Thursday, December 14, 2023



So, Donna was on yesterday, probably won't see her for awhile!! Remember that old skating rink/coffee spot they had ?? It was like on the back deck of Cortintho's coffee? Hmmmm.

YES! Donna is ON AGAIN! At The Metro. She's eating dinner with Sonny and Krissy to celebrate her good report card. She wants a baby sister--when are Nina and Sonny going to have one? He's like NOPE !! Donna goes to the kitchen to get something sweet before dinner. Kristina tells Sonny about the bar and the center opening. Then tells him about being a surrogate. He's like what? Anyway, they talk about it and he mentions her attraction to Blaze (he noticed in Puerto Rico).. and her private life will suffer. 

Robert and Diane are also eating at the Metro. She got her tree from a florist. He asks about the malpractice suit. Then he says he's only thinking about "her"... Diane invites him home to spend the night. 

Alexis and Greg are eating at Cafe Cherie. He shows her photos of the Christmas tree and talks about his family updates.  She says she's going to be a grandmother again. Tells her about Krissy. She is not happy and thinks it's too soon after the other surrogate losing the baby. 

TJ goes into Stella's office to talk to her. She's eating chicken and dumplings. He asks if her living with her sister and altering her life to help her was a good choice. She says she doesn't regret it and is proud of her life. He tells her about Kristina being the surrogate and he says he has worries about depending on her. He think she might back out because it's so involved. 

Carly brough Avery to Ava's. Got her Kelly's AND GOT AVA A BURGER to go? WHAT!! Carly also asks Ava what's bothering her. Ava's like: Um, just being a single mom and busy. Carly says you haven't mentioned your murdered boyfriend. They talk...Carly wonders if Ava's hiding anything. Carly uses Avery to get her to talk about Austin and says if she had anything to do with his killing she at least has to tell Sonny. 

Ama and Liz put out the Toy donation box at GH. Amy asks Portia if anything has happened in the Finn case. Portia says not to mention it and IT'S PRIVATE! Then Amy tells Liz she has to give a deposition because she assisted Finn in his treatment. Liz says tells the truth. 

MONICA IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracey asks her if she's ready for "This". Portia tells Finn he has to go to Monica's office. So, it's the fact that the hospital wants a recommendation about settling or going forward with the trial. If they settle, Finn will be the only defendant. That was that scene. Dee Dee Clark goes in to talk to Monica. (Leslie C looks very fragile)

Tracey talks to Finn privately. She says he's a dear friend but she's acting on the board's behalf now. 


The hospital attorney, DEE DEE Clark tells Monica to rethink backing Dr. Finn, the court case will be brutal

Diane and Robert kiss outside her door, they go in (we don't see her house tho) 


  1. Y'all I'm trying - I really am - but filler/filler/pumpkin eater...
    -----TODAY my frustration is Leslie C as Monica is back FOR THIS? I'm embarrassed that I thought she was resigning, had cancer, knew about Bobbie - NEVER in my life would I have guessed back to speak with Finn............WHERE THE HELL IS THIS GOING? When the lawyer threatened GH would fold, I wonder if Sonny will buy it - or Nik - or whoever...
    -------Love Robert and Diane but - filler
    -----Donna is precious -----
    ------I have noticed Greg never says ALS - he always says my diagnosis which makes me wonder if he was misdiagnosed AND whatever happened to the doctor mad that Finn wanted his dad to have another doctor?
    -----Carly never realized Mason was the bar attacker - WHAT the reason for that scene?
    -----I thought Liz was finally gonna be a head nurse and tell Amy to shut up...
    -------I am REALLY trying....

    1. Yes out of everything she has missed, show her with the Q's!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Metrocourt restaurant: HI TRISH! :D

    Sonny, Krissy, and Donna: Donna wins the line of the day.

    Krissy: We celebrating something special?

    Donna: Yes! Me!

    Hahahahaha! Donna is so adorable! I love her!!! Oh she is a little chatterbox in school! Hahahaha. Donna you little chatterbox cutie! :) When is daddy going to have a baby with Nina?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wish Nina was there! :) Priceless.

    Sonny and Krissy: Krissy you can't get anything past Sonny!!! He isn't blind he can see there is something between you and Blaze! ;) I guess Sonny doesn't have a problem with Krissy being a surrogate.

    Robert and Diane: What a weird scene. He asks about the malpractice suit, but is distracted by her? HUH?! And I didn't know you could get a Christmas tree at a florist! Huh?!!?! The only good part of the episode is that she wants him to spend the night.. Ooooooo! ;)

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Carly: Oh Carly really?!!?! She don't need to talk to Sonny!!! Go home to the Tribbles and go talk to them!

    Carly and her safe: Wow!!!! That safe looks really star trekkie sci fi!!

    Cafe Cherie:

    Alexis and Gregory: If they get married then Gregory would be this baby's grandpappy! :)

    The hospital:

    Monica, Tracy, and Finchy: MONICA YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man is this why you brought Monica back?! So that she can talk to Finchy about this lawsuit!? So he can again talk about Tommy the tapeworm?!!?! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know Tommy I know! It's so disrespectful! Well, the only good thing about this lawsuit is that we met you. :)

    TJ and Stella: TJ has an appetite!! :) Great scene! :) Just where is the surrogate? Where did she go?!

    DeeDee and Monica: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Go away DeeDee! Don't threaten Monica!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!

    Tracy and Finchy: I am so glad Tracy and Monica are on his side!!!!! YAY! :D

    Portia and Amy: Damn the last time Amy was around she gossiped about Fiz! She thought they had zex! So now she is gossiping about Finn! Is this is all she is good for? To gossip? Give her a storyline!!!!

    Liz and Amy: Yes Amy tell the damn truth! UGH!

    Diane's home:

    Diane and Robert: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Riane are gonna have some zex! :D Gee we aren't going to see it? :(

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 7th 2013* Oh oh Trey was in that car accident and now he is going to die. Yeah after reading back my thoughts on Trey back then, looks like I didn't like him and when Krissy wanted to pull his plug, I cheered her on.

  3. Dee Dee doesn't want to fight the lawsuit. Her job is so much easier if she just has to cave in and write a check every time they're sued.

  4. This had better not be Leslie C.'s last appearance for a while. If the actor needs to retire for health/life reasons, they need to give Monica a suitable exit storyline. Her character holds too important a place in the show's history.

  5. I have never seen Leslie Charleson appear to be so frail as she was on yesterday's episode. I hope she is okay.

  6. Nice to see Monica but she can retire. It's time.
    This week is crazy for me. My car "retired". Buying a "new" one.
    Daytime Emmy's tonight! Good luck to our friends at GH!


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