Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Boxing Day!


It's Tillie!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday ! 
I was under the weather... but am getting better. I will be back tomorrow with the blog. 💚💚💚


  1. GOOD news = FINALLY an alarm system worked and the police were called to Spoon Island.
    BAFFLING news = how is no one asking the launch person or ANYONE WITH A BOAT who did he bring to the island? Esme hops to the island/goes to the cemetery.....I truly thought she was gonna hear Ava/Sonny talking about Nik
    -------Esme still loves Spence I guess but she gonna keep faking.
    ------I realize my feelings for Nina are super-negative but writers really? You were pretending Nina would confess to Carly at GH on Christmas Eve? I am Team Carly on this - Nina is whiny whiny - I'm so sorry but never wants consequences...
    ------Karen, you will be happy - the scenes are NOT short at all today!!! Not even many characters.....
    -------my other critique is for weeks Ava is upset, crying and nervous and today she claims, "Sonny you know I can take care of myself."
    -----so I want Ava and Sonny to wind up in bed and Nina find them since she is moving in but probably Ava will spill the beans by mistake OR Donna/Avery will hear her...

  2. I about fainted when the security company called Ava about the alarm going off. LOL

    Finally, bad Esme was back. I liked her scene at Kevin's grave. Also, the scenes were longer today, which was a much welcome change. Also, Ava was acting more like her old self today, finally.

    I read an article where John J. York will be back in late spring or early summer at the earliest, so I am guessing they will put the "Cody's paternity" storyline on the backburner for a while.

    Get better soon, Karen!

  3. The church:

    Cyrus and Nina: Nina says she is not strong enough to confess!!! Cyrus says, it's never too late you need to confess to the people you hurt. if not the guilt will eat away at you. The truth will set you free. Right the wrongs! You don't walk alone. God is always with you. nCYRUS IS RIGHT NINA!!! Listen to him!

    Cyrus and the priest: Oh great continuity! The priest wants to talk to Nina, but she left! Cyrus asks him how he does it? As a priest. How does he help people when they unburden their souls! He wants to help someone! Oh this is a great scene! Hey is he related to Mason Jar? Looks like him!


    Spencer and Vampira: Vampira called Spencer and is going to tell him she remembers, but she hears Trina talking and she keeps interrupting! Hush up Trina! Now Vampira won't say anything and only tells Spencer that Ace can spend the night!!!!

    Ava on the phone with security systems: Ahhhh well my question is answered! I'm glad Wyndemere has a security system that called Ava!

    Dante and Ava: Uh Dante! Ava has every right to have a gun in her own resident to protect herself! Go away!

    Laura and Dante: Laura does not want to stand there and wait! She wants to go with Dante! YEAH! GO LAURA! Well, she is a Spencer. :) Vampira hears noises and opens the door to make them think the person left out there! Then when Laura and Dante went outside, Vampira RUNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh oh she dropped her mitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mitten: No Mama! Come back you left me!!!!!

    Dante found the mitten!!!! RA RO! And oh no he puts it in a baggie!

    Mitten: ACK! I can't breath in here! Where is my mate? And where is Mama?

    Sonny and Ava: Great scene! No Ava not pranksters who broke in! Ooooo Sonny wants Ava to live with him! :) Don't you mean you and your wife? :) Sonny and Ava need another sex scene! :)

    The cemetery:

    Vampira and her dad's grave: WOW! Fantastic soliloquy! Bravo!!! :) She wants to be a good person, but maybe she can't because it's in her DNA! Her father didn't show her how to be a good person. BRAVO! :) Vampira you CAN be a good person! You got Laura who can show you HOW to be a good person! :) Oh oh! She noticed she doesn't have the other mitten!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Kevlar's home:

    Sprina: Awwwwwwwwwww! Great scene! I am so glad our writers are back! They are giving them better dialog! :) Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: Maybe Esme had a date.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah that's it. Sure. :) *Snicker*

    The hospital:

    Carly, Laura, and Nison: Nina shows up and Sonny wonders where she has been. He knows that she was still at the chapel. Sonny wants pictures of Donna, and Carly will send him pictures. Carly shows Laura pictures of Donna. I want to see pictures of that dimpled cutie! :)

    Carly and Nina: Nina asks Carly for forgiveness, and Carly won't forgive her. Carly is right Nina! When someone doesn't forgive you, you act put upon and insult people, like you just did with Carly! If someone doesn't want to forgive you, you just let it go and walk away! You already did your part and asked for forgiveness!!! Just move the hell on!

    Sidenote: I have been looking at old blog posts on here, and I saw a post where Karen talked about Tillie! She just got her and she was 2 months old! Look at the picture! Awwwwww! So tiny! :)


    Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

  4. The show started out with the ridiculous Sonny worship writing and Snarly with the fake laugh and bitchy face, which everyone knows I despise. Love the Nina stuff with Cyrus the fake priest. I really hope when the "truth" comes out, Sonny says he's known from the beginning. I can't stand the storyline because it's just so overly contrived to make Nina the bad person and Carly the hero AGAIN. Sickening. Carly and Drew were guilty. Period. Doesn't change no matter who reported them. Duh! Loving Esme getting her memory back! Must be driving all her haters crazy who thought she was faking it all this time. Hahahaaa!!

    1. I pretty much agree with everything you said. LOL

    2. I agree with everything Ginny! Even though Nina is a big pain she didn't commit the crimes. She was just not a nice person with good reason though. Avery P. did really well yesterday. I had to ffwd. Nina and Carly.

    3. "Matchbox Ginny says, Must be driving all her haters crazy who thought she was faking it all this time. Hahahaaa!!"

      Hahahaha. Yeah I bet!!! :) *Snicker*

    4. "LindaV says, I had to ffwd. Nina and Carly."

      Oh but you missed a great scene! Carly says what we are all thinking! :) I think some people here even said it! :)

  5. couple of logistical questions again (I KNOW its a soap though)---wonder what time it is? Carly was going to get Donna - yet Trina said it was late and she needed to go home......so Ava wasn't gonna be with Avery on Christmas Eve???? STILL mad that Taggart has not been mentioned...
    where did Kevin go??? and how soon will Nicholas C be gone and filming his movie?
    ---so I guess Christmas Eve is over come tomorrow.......

  6. Avery Pohl and Esme is back where she should be - driving story and the character that makes you almost cover your eyes at what she's about to do next. Which is exactly how Heather was written decades ago when Mary O'Brien was playing the role.


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