enjoying is all Quartermaine.
    The WSB stuff seemed rushed but that's fine.
    Ava's behavior is so out of character. Time to go to police rather than blubber about it constantly and look around every corner.

  8. Loved that they arrested Brennan so quickly instead of dragging that out!


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