Friday, December 8, 2023



Well, after viewing everyone's posts about yesterday, I decided not to watch yet. LOL I can't take another boring day. 


Tracey is on a plane alone (no Bobbie). She looks at a photo of her and Luke together and she cries. Puts on sunglasses. The next time they show her for 2 seconds she says "Damn you, Luke Spencer, I miss you" .

TJ and Molly are outside Krissy's to talk about the baby thing. TJ wants to think this through (WOW, reallllllly?). FFS... I hate this. Anyway, they hug and then they talk about how Molly can't have a baby and all of that. Then they drink champagne. Oh! it's ginger ale. Sorry. 

Violet shows Finn and Liz the tree she picked out. It's tiny but it's "PERFECT" she says. Greg is there. They are all having hot cocoa. Brook and Chase come in with Decorations. Brook and Chase tell everyone that they are getting married. Violet then asks Finn when he's getting Liz a ring. 

Anna visits Valentin. He's being snotty to her. She says that Charlotte didn't burn her house down. Val is so happy. Anna won't tell him whos' DNA was found because she doesn't trust him. Then they fight about who was lying more. Yada yada. Anna says Charlotte needs help. Valentin tells her not to tell him how to raise his daughter. It's all Victor's fault anyway. She's like: Um, no...Char thought up a lot of stuff on her own like writing "Murderer" on her door. Valentin says she's still traumatized and he's being gentle. Anna says she's going to do something worse. 

Lois and Olivia are upset none of the Q mansion is decorated for Christmas yet. Lila ALWAYS had it decorated. Reggie mention. Alan's train mention. They buy the tree off camera then run home and get decorations from the attic. OH! MONICA is at a medical convention. Oh brother. They get out decorations and talk about Catholic school. Cody comes in and wants to help. They decorate the banister. Then they talk about what "Zia" means in Italian. 



Anna stomps out of Valentin's 

Tracey is home and hates the decorations


  1. Nothing much past couple of days but today was better. Watching those Bensonhurst women is a hoot. Drinking and reminiscing.
    Valentin is a first rate idiot.
    One thing about Wed.'s show. I really liked Jake. Loved when he said "I hate guns" and wants to join a gun control group. This probably will lead to doom and gloom but it is a current social issue that could be done well. Did anyone notice Jake's resemblance to Jason?

  2. for the 3rd time this week I will repeat - it's like two different shows: Filler with the whole Violet stuff and the Q mansion decorating and surrogacy ----------------- then Anna and JERK Valentin living on Fantasy Island with Tattoo and the POSSIBILITY of Tracy and a big reveal about Bobbie.......
    ------still have NO clue who knows about Austin's demise..............PLEASE for the love of all good and kind, have Monica RETIRE and move away and STOP these ridiculous conferences...
    -----the time machine on GH hurts my head.....
    ----nothing happened this week at all and I'm mad at myself for believing each day that 'TODAY is the day something will happen'
    -----I also blame Laura for coddling Charlotte so I want Charlotte to get worse now so Anna can say I told you so to BOTH Valentin and Laura...
    -----one nagging thought makes me wonder if Valentin is gonna somehow save Anna down the road ----------------------------but I hope not/want Vanna over and I want Anna to be her TOUGH woman self.......

    1. "Mufasa says Valentin living on Fantasy Island with Tattoo"


      "the time machine on GH hurts my head.."

      ROFL! Does my time machine hurt your head too? :)

    2. YOUR time machine makes sense and is fantastic!!!!

    3. "mufasa says, YOUR time machine makes sense and is fantastic!!!!"

      Oh thank you! :D

  3. The plane: Yeah Tracy being so upset because she misses Luke, makes more sense than her being this upset over Bobbie's death. Awwww she misses Luke. :( Me too Tracy!

    Krissy's home:

    Tolly: Oh Molly! TJ wants to have a baby with you!!! Just relax!

    Tolly and Krissy: Entitled? Molly you want a baby that is not entitlement! There is nothing wrong with wanting a baby! Now you guys did you tell Krissy while she is preggers that she can't watch violent movies?

    V.C.'s home:

    Vanna: This is rough not calling them Vanna! It's gonna take awhile. This scene is breaking my heart. :( V.C. stop being a jerk! She doesn't trust you and that's on you!!!! Anna is right! Charlie made her own choices!!! Yes she does need a therapist! Is she still seeing Doc?

    Finchy's home:

    Fiz, Gregory, Brase, and Little V: People aren't perfect so a tree doesn't have to be! :) Is Tommy the tapeworm there? I don't see him. He is probably with his besties the Tribbles, Badger Bob, and the green beans! Little V wins the line of the day.

    Little V: Can you announce fast? We need to decorate!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When Chase put that ring on Brooky, I thought he was going to say will you marry me. Uh no Little V no ring for Fiz! Please no!!! Little V singing awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) I love it!

    The Q mansion:

    Olivia and Lois: Love that they talked about the past! Love the Cousin Connie talk. Monica at a medical convention?! What?!?!! No! :( Monica should be there!!!!

    Olivia, Lois, and Cowboy Cody: Yes Cowboy Cody Zia is aunt! :) But I don't call my aunt's zia. I have called my grandparents nona and nono! :) Great scene!!! YES Cowboy Cody put a tree in your horse house! :) That would be so pretty! Maybe get some Tribbles and put it on a table! :)

    Olivia, Lois, and Tracy: Tracy... *Snicker* I thought it was Monica at first.

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 24th 2012* Alexis and Sonny want Krissy to get an annulment from Trey. Ah yes I remember this scene!!! :) Oh yeah the Mob Princess reality show! I remember that. The look on Sonny's face when Krissy told them she consummated the marriage! ROFL!

  4. That entitlement comment made me turn off. Gawd. How ridiculous can you get.



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