Monday, December 18, 2023


THE GH WRITERS ARE BACK....(it will take awhile to fix all this imo)

 Dante meets Anna in the morgue and he has the Forsythe file. Asks her if she recognizes the photo. "That's John Brennan, I knew him as a field officer in the he's the director" .Anna talks about London and missing money.  

TEMP Josslyn Jacks...must be when Eden's mom passed. Anyway, they are at Laura's --her, Trina and Spencer. Stupid ESME stops by. Esme wants to talk to Trina privately in the hallway. She says "thank you".  Says to forgive her. Yada yada. Trina did a good job telling her to buzz off. 

Joss got a dart board with Spencer's face on it. 

Alexis and Greg in her office. AGAIN. He says he's going to ask Tracey to sky dive with him. Alexis says there's NO WAY Tracey will do that. He won't ask his kids. Brook would be too nervous and Finn is a single parent. He's trying to guilt Alexis into doing it. It worked...she's going. 

Carly is at the diner. Mr. Brennand walks in. He talks about PC, how he likes the Burgers and Kelly's and isn't leaving yet. Instead of building ANY KIND of a decent story with this guy they are having him follow CARLY all over fking town. COME ON. He wants to see 'more' of Carly. She says no. He takes a phone call and leaves. 

Sam comes into Kelly's to research Brennan on her tablet. Carly sees it and Sam tells her he's the director of the WSB 

Brennan meets that little guy in the alley. They know Dante picked up the envelope and went to the bank. They also know Anna is meeting Dante in the morgue. There's a GPS on Anna's van. 

The Square..Violet is there with Chase/Brook. Oh Leo is too. They go get hot cocoa. Chase and Brook talk about what presents to buy people. 

Krissy and Blaze talk about holiday plans. They hold hands but Blaze lets go when Brook Lynn and Chase come over. Leo tells VIOLET there's NO SANTA AHAHAHAHAAHA.  Brook and Chase take Leo to shop. Blaze talks to Violet. Says Santa can do things and Leo is wrong. Violet wants Blaze to give her lessons. 

Molly and TJ talking with the OBGYN. They want Krissy to get PG NOW! OBGYN lady is like, um.. it takes at least 6 months to do all the testing and stuff. Molly is sooooooooooo sad. Then they are like: Where is the money coming from for this? LOL! Um, you didn't talk about that yet? AND NOW they are wondering if they should even ASK Kristina to do it and put her life on hold. This is ridiculous. 

END Esme starts to remember being in the Cassadine room with the Christmas tree. Drops an ornament. 


  1. I knew as soon as they showed Esme with a Christmas tree that would be the beginning of her getting her memory back. It's about time! The character was a force to be reckoned with in 2022 but has pretty much been AWOL this year. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. With the Joss temp recast...I wonder if this was taped around the time the actress' mother died in November. Would explain the recast.

    1. Avery can sure bring it, and seeing that stunned look reminded me what we h ave been missing!

    2. Yes, it's about time. Esme has been wasted all year long. Bring back her memory and let her stir up some trouble again.

  2. I previously commented that it would be a long road down surrogacy lane. Now it seems a longer one. Maybe they will change their minds completely. Hopefully the returning writers will rewrite.
    Another filler day.

  3. ------great that you noticed writers are back ------some holes in the story today: so the morgue is in the basement of GH - so did they have someone follow her once in GH? cause the GPS would just say she was at GH....and I am glad but don't think Sam woulda opened her devices in public???
    -----maybe writers changed their mind about Kristina's surrogacy I HOPE
    ---KNEW Esme was gonna get memory back after Laura's huge speech but I bet she keeps pretending....
    ----SO GLAD that Carl NOW knows about Brennan - YEAH!

    -----still odd no one checked to make sure surrogate really had a miscarriage....

    1. "Mufasa says, but I bet she keeps pretending...."

      I didn't think of that! She could! :)

      "still odd no one checked to make sure surrogate really had a miscarriage..."

      I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where the hell is she anyway?!

    2. I think that was the rumor of the storyline. Kristina donates her egg, she gets pregnant after artificial insemination, then they find out the 1st surrogate was selling the baby

    3. "Linda says, I think that was the rumor of the storyline. Kristina donates her egg, she gets pregnant after artificial insemination, then they find out the 1st surrogate was selling the baby"

      That could happen!!!!! And on the soap central website, someone says that TJ and Krissy have sex and that's how TJ and Molly get a baby. You know, the old fashioned way. ROFL!

  4. "Karen says, CHRIS AND DAN ARE BACK"

    I didn't even see that!!!! I had to go back to see! WOW! YAY!!!!! :D


    Carly and Brennan: The more scenes they have with them, the more I want them to be a couple. Sorry I can't help it! I like them together. :) I like that he flirts with her. Those green things are still there! I like them. I'll call them Greenies! :) I wonder what they are!

    Carly and Sam:

    Carly: Oh hi Sam.

    Sam: Hi Carly.

    Sam's bread: Hi Carly!

    Carly: Hi. How are you?

    Sam's bread: Firm.

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: Tracy skydiving! ROFL! I don't think so. Very weird scene. Couldn't he have thought of someone else to say? Tracy! ROFL!

    Rice plaza:

    Kraze: Ooooooo Blaze touching Krissy's hand! Krissy felt something. :) Love them together!

    Kraze, Blase, young uncle Leo, and Little V: Oh now uncle Leo! You be nice to little V! Blase is so happy!!!! :) I can't wait until they get married!! Is Tommy the tapeworm at Rice Plaza too? Along with the Tribbles, green beans, and Badger Bob? They must be. They were going to go shopping for Christmas! :)

    The hospital:

    Tolly and their doctor: Oh come on!!!! Why is Molly in a hurry to have a baby? Is there going to be a bomb at Port Chuckles? Do they need to go forth and multiply? Maybe the tapeworm can help.

    The morgue:

    Dante and Anna: Dante wins the line of the day!

    Dante: You're not my boss anymore, so I don't have to listen to you.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH! Brennan's first name is John.. So I can call John and Carly, Johnly! :) Hmmm nah. How about Brennly! :) Yes! :)

    The alley:

    John Brennan and his man:

    "Karen says, Brennan meets that little guy"

    Little guy! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *DEAD*

    Kevlar's home:

    "Karen says, TEMP Josslyn Jacks...must be when Eden's mom passed"

    Yeah. :(

    TempRecast Joss and Sprina: A Spencer dart board!!!! Hahahaha. That's sweet that Joss wants to help Adam.

    Vampira and Trina: Oh Trina! :) I bet when you two get older you will be besties! :) You want proof? Nina and Ava.... Carly and Sam... :)

    TempRecast Joss and Spencer: Spencer take your ear off of that door!!! There could be door mites that could crawl in your ear!!! You don't want that do you?!

    TempRecast Joss and Sprina:

    TempRecast Joss: Darts later?

    Trina: Oh I can't wait!


    Vampira's new home:


    1. Oops! Forgot to mention, YES CARLY! THAT IS JOHN BRENNAN HEAD OF THE WSB! The one who has been flirting with you. :) Now what? What are you going to do now? Tell Sonny?


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