Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tuesday Dec 12th


Ok, lots to unpack today!! My first day "Threading" was successful and it's so QUIET THERE, I love it. Plus, I get more characters so I don't have to post as much. I am wubsnet on that platform, just search me. PUT GH in your bio or let me know you're a soaper!! That way I can follow back. 

Dave and I have been working on a LOT of end of the year things for you all!! We will roll that out starting next week. 

I've been thinking about MONICA showing up and Tracey saying "Are you ready for this"?? I don't believe it can be Bobbie's death because Carly would have been told like FIRST, right? It's her mother! I'm wondering if Monica is going to retire and privately told Tracey her cancer is back. Leslie doesn't look well in that trailer--so??? Hmmmm...

I'm really trying to get into the whole Pikeman/Brennan thing but it's just not exciting to me. Sam and Dante had the EXACT same scene talking about the EXACT same key, even in the same pajamas last week. Now the DEX "I had a bad childhood and my brothers beat me up"--leads me to believe that his Dad will be Brennan. Dex is not my fave character/actor..so... AND with Nicholas Chavez leaving to do his project they should be ramping up Sprina scenes. Instead it's Marshall and Curtis sitting in the living room jawing on and on about experimental leg procedures. 


ANYWAY-- have a good day. I'll watch on Hulu. 


  1. Tracy looks great in that outfit. I think it is hard to get into the Pikeman/Brennan thing because it isn't on everyday or even every other day. Stories just drag, I want to scream, " Nina called the SEC!"

  2. Some funny one liners today!

    Q mansion:

    Tracy and Ned: No Tracy! He isn't Eddie!!! Tracy wins the lines of the day.

    Tracy: The bridge and tunnel twins. Those perpetual teeny boppers. The pink ladies from Bensenhurst.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *dead* And I love Tracy's face when she finds out he is Ned! :) Oh yes back to business! Go get ELQ! :)

    Tracy and Brooky: Brooky I think Tracy is on to you! She won't give you Deception right away!!!!

    Kelly's: What are those cute green things on the tables? Are they small Tribbles? I really like them!

    Brennan and his man: He keeps going to Kelly's, because he likes Carly! :) I'm confused. They are looking for Anna's papers? Or the papers from the morgue? Cus the one with the morgue I thought Brennan took them. I guess Forsyth took Anna's papers then?

    Sam and Krissy: Wonderful sister scene! Although too much talk about surrogacy. I love how when Sam saw Dante she runs up to him and gives him a hug! Awwwwwwwwww! :)

    Scotty and Dr. O: Awwww come on Dr. O get back together!!! Don't be pissy at him! He is right Dr. O! You going around the world to cover your grief!! She don't even want to bond with him over the loss of their children. This is breaking my heart. :( She hopes he finds his happy ending? Hmmmm and that scene/conversation with Lucy and Scotty, the other day, are Lotty getting back together? I wouldn't be mad! :)

    Lockers: Where is this place? At a school? Oh look Dante found a gift! A package! Christmas gift? :D Oh no a guy with a gun!!! Oh wait no it's just a phone. Is this a college?

    Safe deposit box: Is that Anna's papers or the papers from the morgue? I'm still so confused.


    Willow and Nina: Awww poor unsuspecting Willow thinks her mommy is keeping her distance. Cheer up Willow and get yourself some Tribbles! They will cheer you up!

    Ned and Nina: Ned wants Nina to get inside information from Aurora!!!!! Nina has got her bite back!! Great! But with the wrong person. Bite Michael! Not Ned! Or better yet TELL THE TRUTH! Well, anyway great scene!!!! :)


    Brooky and Maxie: Maxie is on the phone with her mom and Brooky overhears. Brooky tells her of her overhearingness. Awwww Brooky wants to give her money! Yes Brooky I agree you owe her!!! Maxie wants to get money from her parents? WHAT?! That makes no sense. I thought you didn't want to get money from your parents!!! Let Brooky give you the damn money!

    Lucy and Maxie: Lucy is skeered of getting closer to Scotty!! :) Oh yeah they are definitely getting back together! ROFL! Lucy talks about Scotty's heart of gold.. AKA Scotty Jr! ROFL!

    Scotty, Lucy, and Maxie: Scotty wants to talk to Lucy and Lucy tells Maxie it's okay, and Maxie got out of there like the room is on fire! ROFL!

    Scotty and Lucy: Scotty is going to Florida to see Serena for Christmas, and wants Lucy to go with him!!! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :D

    Sidenote: Do you remember when Joss had a 5 year planner for her and Oscar? Well I read my comment on here from Dec 26th 2018! 5 year is this year!!! Well almost. Technically it's Dec 26th. But anyway yeah. Very interesting. I wonder if Joss still has that 5 year planner from 2018!

    ------I'd like to point out that DR. Austin Holt was killed and NOT ONE MENTION with the Quartermaines, Maxie or the HOSPITAL STAFF ------------- that is pitiful and says a great deal what the writers thought of Roger...
    -----I got nothing - just disappointed and tired.

    1. It reveals just how disjointed this show has become. Seriously, is Frank Valentini even paying attention?

    2. Wish I could give you both one million likes for these 2 comments. Big fat sigh.....

    3. Sometimes when they don't make a big fuss about a character's death the character could return or in this case the actor.

  4. Just once can the PCPD be smarter than the perp. Just once. Unless Dante is scheduled to take over the Sasha torture story, after all he has been there before. Please no.

    1. I would love for Dante to figure out everything that's going on in Port Chuckles. Who killed Austin and that Cyrus is still an evil doer, foil and expose Brennan and the WSB, blab and prove to everyone about Nina and her lose lips with the SEC. Lord the list goes on!

    2. Suddenly poor incompetent Dante has to be checked on constantly by Sam, the master detective, who was carried up more stairs when she was on the job than any of the babies on the show. ( and actually dragged around as she hung on to meny of her partners. lol


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