Wednesday, December 27, 2023



I saw yesterday's show. Esme not telling anyone she remembers is SOAPY 101. And THANK YOU for having Laura check Dante about HER going around Wyndemere with him! He never would have said that to a male mayor!! 

Also.. this Carly Nina thing has to end. SOON...and Carly stopped Nina RIGHT at the point of her telling AGAIN--just like she did with Nixon Falls!! 

Ava moving into Sonny's? SAVA IS COMING and I hope upon HOPE it happens. Even if it's just a sexual thing. Don't care. 

Hope you read the previous post.. this is our 6,001st post!! Settle in for Today's Show: 

TEMP MAXIE !!!!!!!

Chase and Brook try to find a wedding venue. She brings up that the wedding should happen faster than they expected. Tells him that his dad asked for them to get married earlier. She leaves for the office, Finn calls Chase to tell him Greg is in GH. 

OMG TEMP MAXIE that looks just like FELICIA! wow..!! Anyway, Tracey and Lucy are working together in the office! LOVE IT. They snipe so badly and Maxie says they have to get on track because SOME people have to pay bills! Then they go back and forth until Lucy says Tracey is only there because she has NOTHING IN HER LIFE since LUKE DIED!!!!! YIKES! Lucy says he loved Laura best anyway! Then Tracey mentions Kevin. Lucy cries and wants to know why she took over Deception and says Tracey will die alone, no one loves her. Brook comes in and says not to talk to her grandmother that way! WOWWWWW WATCH THIS! FIND it on YouTube because I can't write it up enough. Amanda delivers such a speech and Jane and Lynn's expressions made me tear right up. 

Gregory is getting fluids in GH. They show a photo of GH with GREEN LUSH TREES ALL AROUND IT AHAHAHHA. The Dr. Examines him and Finn steps out. Greg's yoga instructor comes to check on Greg because he collapsed in class. Finn is concerned. (Finn Face)

Dr tells Gregory he wants to keep in the hospital for observation. He thinks his collapse might be a new symptom. 

Sasha and Cody at the Horse House. She says that basically Felicia and Maxie are on to his lie about not being Mac's son. He's scared and says he'll go to jail if they find out. He signed an affidavit saying he was Leo Taub's son so they can prosecute him. 

Felicia and Robert eat at Kelly's. She wants to talk about Mac. Scotty walks in. Wants to "eat his feelings"! Felicia talks to Robert about Cody probably being Mac's son and he lied about the DNA. Robert is like WHY do that? Then they talk about Leopold Taub and the necklace and Britt and yada yada. They see Scotty eating and want to ask him a legal question. OMG Scott knows about Cody and Mac! 

Felicia sits down and they talk about Liesl telling him she's done. Then he explains about the necklace and such and Felicia figure out that Cody did it to get the money!!!!!!!

Alexis talks to Molly and Krissy about a genetic egg donor not being binding in a contract in NYS. Krissy gets all mad. "You're not a lawyer, Molly is  LAWYER"!!!!!!! LOL WOW BOOM. Alexis finally gives up. Says do what you're going to do. They believe they are sisters and have faith in each other. Oh brother :eyeroll: 


LUCY WANTS Scotty to marry Tracey to try to get everything she wants back LOL!! WHAAAAAT

REAL Maxie is back on tomorrow.. so they either filed out of sequence or it was a one day off. 



  1. That scene at Deception was fantastic. I was sniffling at the end myself. Great acting on everyone's part. ( Hope this is eligible for next year's emmy's.)

    I want Felicia to find out the truth

    1. Yes! Amanda Setton was amazing! Lucy was too nasty.

    2. But Lynn was fantastic. I was talking about the actors.

    3. Di - Rae said Amanda Setton (the actor) was amazing and Lucy (the character) was nasty

  2. A lot of funny one liners today!

    Brase home:

    Brase: Yes! Get married soon!!!! :) But right now let's have some zex! :D

    Chase and Finchy: Well! I'm glad Finchy called Chase to tell him about their dad! :) Finchy learned his lesson! :)

    Deception: RECAST MAXIE?!! What happened?! Why do we have a recast Maxie?!

    Tracy, Recast Maxie, and Lucy: DAMN! Recast Maxie does look like Felicia! And that shirt looks really good on her. What is wrong with Lynn Herring's voice? :( Tracy vs Lucy! Great scene!!!!!

    Lucy: Do you know who Luke's great love of his life was?

    And I said out loud Laura! :)

    Lucy: Laura.

    HA! Damn straight she was! I'm glad the writers didn't forget, and I'm glad they didn't rewrite history! :)

    Lucy: I happen to be in love with Martin.

    Really? Are you sure about that Lucy?

    Brooky and Lucy: Brooky defending Tracy? Is this fake? So that Tracy will give her Deception? I think it is!!! :)

    Brooky and Tracy: Tracy you aren't going to rush to the hospital to see how Gregory is doing yourself? :)

    Cowboy Cody's horse home:

    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: Cowboy Cody you are NOT going to jail!!! Come on! Sasha is right! Tell the truth! Sasha, Spinny wasn't wrong!!!! Come on now! Don't be dumb! Spinny has a feeling Cowboy Cody is keeping something and Spinny is right! I hear horses, but I don't see them! Gotta love those invisible horsey's! :)

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis, Krissy, and Molly: Thank you Alexis!!! Oh if they don't sign a contract, then there will be trouble! Trust? Not going to forget their sisters? Oh oh famous last words!!!! This is bad! Very bad. It will be a soapy mess!!! I can't wait. :)

    The hospital:

    Finchy, Gregory's doctor, and Gregory: Whoa! That doctor looks just like the doctor that almost killed Sasha! Closer look no it's not him, but this doctor could be his brother! Gregory hot yoga! ROFL!

    Chase and Finchy: Yes Chase!!!! Finchy needs faith! :) And Tribbles.. Where is his bearded dragon?

    Finchy and Yoga instructor: Oooooo they should be a couple!


    Robert and Felicia: Keep digging Felicia!!! :)

    Scotty and Beth: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: I think I'm going to be that guy, because I have got a lot of feelings.


    Scotty and Felicia: Scotty and all that food! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Scotty are you going to feed the greenies? :)

    Robert and Felicia: Whatever is in her mug, if she got something warm, I'm sure it's cold by now!

    Robert: I'd move on. It's going to be hard to prove.

    Felicia: Not for me.

    Damn straight!!!! GO FELICIA! :D

    Lucy and Scotty: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lucy and her schemes again! Memories from the 80's and 90's! Marry Tracy! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Kristina and Molly showed that they are not mature enough to go through with this plan. I do not like how they made Alexis act like she was wrong. Terrible scenes. The daughters were nasty and disrespectful. Alexis was 100% right!!!

  4. Some good stuff today but that will never be said about the surrogacy story. Please writers...make it go away. Many months of this might make me go away.


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