Wednesday, December 27, 2023

To The Ones We Lost 2023

 This is our 6,000th post since starting publication in September 2009 

photo credit: FB We Love General Hospital 

This was a year of loss for GH. In addition to these cast members, they also lost a beloved producer, N'neka Garland. There's a character named for her now (bartender at The Savoy, played by: Arlondriah Lenyea)  

Sonya Eddy joined GH on March 3, 2006 and was also part of the Night Shift and Port Charles cast. She embodied the sassy, much loved Epiphany Jones, nurse at General Hospital. Sonya was also well known for her character parts in other shows such as "The Middle", Those Who Can't and Fresh Off The Boat. 

Billy Miller played Jason Morgan and later Drew Cain after leaving The Young and The Restless after many years. He stepped into the part with enthusiasm and a fresh take on "Stone Cold". Billy also developed a friendship with Kelly Monaco and their onscreen chemistry just shined. Billy was also seen on shows such as Truth Be Told, Ringer and All My Children. 

Tyler Christopher burst on the GH scene in 1996 as Nikolas Cassadine. This was his first acting role. Tyler grew into the role so well that he became a Cassadine through and through. Tyler left the show for a time but reprised the role in March 2003.  Tyler was also seen on Days of Our Lives and The Lying Game. Tyler is remembered as a gentle, loving person who cared deeply about his family. 

Jackie's tributes from castmates show the love everyone had for her. From her time as Lorna on OLTL to her long stint on GH as Barbara Jean Spencer, she ....really wowed audiences watching daytime TV!  As you can hear from her former castmates, Jackie was well loved by all. She also appeared on the streaming series "The Bay". 

NOTE: Jackie Zeman/Bobbie Spencer's GH memorial will be seen January 10/11th during the regular GH hour. 

Thank you to all who have read though the years. 

This a reminder of what a community we truly are.


  1. Thank you for 6,000 posts and keeping GH fun on the side! :) There are times I might've lost interest over the years were it not for this blog, thank you!!

    1. awww thank you!! I hope the GH PR department sees this and sends me a check LOL

  2. I say ditto to Mrs. Manning. I may not always comment as often as I used to but I read this blog faithfully, thank you so much.
    I truly miss every actor you mentioned but Tyler Christopher's death hit me hard. They were all loved and thank you for remembering them.

    1. thank you!! it's been a LONG JOURNEY!! Crazy how time has flown. And GH has had just terrible loses this year plus a producer and with JJY so ill.


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