Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Esme is OUT


IT's WED!! Can you guess what I have tomorrow? IT's been 6 weeks so it's HAIR DAY TOMORROW! So enjoy me know! 

Christmas Tree Lot: Curtis, Marshall and Trina are finding a tree. Trina picks a small one. Curtis isn't happy.  Good gravy. 

Jake and Liz look at trees too. Aidan is baking. Jake thinks that Liz is sad. She tells him about Finn and the lawsuit. He tells her about Charlotte and says she rarely talks and he doesn't know what's going on with her. Liz explains what she might be going through. He says I HATE GUNS! 

Finn, Marty and Alexis do his practice deposition. Alexis is acting as prosecution. It's boring AF. They pretend to do the entire thingzzzzzzzzzzz. OMG it's so so boring LOL. 

Laura wants Dante to tell her and Jordan the updates on Austin's murder. Dante tells them the Pawtuck police are doing stuff on it-- and Cyrus is a suspect. They talk MORE about the case. :YAWN: 

Esme is moving, Spencer wants to drive her there. She's like NO! I can't count on you! NO! Spencer is BAWLING OVER HIM LEAVING THE APARTMENT. Dear GOD!! Overkill. He's not going to Japan! Esme FINALLY LEAVES. Then Trina comes over and hugs Spencer. 

Adam is worried about his make up exam. Too scared to look and wants Joss to look with him. He got a 97%. Calls his Dad who is mad he took a make up test. He lies and says he had to take a friend to the emergency room.  Joss is SO bitchy! She has like zero empathy. Adam leaves. 

Maxie, Cody and Sasha. Maxie goes on and on about how they have such CHEMISTRY together. WE GET IT, OK? geesh! Enough already. Maxie: Lumberjack mode. Then Felicia interrupts and says "It's ok, James is ok" and Cody is like: JAMES!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH JAMES?! Maxie had left her phone and the school nurse was trying to call her. Liesl is with him now. Sasha and Cody have to do the meeting alone. 


  1. ----Maxie's necklace did NOT go with the plaid shirt
    ----still waiting on that door man at Anna's secure apartment building to be interviewed as to WHO was in the building and took Forsythe papers??? (Know it was Forsythe but still)
    ---My frustration in Spence acting like Ace is moving across the pond and not 10 minutes away.
    ----REALLY need Adam's parents to be someone we know or some connection - Joss isn't gonna hear him call out for help i.e. obvious why they showed Joss putting in buds
    -----I kinda liked Finn and Alexis cause it was realistic as to Diane's questions and his arrogance.
    ----first time today that Laura seemed to care about a case and it's so true - Austin was a doctor and a Quartermaine so people are asking questions - that is life - all in who you are
    ----just an odd day and honestly coulda skipped today and not missed anything.....

    1. I didn't think Joss was showing a lack of empathy. I think she's just reached her limit. esp when he said sorry about the test when she ONLY made 90. She's not his nurse or his counsellor, or even a friend. She's a classmate who had empathy for him and now he thinks she's responsible for him. She should offer to take him to a counsellor and then a pair of padded earphones. he can knock on someone else's door.

      And I didn't even notice Maxie was wearing a necklace Mufasa. And i could have skipped today too.

    2. me too on Joss - I meant later I think Ada is gonna have another attack from those pills and she won't hear him ------- or they wouldn't have shown her putting them in -
      she is WAY more patient than I would be LOL

    3. I'm surprised to have her show that lack of empathy, and I did notice it. She's usually a very caring person so maybe something will happen to him and she will feel guilty.

  2. Oh geez when you said Esme is out, I thought you meant the actress is out!!! Whew. :) The voice and Lips were in sync today!!! Glad they fixed it! So difficult watching the screen with everyone yesterday.

    Christmas tree lot:

    Curtis, Mr. Hat man, and Trina: I like small trees! Small trees shouldn't be discriminated against!! I have a small Christmas tree. :)

    Jake and Liz: Oh so Jake and Charlie WERE dating!!! :D Jake you should talk to Charlie!!! See where you two stand.

    Kevlar's home:

    Spencer and Vampira: Stop it Spencer! Let her be!

    Spencer and Ace: Awwwwwww!

    Sprina: Awwww nice hug. :) I'm glad he realized that Vampira is right! Or is this a trick? And he is really going to kidnap Ace... Hmmmm.

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis, Marty, and Finchy: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: No I'm pretty sure that's my name.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just listen to Alexis and Marty! Just short answers!! Poor Tapeworm!!!! Finchy didn't you think about the Tapeworm's family?!!?! Why don't you go visit them to see how they are handling the death of Tommy the Tapeworm!! I'm sure they are devastated!!!!

    Laura's office:

    Laura, Jordan, and Dante: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Joss and Trina's dorm room:

    Joss and Adam: Adam you need to breath!!!! YAY! He passed! Good for you Adam!!! I thought his dad was going to tell him, where is the 3%! Shut up Joss! Adam needs a friend. I'll be his friend!!!!!

    Adam's dorm room: It would have been a lot better if his alarm went off to tell him it's time to take his meds! Instead of him just taking his pill. Adam needs a hug!!!! *Gives Adam a hug*

    Maxie's office:

    Maxie, Cowboy Cody, Sasha, and Felicia: Was worried there for James for a second.. Glad he is okay. Whew! :) Maxie, if your younger self sees what you are wearing now, she would be livid!!!

    1. Lol younger self would be livid. So true Sonia! Hey tomorrow is #TBT

    2. "Linda says, Lol younger self would be livid. So true Sonia!"


      "Hey tomorrow is #TBT"

      Throw back Thursday? :) Yeah!!! :) I wasn't sure if anybody really payed attention to it! :)

    3. Sonya, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who freaked out when I saw the title Esme Out. 😊

    4. "Gary says, Sonya, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who freaked out when I saw the title Esme Out. 😊"

      Hehehe. Glad she isn't leaving!! Whew! :)

  3. Scarlett Fernandez had a tumor and she had surgery to take it out!!! Glad she is okay.. Tyler the tumor! ROFL!

    1. When I had breast cancer we named mine Auburn. I grew up in Alabama where college football is almost the state religion and Auburn is Alabama's hated rival. Figured if you named it something you hated and could make fun of helped make cancer not as scary. Just went over 5 years cancer free.

    2. "Gary says, When I had breast cancer we named mine Auburn. I grew up in Alabama where college football is almost the state religion and Auburn is Alabama's hated rival. Figured if you named it something you hated and could make fun of helped make cancer not as scary."

      Yeah humor is the best medicine.. *BEARHUGS*

      "Just went over 5 years cancer free."

      YAY! Fantastic. Sorry Auburn, but you needed to go!

    3. Sorry to hear you went through that, happy to hear you beat it.

  4. I think that lot was full of Artificial Christmas Trees, they were all so shiny.

  5. I don't get any of the clothing. Maxie could be wearing a beautiful top with that necklace. Sasha has that same awful dress on that she had on at the TV show, Esme had sandals on.
    Is the clothing budget that low that they just grab things. Sonny is always wearing pants that are too long also.


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