Monday, December 11, 2023

Good Night


Monday--AGAIN! Not sure if you saw it but the new GH week sneak peek is out and MONICA is going to be on! Has to be Bobbie's death??!! 

I'm trying live "Tweeting" on Threads. Look for Wubsnet. Bluesky is my first choice but not enough people got invites yet. 


Curtis and Marshall. Geesh with these 2. Curtis thinks he found a cutting edge experimental treatment that would allow him to walk. :eyeroll: He says it was Portia's idea. Marshall isn't so sure he should try it. 

Tracey's home, hates the decorations. Leo sees her and says: OH No! Christmas is ruined LOL. Leo says Christmas is fun and Tracey doesn't like fun. She says she does. She had fun at the Luau. Leo leaves. Tracey finds out about Ned and is mad Lois and Olivia didn't call her. They wonder why she's home. She says Bobbie is still working on things in Amsterdam and she came home to get Papers. Olivia doesn't believe she'd fly home for that. She thinks she wants to be home for Christmas. Chalynn come home... Tracey says they look too happy. "Why do you look so happy"? 

Violet stops singing then asks everyone if they can sing at the wedding. :eyeroll: WHEN is the wedding she asks. Everyone looks at Gregory. They say well before a year. THEN she asks if Finn and Liz could be another bride and groom. Liz changes the subject. Then Brook and Chase leave for home.Greg tucks in Violet and they talk about Christmas. Then they talk about the magic of Christmas and then Liz and Finn talk about the magic of Christmas. Violet asks why Grandpa needs a cane. He says he needs help walking now. She says that's ok, everyone needs help walking now and then. 

Nina buys everything in Wyndams it looks like. Brings them to Sonny's. Says it's their first year being married and she wants everything to be perfect. She got gifts for everyone but Amelia and Wylie. Nina's trying not to get on Michael's bad side by buying too much. Sonny says he'll call him. Nina says nope! 

Dex and Joss eat Sushi in his apartment. She wants to get a tree. He says no. He says Christmas is for kids and he had a bad childhood. Oh boy, that means papa is coming lol. Dex's Christmas were sad..his dad was a cheater and his mom knew it. Dex's brothers beat him up. I guess he has brothers. SO anyway, he doesn't like Christmas--but JOSS wants to show him how joyful it can be! 

Sam and Dante still talking about the KEY and the arson. Making the bed. Sam ordered cookies from Aidan for Christmas. Dante says that Forsythe's body was taken by the WSB. I swear THEY HAD THIS same convo in bed in the SAME JAMMIES last week! 


Dante is going to the locker by himself. 

Tracey is happy for Brook and Chase but wants a prenup


  1. -----LOTSA filler today - LOTS
    ----I think Monica is about to retire from GH and is moving - i.e. Tracy saying 'are you ready for this' and I think they are in a room at GH - I HOPE SO - it's closure and we all would be happy
    ----ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I want for Christmas is Nina's secret coming out but it won't... still think it'll be like a drunk Ava or Leo that spills the secret.
    ------TODAY Curtis said January or February but the other day Portia said December/soon
    ------I'm kinda now on board with Finn and Liz just being a stable happy couple
    -----I do think Lois was right - Tracy just wants to be home for Christmas.
    ----thinking now Bobbie situation cannot happen during December...
    -----we all now Dex's parents will be someone but Joss NOT asking "Do you talk to your family now" was STUPIDLY ommitted.
    ------I think Dante will get caught, etc with the locker but ONLY cause it gives SANTE something to do besides sitting in bed yapping......

    1. A drunk that would definitely liven things up. lol

    2. "Di says, A drunk that would definitely liven things up. lol"

      BAHAHAHAHA! Yeah it would!!!! :D

    3. That was the best thing about the show today for me. hahaha Not only woke me up, bu made me laugh too.

    4. "Di says, That was the best thing about the show today for me. hahaha Not only woke me up, bu made me laugh too."

      What did? The 2 ladies drunk? Or Leo's funny line to Tracy? :)

    5. Mufasa saying " it'll be like a drunk Ava or Leo that spills the secret.". lol Try to keep up Snya. hahahaha

    6. "Di says, Mufasa saying " it'll be like a drunk Ava or Leo that spills the secret.". lol Try to keep up Snya. hahahaha"

      ROFL! I'll try! :D

  2. Seems like the Q mansion is the best place to be on PC these days. Leo, Lois, Olivia and Tracy plus Ned.
    Yes, Finn and Elizabeth are much less irritating lately. Like they have settled into each other or something.
    It really is going to be a long Christmas on GH.

  3. Karen I did go on threads, but you weren't live tweeting. :(

    Finchy's home:

    Brase, Fiz, Gregory, and little V: I LOVE THE CHASE FAMILY!!!!!!!!! :D Yes great question little V! When ARE you going to set a wedding date Brase? :)

    Fiz: I'm glad they aren't talking about getting married.

    Little V's bedroom:

    Little V and Grandpa Gregory: Awwwwwwwww! Great scene! I love that she has Minnie Mouse on her night stand. She needs green beans on her night stand! :)

    Sante home:

    Sante: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I thought she was taking his clothes off for zex!!! Stop talking!!!!! This is the 2nd time they talked in bed! ARGH!

    Nison home:

    Nison: Nina did you get The green beans a Christmas present too? Yeah don't provoke Michael! I don't want to see Michael bullying and Nina cowering! She needs to bite back more! The damn truth needs to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dex's home:

    Jex: Well well well we get to know more about Dex's family! How many brothers does Dex have? Joss can turn that all around and show Dex the magic of Christmas!!!!! :) She could get him Tribbles for a Christmas gift! He can put it on the table! :) And no Dex it's not like a Chia pet! *Giggle*

    Q mansion:

    Tracy, Lois, and Olivia: Lois and Olivia are drunk!!!! Hahahaha! Tracy would go to her grave without finding out about Ned? Gee does Tracy know Bobbie died? Presents!!!! Tracy you big ol softy! :)

    Tracy, Lois, Olivia, and young Uncle Leo: Young uncle Leo wins the line of the day!

    Young uncle Leo: Oh no! Christmas is ruined.


    Tracy, Lois, Olivia, and Brase: I think it's a smart idea to get a prenup! Yes Tracy it IS practical!! Love how Tracy is happy that Brase are engaged! And that hug between Tracy and Brooky! Awwwwwww. :) Looks like Tracy is emotional!! Awwwwwwwww!

    1. Ooops forgot 1 thing.

      Purtis home:

      Curtis and Mr. Hat man: I'm glad he told his papa about the procedure! Now Curtis just has to go and get it done!!!!! No not in January or February! NOW!!!! Then he can start walking and taking off his shirt! ;) And get some action with Portia.. ;) Unless she has been getting action with TJ!! ;)

  4. I wasn't buying the sappy Dex story, but if it means he gets tied in with other characters I'll tolerate it.


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