Sunday, December 17, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Deck the Hallmark


I'm going to be SO POSITIVE this week, your teeth will ache!! GH was a grand mixture of sugary filler, oozy marshmallow fluff and a few great scenes. Let's get to it!! 

Get your cookies, waffles, pancakes, pastries and anything else you can think of that will sweeten you up...

MONICA MONICA MONICA!!!!!!!!!!! The wait was over!!! There she was--not announcing retirement OR there  for a Bobbie memorial but it was FINN'S TAPE WORM case that got her out!! I DO NOT CARE! Just glad to see her. She's obviously frail but I'm glad they had her on. Maybe she'll be on once more this year...perhaps for the Christmas episode? I sure hope so! 

DONNA DONNA DONNA!! Oh you little cherub you! We didn't get sick of seeing you 3 days in a row!! NO!! You helped mommy flirt with Mysterious Mr Brennon, asked Daddy if he was going to have another baby AND you found Mike's Miracle Hat on the bench!! Awwwwwww. 

VIOLET VIOLET VIOLET!!  When you're not trying to plan a double wedding, you're as cute as a button, singing your own song for the whole family!! It was special. So special that Uncle Chase played the guitar while you harmonized.  Awwww

ADAM ADAM ADAM!! Speaking of singing, wow.. your hallway guitar strumming was swoon-worthy. Now that Joss and Trina have taken an interest in you, maybe you could sing professionally! You're only stuck in a town in Western NY and going to PCU but hey! I'm sure your father will just love the idea. 

CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS:  TJ told Aunt Stella about the Krissy Surrogacy.  Kristina and Molly told. Alexis then Alexis told Greg. Kristina told Blaze. Then Jordan and Alexis talked about it. OMG SO EXCITING YET SO... DRAMATIC!! I mean do you KNOW what can go wrong??? We do. We've heard it 600x.

CUTE AND CUDDLY! This wasn't weird AT ALL!! Loved the wreath slamming on the door. So festive. THEN...guess what the next morning, Robert ASKED Diane "how we was" !! Not cringy--nope. BTW, they are 'dating" now. Squee. 

YOU GO DR O!  Was I upset that one of my faves was on for a few minutes to break up with Scotty? Did I care that they are one of the fun couples I like to see on GH? Nah... I'm sure Frank will give her a story and she and Selina Wu will be on my screens again soon. RIGHT? RIGHT?? 
(Can I have another scotch)? 

FAVE SCENE: Tracey and Leo. "You don't like fun" he says. She actually brought him a ton of gifts from her trip!! I didn't see anything else in there. Also, Jane had one of the best lines this week calling Olivia and Lois the "Pink Ladies'!! 


Tracey is happy Ned is "back" 

Finn is going to be backed by the hospital board

Cody gets a book from Sasha for Christmas

Oliva and Lois are fun

Lucy isn't happy Brook is back at Deception. Brook wants to take over to give it to Maxie

Liesl and Scott agree to part ways 

Everyone is told about Kristina's surrogacy. Everyone gives their opinions

Laura talks to Sonny and Martin about AUSTIN GATLIN-HOLT's murder

Ava gets a note and a gun after she moves back into her old apartment

Violet sings

Adam sings

Curtis thinks he may have a miracle procedure for his legs

Aunt Stella makes good Chicken and Dumplings but Irene did it better

Dante finds a wallet with numbers in the locker

Carly, Donna and Mr Brennan have hot cocoa in the park

ME...all week.. 

Well, that's it. I'm sure you saw my post on the Daytime Emmys. I think Finola and Jon should have won but I don't watch any other soaps!! This week was just so much of nothing I couldn't deal. The scenes were even SHORTER (if you can believe that) and made no attempt at connecting. Poor Ava is reduced to being terrified--AGAIN. :eyeroll: The 2 good things were Tracey is back and we saw Leslie C. She's obviously not in peak form but I'm so grateful she got some airtime. 

We've had 2 weeks of Christmas "prep"--so I'm sure we will have more of the same next week. If I missed some highlights, please understand I'm doing my best lol. Look for some fun posts this week and next !! 



  1. Hahahahaha Karen! This wasn't positive! This was all sarcasm! *Snicker*

  2. lol Karen. Loved your sugar high. Look forward to more next week. And it was GREAT seeing Monica this week.

  3. Well. Every reason I watch has been taken away. Joyful show for Christmas. Destroy VAnna sure why not? Destroy Leisl and Scotty. Sure why not? The only people of GH that deserved any awards was the actors. Otherwise this show has been ruined. Sorry if im upsettinganyone. Not my intention. I like Robert and Diane but they didn't even get a bedroom scene? Age discrimination anyone?

  4. My Christmas wish this year is for new writers and a new producer in 2024.

  5. Love today's SS! Thank you. If ever the time for sugary fluff, this is it.
    I love Fiona but not Anna's constant tears and fears.
    Ava is following in her footsteps. Darn it.
    That little Donna has a future in showbiz!
    It's been a struggle sometimes, watching GH, but we all want the best for the show and the actors. It still has so much potential after so many years. Let's keep hoping it will come back together. That said....
    Gonna be a long road down surrogacy lane.

  6. I am so embarrassed that I didn't recognize sarcasm right away and was upset with you for your praise on stupid things! Reread what you wrote and got it!
    -----SURELY Monica is back for more than FINN's malpractice/still wonder if GH goes under and like Sonny buys it????? can't think of another reason for all of this
    ------SHOCKED that GH won- I know Days is pitiful but can't image Y & R or B & B s worse??? no continunity-------big gaps of storylines, etc. (i.e. Blair/Marty and the list goes on an on) FILLER FILLER--------
    ----Ya'll gotta look at Frank's acceptance speech - I TOTALLY think/thought he was on was weird.
    ------One year later still no Nina reveal----Vanna and Liesel/Scott gone like was pointed out-----Anna cries all the time -------------Ava won't go to Sonny............
    just very discouraged that it's bad and won't get better..........

    1. Regarding Frank's speech...yes, I agree. He said he was flustered but he looked pale and a bit disoriented. Maybe too much of something.
      I too wonder how GH can win so much but they did not win for writing. They did win for casting the next day at the Creative etc. awards. They do a great job at casting most times but then there's the NuNuNuMolly stuff. But they got it right in the end. If there was an editing award surely they would lose.
      But still I am happy GH is still on so we can criticize it, poke fun at it, be frustrated by it but all in all we love it or we wouldn't watch it.
      Thank goodness we have "Wubsnet" who makes it all more fun!

  7. Thank goodness for you Karen or I would really be done.


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