Friday, December 22, 2023

And To All A Goodnight


Ok it's Christmas Eve still so here we go! 

Alexis is still talking about Jumping from the plane. Then Sam says that Drew is basically making Scout go to The Academy and didn't even ask her about it. Alexis kind of gets it, he's "had a hard life".. (WHAT?!) 

Krissy is still offering her eggs up to Tolly. It's me, I'm the DONOR THAT'S ME..OMG Yes, she said that. They decide to take her up on her offer. Sam, Dante, Alexis and Jordan are like: YIKEs. 

Donna talks to Grandma Bobbie on the phone (sobbing). Adam, Joss, Dex come over and they are all going to GH for the party.  Carly and Joss talk about Adam. He gets his guitar to sing to Donna. BUT! Donna and Carly have to get to GH so he's going to record it. Joss tells him she'll give him the money from her 'travel fund' to get home. He yells I DO NOT WANT TO GO HOME! 

Jordan is at GH and sees Cyrus. Tells him he can't be there. She says she knows he ordered TJ's kidnapping and she'll prove it someday. 

Marshall and Stella remember their embrace. Stella drops a tray of food. LOL..she's flustered. The family talks about Tommy and IRENE. IRENE. Geesh.. 

Esme brings Ace over to Laura's. Spencer is going to watch him for Christmas Eve. Laura wants everyone to go to GH but Esme has 'stuff to do". She talks to Spencer a bit and then remembers the Cassadine tree in her room from last year. Spencer thinks Esme acted weird. Laura and Kevin say she wasn't. Then Cyrus shows up. He has a present for Ace. Gives it to Laura and leaves. 

Esme goes to Wyndemere. Um, HOW DID SHE GET THERE ?? The Launch? Why would it be running ? She goes to the room she was held in but the doors are locked. She remembers more. 

Finn is practicing reading the Night Before Christmas for the party. He and Liz talk about this probably being Greg's last Christmas. They walk into the hall. Greg, Chalyn, Violet and Leo are there for the party. Greg talks to Brook Lyn and wants her to set a date because Chase is dragging his feet and he's afraid he won't be alive to see it. 

Nina stays behind at the church and wants to go to confessional with the priest. CYRUS IS SKULKING TO HEAR IT! YEP he hears it and not the priest! 

EVERYONE goes to the hospital. Laura and Finn are going to read the Christmas story. 

Esme remembers everything about her past. '


  1. ---logistical issues for me: the launch for sure but on the previews Dante and Ava show up so maybe FINALLY cameras click in - DRIVES ME NUTS never cameras..............I counted 6 children and not sure any were patients......back in the day when Allan read the Christmas story there were lots of kids...
    -----okay - FINALLY Esme gets her memory back and I thought she was gonna feel bad but again in the previews she is mad at Trina again......sigh....
    -----HATE surrogate storyline
    ------truly if CYRUS blackmails Nina I may hurt people.....and wouldn't she know after she leaves the confessional that the priest would say 'let's get started'????NINA JUST CONFESS PLEASE----END THIS before Charlotte and Jake are blackmailing you..
    ---(Did I miss where Danny is?)
    ----good week finally!!!!!!!!1

    1. Oh Cyrus, you B****** you.

      Esme could have rented a boat.
      I'm wondering if she's going to throw herself off that parapet again. Now she knows what she did and that nobody likes the real her. She certainly would have lots of offers if she wants more work.

      I hate where they're going with the surrogate story. That child would be TJ and Kristina's and they think that wouoldn't be a problem in the future? I don't want to watch the mess that will become.

  2. Merry Christmas Eve Port Chuckles!!!

    Kevlar home:

    Spencer, Vampira, and Ace: Awwwww! Ace!!!!! Yes Spencer you get to spend time with your baby brother!!! So sweet!

    Spencer and Kevlar: Spencer forget Vampira! Just focus on Ace!!!!! :D He is adorable! Give him a lot of hugs and kisses come on!!! :D

    Kevlar, Spencer, and Cyrus: Hmmm what is in the box Cyrus? :) Tribbles? Tommy the tapeworm? Green beans?

    Kevlar and Spencer: That is funny! Nobody wants to open the present! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Doc shaking his head! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe it's a hamster. :)

    Alexis's home:

    Tolly, Sante, Alexis, Jordan, and Krissy: Yeah I have a bad feeling about this. Tolly better have Krissy sign a contract! Technically it will be Krissy's bio baby! What if Krissy decides to keep the baby?!?! SIGN A CONTRACT!!!!

    Purtis home: Mr. Hat man and Stella all nervous and having eye sex. :D

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Mr. Hat man wins the line of the day.

    Mr. Hat man: Stella, Irene, Irene, Stella. Two peas in a pod.

    Hahahahaha. Oh come on Mr. Hat man! Don't be skeered! Go for it with Stella! Irene would want you to move on!!!

    Stella, Portia, and Trina:

    *Stella drops food*

    *Snicker* Come on Stella! Your sister would want you to be happy!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Fiz: I'm sorry am I missing something? Why is Finchy trying to memorize the book?

    Jordan and Cyrus: Oh Jordan! You can't tell Cyrus where he cannot go! If you are not going to arrest him, then stop harassing him.

    Brooky and Gregory: Awwwww. :) So when is the wedding?

    The Christmas story: So we weren't able to see Santa and Santa didn't read the Christmas story? Awwwww! :( Well at least we got Laura and Finchy reading it. :)

    Sprina and Ace: Awwwwwww. :)

    The church:

    Willow and Wiley:

    Willow: Remember what we said. Best behavior.

    I love Willow in mommy mode!!!! :D

    Michael, Wiley, and Sonny: Awwww! Light the candles for grandpa Mike, Uncle Morgan, and Uncle Jason. So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nina and Willow: Too bad Nelle isn't alive. :)

    Nina and the priest: Ooooo Cyrus smiling!!! Haha love that! :)

    The confessional:

    Nina and Cyrus: BAHAHAHAHAHA! *Evil smile*

    Carly's home:

    Donna and Carly: Awwww! Talking to Bobbie! :( Sometimes they dress Donna like she is in the 1950's! It's adorable!

    Adam and Joss: Yikes Adam! What's wrong? Are you and your parents homeless or something?


    Sidenote: Someone on soap central website said that when Charlie was in her room wearing Helena's necklace, looking in the mirror, too bad Charlie didn't see Helena's reflection in it! Ooooooo! Missed opportunity! That would have been excellent!!!! :D

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 1st, 2002* Kristina tells Carly that her husband got her sister pregnant!

  3. by the way Joss's replacement is killing it!!! so good!

  4. This week has been much improved.
    I too HATE the surrogate story.
    No one lives at Wyndemere any longer so how did those flaming torches on the parapet get lit? Just soap opera magic. Hopefully Esme's "recovery" will be interesting.

    1. Also, wouldn't Wyndemere have all sorts of security systems? Speaking of which, Cyrus wouldn't be able to stroll up and knock on Laura's door. A building like that would either have a doorman or require visitors being buzzed in. (I just wish the writers would actually try to do a good job.)

    2. this continuously bothers me too------Anna's apartment=doorman and cameras and then Wyndemere/Ava notes and now Ava's apartment where someone just brings in a gun and no one ever mentions hopefully the previews of Dante and Laura (?) going to Wyndemere means an alarm system cut on.

  5. I also have to say how disappointing that Trina doesn't een mention Taggart.....
    and I must have missed this ------WHERE is home for Adam? Cause Joss kinda sounded like she knew shere the plane would go??

    1. i got the impression that she had an account for holidays and she could go wherever she wanted... probably an open ended ticket.

  6. I hope we get to see Brad and Ms. Wu in the New Year. I miss them.

  7. This is from the Soap Opera Network website about daytime ratings for the week of Dec. 11-15...

    For the second consecutive week and the fourth time this season, “General Hospital” (1.927 million) fell below the two million viewer mark during the week of December 11-15, 2023. The daytime soap dropped -64,000 viewers week-to-week and was down from its performance during the comparable weeks in 2021 and 2020 among Total Viewers. The soap fell from its usual eighth-place position to ninth, ranking behind “TODAY 3rd Hour” (2.010 million).

    Apparently, I'm not the only viewer that thinks the show needs a refresh.

  8. I appreciate the effort you put into sharing this. Thanks a bunch! Also check the nebraska open carry


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