Thursday, December 7, 2023



It's that TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!! HAIR DAY! Yesterday was such a drag, I don't mind missing today. Take care and BE NICE! 


  1. It's like two separate shows: one is an easy going filler time chit-chat including Lucy/Scott-Alexis/Greg/Marshall dead wife----------------then Dante/Anna finding out Forsythe body is missing and he did start the fire (course back in AUGUST we were told NO EVIDENCE is around..............two separate shows......(Anna is on my last nerve.)
    -----really mad if Carly tells too much to Brennan - I don't mind if she falls for him but don't tell him things........she KNOWS how to sniff out trouble LOL.........and I still think Robert and Anna never saw Brennan as WSB head and maybe they didn't know him at all (even though he did leave Kelley's he wouldn't be walking around PC knowing they might recognize him)
    -----one thing WAS cleared up today - I swear all this time I thought Marshall and Stella were Curtis' parents (still filler time)
    -----in zoom in August Donnell stated he told the writers he wanted Curtis to have months of being paralyzed and it couldn't be a quick fix ---- so I guess it's about to happen Christmas and New Year's
    -----oh gosh - I think Tracy is about to find out something happened to Bobbie - the previews she is very upset and it's not a happy Brook Lynn is engaged.....
    -----90% sure that Alexis IS gonna practice law again - that has to be why all of this malpractice is gonna on
    ------by the way Curtis STILL hasn't told Portia that he and Jordan are working together

    1. "I think Tracy is about to find out something happened to Bobbie - the previews she is very upset"

      Oh! I was thinking she finds out Luke is alive and are happy tears. Are Tracy and Bobbie that close?

    2. just going by the spoilers that say Tracy returns with bad news about Bobbie...and they DID just work together with Luke's things....

    3. "mufasa says, just going by the spoilers that say Tracy returns with bad news about Bobbie..."


      "and they DID just work together with Luke's things...."

      I know, but she looked really upset. I didn't know they were that close. Did they become besties off screen?! :(

  2. Great picture! :)

    Cafe Cherie:

    Lucy and Scotty: My Lotty heart. :) He talks about Dr. O and she talks about how her affair with Scotty ruined her relationship with Doc. They talk about Serena!! Scotty wishes Serena could settle down and have a baby! He wants to be a grandpa! Awwwww. :) Lucy talks about Marty. She has been keeping her distance with him. She talks about Scotty should be the Golden Bachelor. I AGREE LUCY! I SO AGREE! :) Scotty says that Marty should pay close attention to her! If they were together, he would! Awwwwwwwwwww. :) Are Lotty getting back together?! :) Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: I'm sure you will find someone very wonderful to be with, and I gotta go.

    BAHAHAAHHAHAHA! Lucy all nervous! :) It was a really nice scene. Talking about the past. :) Kin Shriner just had a birthday yesterday. He is 70 years old. He looks really good! :) He don't look 70!

    Christmas tree lot:

    Gregory, Alexis, Robert, Diane, and Little V: AWKWARD!!!! Because of that lawsuit! Little V wants to know what is going on. Nobody is telling her! ROFL!

    Gregory and Alexis: Oy! Talking about the same thing. The lawsuit! Oh and by the way, Tommy the tapeworm is still alive! YAY! Whew. :) Alexis misses being a lawyer! ME TOO ALEXIS ME TOO!!!!!

    Robert and Diane: Robert wants to know what was going on. Diane tells him. Oh don't leave! You showed up to get a tree! Don't let the awkwardness stop you from getting a tree!

    Gregory, Alexis, and Little V: Little V wants a special tree that isn't pretty! So really an underdog! :)

    Kelly's: What were those green things everywhere on the tables? Mini Tribbles? :) They are cute.

    Carly and Mr. Brennan: Hmmmm. Chem testing? :) Oh Mr. Brennan wants a BLT! He heard about them? From whom? Heather Webber? :) She talked about her ex husband being a spy. What the hell is she talking about?!

    Carly, Robert, and Diane: While Robert and Diane were there, Mr. Brennan was watching Robert!!!! Does he know Robert?! Oh Brennan left!!! But your food is ready!!!! I'll eat it. :) Maybe Tommy the tapeworm will eat it with me.

    Carly and Brennan: Oh he is back with flowers! He asks her out for dinner! :) She had to tell him she is seeing someone. If Carly and Brennan ended up becoming a couple, I wouldn't be mad. :)


    Dante, Anna, and Morgue guy: The WSB took Forsyth's body and everything!!!!! And Forsyth had a burn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna knows that the WSB wanted to clean up the mess. Anna is back to being a smart kickass Anna! :)

    Purtis's home:

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: They were talking about Curtis's mama and the first christmas tree ornament that Mr. Hat man and his wife had when they were newlyweds. Curtis said his mama loved Christmas. :) Awwwwwww!

    Purtis: Oooooooo! Portia found a study online about an experimental procedure. That the paralyzed man could walk after only 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She submitted his name and medical records without telling Curtis, but he isn't mad. They are considering him. YAY!!!!! Great scene!

    Mr. Hat man and spirit ghost wife: GAH! Mr. Hat man all in tears. Made me cry! He has a lot of regrets and his wife told him why you looking back to something you can't change. Live now! *Sniff sniff* Great actor he is!!! :)

    *Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 2nd 2012* This is the time when Trey was around. During the episode with Blaze and Krissy, Krissy talked about Trey. I didn't remember him, but I remember the name Trey. I had to go back to the blog on 2012 to see what I said about him. I didn't like him at first, but then I liked him and was sad he died. Man reading my posts on 2012 is very cringy! Very hard to read. I didn't share my thoughts and feelings at that time. I just talked about what was going on with the show. Almost the same things Karen said. *Cringe* Well anyway Krissy was telling Trey about Keifer.


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