Sunday, December 31, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Looking Up to 2024


Ok, I admit it, I have no idea what DAY it was most of the week!! Coming/going... visits and yada yada. I DO know GH was really good and a lot happened. Here's hoping I can recap in an orderly manner for you all!! It was our last show of 2023 on Friday!!

Let's give it a go!! 

SO Far, Temp Maxie has lasted one day. Will she be on again? 

I'm overlooking so much this week as far as weird timing goes (Greg and Alexis are sky diving when everyone else is drinking at the Savoy??) because it just was such a fun week. Dan and Chris are obviously retooling the show and you have to watch because things are just happening all over. PLUS The scenes/dialog have just been delightful. Scenes are longer. I don't want to close my eyes at 2:30. :Clapping: 

PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH OF THE WEEK:  Oh holy heck! We have our evil ESME BACK!! Avery pulled this off really nicely. Forget the fact she got on to Spoon Island by riding the waves herself...she remembered! Not only that she realizes there are "two" of her--good and bad living in the same little ol' shell. Who was there to help her? WHY-- IT WAS MAMA!! Fresh faced in the pokey, ready for that advice. "Don't you tell anyone". Squee! This is so classic SOAP!! How do we know Esme is going to be in The Bad Place? We saw her fist ball right up when she saw Spencer and Trina on the docks. Get ready. She's Janet, Lindsay and Heather all rolled into one! 

I CONFESS OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Nina...diggin' that hole. She's probably the most WASPY character there is but, hey, she's suddenly all in that little booth spilling her soul out to a priest. Well, not just ANY priest. IT WAS CYRUS!! Giggle. I actually loved this play. Cyrus, using his newly found "GOD" Status goes to her office to guilt HER into confessing. Will she get to Sonny in time to be the one to tell him?  

LOYALTY OF THE WEEK: Lois, Lois, Lois. Who knew we needed you so badly? She figured out who was who and went straight to Sonny. I tell you what, I loved Olivia and Lois during the Savoy scenes. Such Old Men Muppets!! Olivia's freaking out--Lois is just turning those wheels. Did I CARE half the cast wasn't there (not even Curtis and it's HIS club??) HELL NO! The story was carrying the day and hoo-ha. Giddy UP. 

FKING FINN OF THE WEEK: Well, all I can say this this: ELIZABETH saved the damn day by calling Beecher's Corners 10 minutes after they discussed the fact that Muldoon could have seen another doctor. I had NO clue how Finn would get out of this and kudos to the person that came up with that solution because it will work. THEN WE CAN MOVE ON FROM THE TAPE WORM CANCER STORY!! :yippee:!!! 

FREE FALLING OF THE WEEK: Normally, this kind of thing would have just made me bored or cringe of whatever. BUT?????????? I LIKED IT!! Loved the fact they at least went outside and had some fun extras as instructors. I really thought Alexis sold her fear of doing this and Greg gently talked his way into having her take the plunge. The delight after she did was was so apparent that I had to smile too. NLG and GH sold me on this couple and thank GOODNESS they are out of the office for once. I even liked the kiss. This will be one tragic, angsty sad love story. I mean, Alexis will basically usher him into the netherworld ... Poor Alexis. BUT! Soapy Goodness! 

ACCEPTANCE OF THE WEEK: Trina gets into the Sorbonne!! Spencer finds the letter and is so happy for her. He gushes about Europe and France. They decide to go TOGETHER!! Which might be the perfect thing to have happen when NC leaves to do his mini-series. Tabs can still be on now and then or come home to visit and he's checking out a vineyard to buy in Italy or something.  Anyway, we know Esme is creeping around to put a wrench in their plans but this was just such a great moment. I hope it happens. They can even set Trina up in a cute little Flat and Joss could visit her and such. Maybe Curtis' treatments are partially in France. WHO KNOWS? Possibilities are endless! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I REALLY hope that you can catch this scene that was on Wednesday. Tracey, Lucy and Brook Lynn all squared off in the Deception office over just about every resentment that has been simmering over the years. I don't think a lot of people remember JUST how much the Qs hated Lucy when she married Alan. And let me tell you, Lucy was a schemer!! She evolved over the years but back in the day? WHOO WEE! The things that were said in this scene were just cutting. The love of Luke's life being Laura, the fact Lucy has man hopped all over the place... "no one loves you, Tracey" and on and on. THEN-- Brook comes in and lets Lucy have it about the Q love for Tracey. I tell you what, Amanda was right there with Jane and Lynn; just PERFECTION. WOW. Subtle and powerful. I watched it 3x just to see each of their reactions. LOVED this. 

They're baaack!! And Lucy is in FINE form. Let the games begin. 

EGGSTORY OF THE WEEK: Oh boy, the never ending SURROGACY story. Phew. Ok, basically Kristina is going to donate her own egg which means she will have say in HER biological child's future. What could POSSIBLY GO WRONG?? They won't even listen to their own mother who's sounding the warning alarm. I would write it as twins or triplets and having to decide to keep a baby alive for viability of the other. Sets this up perfectly. PS. This whole thing also got us some nice Sexis scenes. I approve. 

SLEUTING OF THE WEEK: After talking to Scotty, Felicia figures out that Cody probably lied to Mac about the DNA test to keep the Toliver money. So she does what any detective would do--steals his hair from the brush on set of Heart and Home! Sasha sees it all however so will she throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing or just keep quiet? With JJY still out this will be interesting for sure. 


Esme remembers and visits Heather in jail.  Heather advises her not to tell about her memory returning. 

Cyrus hears Nina confess; encourages her to confess to Sonny

Lois figures out that Nina is the SEC link and decides to tell Sonny 

Trina got accepted to the Sorbonne in Paris; She and Spencer decide to go together 

Lucy and Scott plot to get Tracey to marry Scotty and take it all 

Felicia figures out Cody is lying about the DNA test and grabs a hair sample to test on her own

Elizabeth finds out that Muldoon went to another doctor which might exonerate Finn 

Kristina's egg will be used to make baby Tolly 

Not that you care but Drew is home. 

If GH showed me anything this week it's that we don't need full cast on all the time to have great, intimate scenes that actually move the stories forward. Was it weird NYE was so "small"?  Yes, but the Christmas shows leading up gave me plenty of things to like with the rest of the families. I don't know why but this was probably one of my fave weeks on GH all year. Combine it with last week and wow. I feel like my show is back!! Will it last? You know I'm crabby as all hell so we shall see!! 

Here's to a wonderful 2024-- it's going to be an election year so batten them hatches! We will have our show to escape into and just leave the world behind. 



  1. Thanks for another great SS. And a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    KD said: " Amanda was right there with Jane and Lynn; just PERFECTION. WOW. Subtle and powerful. I watched it 3x just to see each of their reactions. LOVED this. "

    *** I'm so glad I wasn't the only one watching this scene several times. It was sooo well done.

    I loved the whole episode. I'm hoping it's a harbinger of great things to come in the new year,

  2. Perfect year end SS! Thank you!!
    Yes the past couple of weeks have been the best all year but NO to the "EGGSTORY". Finally the Davis girls are well casted and I'd rather see their stories go in different directions like Molly being a lawyer and Kristina's plan to help troubled teens.
    Alexis and Gregory were a delight. We can still hope for a misdiagnosis.
    My theory about Trina and Spencer is that they have been happy for a month or so which in GH is too long so I see them leaving and Spencer disappears. A new mystery.
    A new year. Happy New Year! 123123

  3. Happy New Year! Well let's hope anyway.....

  4. ----I am not looking forward to 9 months of preggers Kristina...
    -----I'm guessing Lois tells Sonny while Nina is walking in and planning to tell him but she is too late...........Olivia and Ned are mad at Lois and she leaves town ? ------ previews say Sonny confronts Michael and I think Carly won't find out until after Bobbie's memorial ??? - still think Willow is mad at Michael.... JUST WANT THIS TO END and then have the fallout
    -------Jeff K was brilliant - Jane, Amanda were brilliant...
    ------if Liz finds out about this doctor in Beechers Corners and the lawsuit ends WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS? (although I do like Liz and Finn)
    -----I commented on Twitter that I have missed Selina since October and some guy commented that Lydia Look goes to China for 3 months every year for the holidays and SHE posted 'not even close" LOVED THAT - people making up things.
    ------on that note, I just cannot with Threads - it's confusing and so so so many posts that I need and I hate - random---------so I am done with Threads......still Twitter/X and will comment here but I can't deal with Threads........
    -----love this blog!

  5. Thank you for another great year of updates and Sunday Surgeries!! **Side note - I loved how excited Spencer was when he found out about Trina getting accepted at Sorbonne.

  6. I don't know how Liz found out that Muldoon saw another doctor, what about HIPAA laws? I think the new Krissy and Molly are good actors, but I still think it's a shame that they finally got a storyline after the long-time regulars left. And I don't understand how/why Spencer would go to Paris and leave his baby brother.


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