Saturday, December 16, 2023

Daytime Emmy's GH is voted Best Daytime Drama


Congratulations to Cast, Crew of GH ! They also won best directing 

Eden won for Outstanding Younger Actor 

Alley Mills for Guest Actor on a Daytime Drama 

Robert Gossett in supporting role --Actor 

Sonya Eddy-- Supporting Role: Actress 

Shout out to Tabyana Ali for best dressed! 


  1. No Finola Hughes. No Nicholas Chaves

  2. Jackie Zeman got no mention by the EP after the GH win alongside Sonya and NNeka. What a slap in the face to a longtime, beloved actress by management.

    1. There's been a huge backlash online about that. What was Frank Valentini thinking?

  3. Finola should have won. Jacqui W. Has won three times already I believe. And Hat Man - can’t believe he was even nominated. Good actor but NC or JL were better.

  4. It was great last night! Congratulations to Eden, Alley Mills, Robert Gossett, and Sonya Eddy! Awww Sonya Eddy!!! *Heart* Congratulations to the GH cast for best directing! And congratulations to Susan Lucci for her lifetime achievement award!! Why isn't it called award anymore? Tyler Christopher awww! :) Wait they never showed flashbacks before!! I love it! Oh and 2 things I just learned! Curtis can walk and Britch is alive!!!! :0

  5. It was a fun show! Laughed out loud when Hatman won. He is a good actor but he has no story. NC did win last year. Big yes for al the other winners! And Auntie being inducted into the Golden Circle, whatever that is. Went through a few tissues for sure, especially Stephen Nichols' tribute to TC....and the flashback.
    FV seemed off during his acceptance speech. Weird he didn't mention JZ.

  6. Did no one like Jackie Zeman? So weird. The cast had nice things to say when she passed.


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