Monday, December 4, 2023

Left Early


Ned and Lois. Ned's doing some number thing for ELQ and Lois catches a mistake. They talk about Michael doing the Australian job without Ned. 

Brook and Chase. He proposes and she says "you don't have to do this".  He has a ring! He says he bought it weeks ago. His Dad's diagnosis reminded him of the fact they need to do things now. She says yes. 

Nina and Sonny. OMG he's in the MOB AND IN DANGER. Then they talk about the SEC thing. Yada yada. They love each other.  

Kristina and Molly moved from Krissy's apartment to Molly's to keep talking about surrogacy. :EYEROLL:  TJ comes in. Molly tells him she's not going forward with the surrogacy thing until he's ready. 

Kristina goes to her apartment. Blaze is there. She brings champagne. Not sure what they are celebrating but..whatever. 

Carly and Joss are in Kelly's. Carly has an "update" on Bobbie. Bobbie has to stay in Amsterdam because Luke's stuff is a mess. Joss is now telling Carly about Adam. She keeps telling her all about him. Then Drew comes in to take Carly to dinner because he's going to Australia! YEAH! 

TODAY'S SHOW WAS SO.. boring I stopped. Sorry. Couldn't do it. 


  1. Lois channeling Lila was everything. And that's all folks.

  2. I laughed at you Karen - so funny that you clearly weren't into it----
    -----Lois made the show today
    -----Blaze's last name is Remeriz (SP???) - STILL feel she is related to someone and after Krissy for a reason/Sonny. and I guess Krissy is gonna be torn between Blaze and surrogacy
    -----I truly was 1/2 listening to most of today, too BUT BUT TJ telling Molly "If that is what you wanna do let's do it" Alarm signals for their marriage -----LOL
    ------I am torn that the writers are trying to change Drew's personality but it's too late for me anyway ------------ and CLEARLY it was MICHAEL on the phone when Ned was about to tell them about Nina and he threw a hissy-fit.....and MICHAEL was going (next month but it's fine it's December) and now DREW is going????? Cause Michael doesn't wanna leave Willow cause of her cancer (although she HAS worked one day)....beyond clearly Drew is gonna be mean/Carly will be upset ,etc. and something will happen while he is gone...
    --------previews prove that Pikeman Brennen is after Sonny and Anna-----------
    -----guess Ned is about to calm down and when he finds out DREW went he'll have another hissy-fit....
    ----just not the GH of the 80's and 90's-------------

  3. Q mansion:

    Brase: I love that Chase has a ring! You should have shown her the ring while proposing Chase!!! I love them so much!!! YAY! They are engaged! Now go run to your mother Brooky and tell her!!! :)

    Ned and Lois: This was boring until they talked about Lila!!! :) Awwww Lila! :) There should have been flashbacks of Lila!!!!! Come on Brooky! You should be running to see your mother and saying. CHASE AND I ARE ENGAGED!!!!! :D


    Carly and Joss: Zzzzzzz. Although I liked that Carly talked about Bobbie! An extended stay huh? :(

    Crew and Joss: Drew is going to Australia? To see Jax? :) Ohhhh for work okay.

    Crew: AH HA! Carly noticed that Drew is changing!!! Yeah she gave him great advice!!! Drew did you say goodbye to the Tribbles? :) Hey where is the "homeless" man?

    Tolly home:

    Tolly: I want Molly's pants!!!!!! TJ! No reason to apologize! That is how you feel!!!! GAH! TJ is a great guy!

    Krissy's home:

    Krissy and Blaze: That's how she got the name Blaze? From a blaze of Glory? ROFL! Okay. :) Krissy talking about Kiefer, Trey, and Parker. Hmmm I need a fresher about Trey. I forgot who he is and forgot she was married to him. OH MY! Blaze kissed Krissy!!!! The start of Kraze!!!!

    Sonny's office:

    Nison: Are they arguing? Doesn't feel like that. Zzzzzzzzzz. They need to show more of Badger Bob!

    Sidenote: I haven't seen Michelle L in awhile. Has anybody talked to her? I hope she is okay!

    1. hmmm Maybe the homeless man is the one Sonny has watching Cyrus...

    2. "Di says, hmmm Maybe the homeless man is the one Sonny has watching Cyrus..."

      Oooooooooooooooooo! :D

    3. I think he's important but Sonny said people were watching Cyrus at all times and Cyrus was at work at that time....I think he's following Brennen.

    4. Trey was Kaye Howard/Connie Falconeris retconned rape baby. He was whiney and annoying and worshipped his scummy rapist daddy, who I think was a junior mobster from their bensonhurst days.

    5. "Flutterby says, Trey was Kaye Howard/Connie Falconeris retconned rape baby. He was whiney and annoying and worshipped his scummy rapist daddy, who I think was a junior mobster from their bensonhurst days."

      Oh hi Flutterby!!! :) Yeah I went on soap central website to read all about Trey! I remember him now. Didn't he first show up wearing glasses?

  4. also another reminder today that Nina does not belong with Sonny and his lifestyle...I laughed out loud when she said 'I'm stronger than I look'........she can't handle his lifestyle----

    1. I agree but honestly any woman that's a mother how could they possibly handle it? Yeah its a show I get it!

  5. GH PROMO!!!

    Pikeman's man: Who's our priority? Corinthos or Devane?

    Pikeman: Both.

    Ooooooooo! BOTH! Me likey!!!!! :D And I love his accent when he said it!

  6. Lois is such a breath of fresh air! BL and Chase are so adorable, and that was such an appropriate and lovely ring.


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