Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Eve of Christmas



Maxie and Felicia briefly talk about Austin dying. Spinelli comes to the door all wet. A pipe burst in his apartment and he needs a place to stay. Metro is sold out. Maxie says to move in with her! So, Spinelli is going to stay there and Georgie feels like it's all her idea. THEN We find out this was all Spinelli and Felicia's idea--to have him move in and help pay the rent! 

Laura is at Charlotte's watching her while Valentin is out. Kevin is there too. They are going to watch "Kristina Comes Home For Christmas"-- and Laura looks at her phone and is sad about Lulu. Char goes into her room and looks at her scar. "First battle scar, anything for family" she says. THEN SHE PUTS ON THE CASSADINE CREST NECKLACE!!!!! WHAT!! Kevin asks about it. It was HELENA'S!!!!!!!!! Victor left it to her in the will!! HELENA's! Kevin goes out to tell Laura about it. Squeeee! 

Valentin is visiting Anna. They say they should have been honest with each other from the beginning. They talk about Brennan and how he's arrested now. They get all teary and say they made a good team. Anna says she can't see him anymore because all she can think about is shooting Charlotte. Charlotte needs Val right now and not her around.

Portia and Curtis tell the family about his hope for a cure for his legs. He says he can probably start the treatment in January. Spencer comes over. Portia's not that happy but Curtis says to be nice. Spencer helps with the lights. He says he hopes they get to know each other during next year because he loves Trina. Portia says "how do you know what love is"? He says he does now that he knows Trina. He hopes to win their trust. 

Stella and Marshall go out to the patio and talk about Irene and how Stella helped take care of the boys and yada yada. They dance to Christmas music a bit and..hug..and?? I think they are going to kiss! They part before they do. "We got carried away"! Stella goes in to check the oven. 

Aidan is making cookies with Liz and Violet/Finn come in. Violet's upset and sad about Leo telling her there's no Santa. Jake talks to her and she says "Daddy is going to leave". She heard about his court date. He tells her that it's it was a mistake and work and he's not going to jail. 

Aidan tells Liz he's interested in someone at school and HIS NAME IS TOBIAS! Liz just smiles. 

Adam isn't going home for Christmas. Joss is like WHAT? How will you eat? He says he can order food delivery. He says he doesn't want to go home. Dex says he gets it, some people like to be alone. Adam says he told his parents that he had an internship over the holidays so he could get out of going home. HE leaves. Joss wants to invite him to Christmas dinner and is going to call her mom.




  1. That Valentine and Anna scene was fantastic. And the look on Laura's face when she said "She's got Helena's necklace" was also fantastic. That woman can act with her face like few others can. Two great scenes.

    I'm beginning to suspect that Adam is rerally homeless. He didn't even hesitate bout going to Joss's mom's and he always wears the same clothes. I bet he doesn't even change that shirt to go out.

    Great idea for Spinelli to stay at Maxie's and more Spinelli for us. Yaaaaah.

  2. ----I'm not crying - YOU'RE crying - wow I mean I have watched it 2 times already----powerful---having said that the line "I knew if I ever had you I couldn't keep you" I heard in my head the nail in the coffin - Vanna is no more - I had thought he might save her down the road but that line wouldn't have been written if the writers were gonna bring them back together....what a waste - they were great before he was a jerk...
    ------Charotte with the necklace and Laura were fantastic too - I DID giggle thinking 'my gosh Valentin, HOW MUCH DID VICTOR LEAVE CHARLOTTE and you have NO CLUE?"
    ----Spinelli - I KNEW it - when Felicia kept pushing it - YEAH - although I STILL want Austin to have left lotsa money to Maxie cause he did love least Maxie discussed Austin finally.
    ----I think Adam has horrible parents ------ WHY WOULDN'T Joss ask Spinelli to find out who, where, why etc on his parents.............and I guess in 2024 they will show up.
    -----I think Lulu will wake up in 2024 since Laura mentioned her today...
    -----Just feel too that the malpractice suit is gonna have a bam/bam ending: is Finn fired or GH go bankrupt? One spoiler said AMY is gonna have damaging testimony (which makes sense since she asked Liz what to do when she testified?
    -----I like Liz and Finn happy - there I said it
    ------I mean Portia is gorgeous in that dress - wow - now I don't like her - but wow.... and LOVE Stella and Marshall
    things are looking up
    _----ooooooo - in the previews WHY would Sonny say he and Anna are still in danger? No Pikeman/WSB not after Anna now????????????????

    1. Sonny may have said Anna is still in danger because she was outed as a traitor and there may be mor people out there who she betrayed.

      I was wondering if they're oing to bring Lulu back too. She's been mentioned a lot lately.

      I also hope Austin has left Maxie some money. I keep waiting for a lawyer to knock on her door.

      I thought Portia's remark to Spencer was just plain cruel. Nasty woman.

    2. that is true about Anna cause Anna did say to Valentin something about people not forgiving her etc etc that makes more sense but I am ready for her to move on - INTERESTING that she sai the Bureau could give her pension back???? had no clue they could do that,,

  3. Maxie's home:

    Maxie, Felicia, Spinny, and Georgie: YAY! I'm so glad Georgie and Spinny are moving in!!! #Family. :) Georgie looks just like the OG Georgie!!! I love the Georgie and Spinny hug awwwwwwwwwwww. :) Now they just need Tribbles on the table!! :) I want Spixie back together dammit!

    Felicia and Spinny: Oooooooo! I love that this whole thing was a trick! A plan!!! YAY! :D

    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Vanna: GAH! This scene made me cry!!!! :( This is breaking my heart! :(

    "Karen says, you MUST WATCH VALENTIN AND ANNA SCENE!! Written SO WELL!"

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! The writers are back and they know how to write dialog! So glad they are back! :)

    V.C.'s home:

    Charlie and Laura: Ooooo Christina comes home for Christmas! Thank you writers. :)

    Charlie and Doc: HELENA'S NECKLACE! HELENA'S NECKLACE! *Jumps up and down* YAY!!!!!

    Doc and Laura: I'm so glad Doc told Laura about the Helena necklace! And I'm so glad that Charlie is having therapy sessions with Doc!

    Purtis home:

    Purtis: I love Portia's dress!!

    Purtis and Spencer: I think Spencer did a great job with Portia! :)

    Stella and Mr. Hat man:

    Stella: Death doesn't mean the end of a relationship.

    Damn straight it don't! :) Oooooo great scene!!!! Come on and just kiss!!! They can be a couple!!! I don't see why not! Does Stella still have that boyfriend? Was it in London? I have never met him! So Stella can be with Mr. Hat man! :) Marshtella? :)

    Sprina: Awwwwwwww. :)

    Sprina, Purtis, Stella, and Mr. Hat man: They have a tradition? And Spencer can stay and do it too?! YAY!!! Nice! :) Oh Stella and Mr. Hat man don't be all awkward together! ROFL!

    Liz's home:

    Finchy and little V: Awwwwwww! Great scene!!! Now tell her about Tommy the tapeworm! Maybe she can play with him sometime. :)

    Aidan and Liz: Aidan wins the line of the day.

    Aidan: Don't worry I'm a professional.

    ROFL! Oh are you now? *Snicker* Oooo Aidan likes a boy! I would like to meet this young man Tobias. :) I love the hug Aidan gives Liz because of how she reacted when Aidan told her about the boy he likes. :) Is Aidan gay? Bi?

    Temp Joss, Dex, and Adam: Awwww Joss is so sweet inviting Adam for Christmas Eve! :) He can meet the Tribbles!!!! :)

    1. Temp recast Joss reminds me of Kiki

    2. "Paul773 says, Temp recast Joss reminds me of Kiki"

      OH! Yes you are right she does look like her! :) Temp Joss is pretty good. :)

    3. She's doing a great job. And she even has great chemistry with Dex.

    4. I'm enjoying the temp Joss, too. She's really good and natural!
      Loved Portia's dress but her mouth and sour puss comments....they truly are making her nasty.
      Liz and Aiden made me smile. She's a good mom. :)
      I thought we could go 1 day without Sonya's Tommy the Tapeworm. HAHAHAHAHA!

    5. "Julie H says, I'm enjoying the temp Joss, too. She's really good and natural!"

      She is! Very natural!!!

      "Loved Portia's dress but her mouth and sour puss comments....they truly are making her nasty"

      She is a mother. She is going to be a mama bear. She just needs to realize that Spencer is a good guy! :)

      "I thought we could go 1 day without Sonya's Tommy the Tapeworm. HAHAHAHAHA!"

      Oh I'm sorry. I'll stop.

  4. FYI, GH's scripts are officially back to the show's regular writers. The opening officially lists the opening credits again.

    My sympathy goes out to Eden McCoy and her family.

    I'm still getting a bad vibe with Adam. I keep getting an obsessive stalker vibe from him.

    Stella and Marshall...Yep Curtis is going to flip his lid, when he learns about their flirting.

    With Spinelli back, I'm wondering if we are getting a return of Spixie. I wouldn't mind, since Maxie has dated duds, ever since Nathan died.

    It's eerie on how much Georgie II looks so much like her Aunt (Georgie I). She looks a lot like a young Lindze Letherman!

    Despite the regular writers being back, they are STILL making Portia unintentionally unlikable. Ooof

    Laura, quickly throw that necklace in the toilet!

    1. I wouldn't mind Spixie, either. She and Austin together were a definite no for me!
      Excellent call about Georgie II looking like Lindze. I knew she reminded me of someone!
      Necklace in the toilet....hahahahahah! :)

    2. "Matthew says, It's eerie on how much Georgie II looks so much like her Aunt (Georgie I). She looks a lot like a young Lindze Letherman!'

      She does and yes very eerie!!! I wonder if they are related!!!

  5. It seems like Lulu is definitely coming back on the canvas in 2024. I hope they cast a good actor.


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