Friday, December 1, 2023

Burgers and Fries

Liz and Finn are at Cafe Cherie or something.. another PC place to eat. They talk about the lawsuit. BORING. I mean REALLY boring. Liz has on a halter top in December LOL um...

 Some British guy comes into Kelly's to talk to Carly. We think he's "Pikeman"-- and I'm not sure if he's Aussie or British. Wubby Hubby says it's an Australian accent, not sure if it's real or fake tho. Then after giving him a burger, Carly stomps out of the diner and sees a homeless guy and says he can't be out there, it's too cold. Bizarre. She goes to get him something to eat. He eats outside (he didn't want to go in) and the Aussie guy is wondering why Carly fed him. LOL! Then he gives her money to give to the guy. 

Dex and Sonny talk about Pikeman. Then Sonny tells him Austin is dead and wondered if he ever 'Roughed him up". Dex said once at GH he got a bit angry. No one saw him that he knows about. Then some guy comes in with a briefcase (NOT the guy at Kelly's) and offers Sonny double the money from last time to take a shipment. Sonny says no not until Pikeman tells him who the shooter was.  Then Sonny throws him out of the office. Dex thinks that he made a mistake doing that. Sonny doesn't think so...and he's out. 

Nina goes to Wyndemere and Ava shows her the photo of Austin. She tells Ava to go to the Police. Ava says NOPE. Then Ava tells Nina the entire Austin/Mason/ story from "Killing" Nikolas on down. They talk about it alllllllllll.. like a LOT. 

Molly has a SWANK apartment and Molly goes in--she realizes she's never been there before. They talk about the surrogacy. Molly cries. Krissy says when TJ comes around she wants to carry the baby for them. 

Brook and Lois in the Q kitchen. Brook is mad that her grandmother talked about marriage to Chase. Chase walks in with a bottle of wine. He wonders how Lois can cut veggies with those nails. Lois says stuff like "put a ring on it" to Chase. Then Chase and Brook talk about important times in her life. 


Chase proposes to Brook Lyn

The Aussie guy in Kelly's is Pikeman



  1. ----no hospital staff has been told about Austin yet
    ----Sonny ain't that naive = "they will realize I am more trouble than I'm worth"
    ----not sure why this Chase/Brook Lynn engagement???? and I thought Lois would be a force and a big deal coming back - not just cooking and giving relationship advice
    ----Ava telling Nina is bizarre so I'm guessing the writers wanted another conflict between Nina/Sonny's work-----and she ain't gonna tell him about the pic and note I bet so ANOTHER lie of omission ----------------------the writers are clearly trying to break up Nina/Sonny which is fine with me but like Nike - JUST DO IT
    ----Krissy and Molly = why
    ----the most intriguing part was the Aussie and wondering who he was but this homeless guy is gonna mean something - help Carly somehow - maybe even see Aussie/little guy talking....................I HAVE to believe all of that had a purpose today..............wonder what card Brennen gave Carly? Please writers help me make sense so I can care......
    -----Finn/Liz - nothing
    ------not a Friday show but I love Maura
    -----jumbled week for sure Karen==========I finally think that Austin/Cyrus is totally separate from Pikeman and from Forsythe/Anna's issues but I wanted them to intertwine.

    1. lol Charles Mesure is a British-born Australian actor. He ticks both boxes. i would like for him to be Jerrry Jax . he's not as old as Sebastian Roché but that's ok. And he has those lovely eyes of brother jax.

    2. just read that he IS Pikeman - I just thought he had another boss over him - I like him alot - hope he stays!!! (and that we find out the background i.e. WSB, etc.)

    3. Thank you Di. "Once Upon a Time" is what I know him from. Loved that show!

  2. Cafe Cherie: Oh I love this set! Just so pretty!

    Fiz: Man isn't Liz freezing?! Yikes!!! Okay I hope the tapeworm is able to go on the stand!! To defend itself!!! Poor thing! Are we actually going to see the the courtroom? I really hope not. If we are, then I hope we see the tapeworm! I am sure the Tribbles, the green beans, and Badger Bob are all good friends with the tapeworm.


    Nina and Ava: Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: Is this real?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *DEAD* I'm glad Ava is telling Nina everything. The look on Nina's face! ROFL!

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny, Dex, and Pikeman's man: Yeah!!!! Tell the truth! Who shot Curtis?! I wonder if all that money is just prop money that the actor has or real money! ROFL! Badger Bob is very curious seeing all that money! Give the money to Badger Bob! :)

    Sonny and Dex: What Sonny says goes Dex!!! You should know that by now. I mean you ARE dating him. :)

    Nison: Yes yes Sonny should have told you, but you should tell Sonny your lies!!!! Badger Bob agrees with me. :)


    Carly and homeless man: I thought she was going to kick him out at first.. Whew! She is so nice to him. We were seeing him way too much today and we have never seen him before, so I'm suspicious. :)

    Carly and British/Australian guy: Hey this guy is really really handsome! I hope he is Pikeman! :) Hmmm he to give the homeless man money so he gives it to Carly? Is he paying the homeless man for some reason? Paying him to get info on Carly or info on something else? That would be VERY soapy! :)

    British/Australian guy and Pikeman's man: Oooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Krissy's apartment:

    Krissy and Molly: WOW! KRISSY'S APARTMENT! A NEW SET! I LOVE IT! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! That is so funny that they bring up how Molly never been there before! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Oh so NOW it's okay for Krissy to be a surrogate? Oy! Facepalm* I have whiplash. Where the hell is that other surrogate? Has she moved from Port Chuckles? Will we find out in a couple of years that Tolly's baby is alive and well? Yes I still think that.

    Q mansion:

    Lois and Brooky: Geez Brooky is so nervous about the talk of marriage! :) It would be beautiful! The Tribbles could sing, Badger Bob can be your best man, the tapeworm can be your maid of honor, and the green beans can sing with the Tribbles!

    Lois and Brase: Put a ring on it! BAHAHAHAHA! I love you Lois! I hope you never change! :)

    Brase: I knew Chase was going to propose the moment he asked her what her 3 big moments were!!! Where is the ring Chase? The wedding will be so beautiful! I told you The Tribbles could sing, Badger Bob can be your best man, the tapeworm can be your maid of honor, and the green beans can sing with the Tribbles!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 6th 2006* Luke finds out Lulu got the preggers!

    1. CW was great today. Those facial expressions were so real. lol

  3. I hope Pikeman is Jerry Jacks with plastic surgery.

  4. That guy has never been on GH before? He is very familiar looking. Where do I know him from?
    Didn't BLQ and Chase just move in together?
    I really like both of the new Davis girls but NO to this expected long drawn out story that has doom and gloom written all over it. Wish they had stories concerning their work, if they ever do. What happened to Kristina's youth helping thing?
    Ava telling Nina, who can't manage her own life, is useless.
    And the malpractice suit...NO.

    1. So many of the current storylines are bad.

  5. I feel compelled to say something positive: Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) looked radiant on Friday's episode.


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