Friday, December 29, 2023

Last GH of 2023!!!!!!!


Trina and Spencer get ready to go to the Savoy's party. She's wearing a ZOOMIE dress. Holy hello. He finds a letter. It's from the Sabonne in Paris, she got accepted. BUT isn't going to go because Curtis is starting treatment and classes and of course, Spencer. He says that's stupid. She says Come with ME. I bet he says NO because of ACE. OMG he says YES!! He's going to go and visit Ace now and again! They make love and she thinks it's a daydream to actually go to Paris. He says they are going and that's IT. 

At Crimson, Nina is finishing up stuff and Sonny's waiting to go. Sonny leaves. Then Cyrus creeps in. Nina realizes she confessed to HIM at the church. He says that he got to know Drew in prison and feels badly for him but he wants to HELP Nina. Oh, slimy. He tells her she HAS to confess because she did what she did out of spite. Nina's like: NO WAY. 

Party at the SAVOY! 

Ned runs into Carly..Carly goads him about turning them in and Drew almost getting killed. Ned says he hasn't committed a crime unlike SHE DID. Then she says she's calling the SEC on ELQ just to "investigate". He says HE didn't turn them in and I know who did..but MICHAEL WALKS UP . He tries to diffuse the situation. Ned remembers he can't say anything because of the deal he made with Michael. Then Sonny walks in and pokes the bear. FINALLY Michael takes Ned to the bar. They talk in the corner. 
Carly leaves. 

Olivia and Lois watch all of this and Lois is like TELL THE SECRET. Olivia says NOPE. They are like the old muppet guys! Olivia tells Lois Michael gave Ned the ELQ proxy. She can't figure out why he'd do that. Then she thinks it's because MICHAEL tuned them into the SEC. LOL . They go to the bar and after talking briefly to Sonny she figures out it was NINA that turned them in!!! OOOOO!! 

Olivia and Lois go back and forth about telling Sonny. Then Ned takes Olivia out to see the fireworks. Lois gets Sonny alone at the bar! She says he will miss the fireworks this year!! 

Esme is visiting Heather at the prison. Heather asks if Ace got a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament LOL. She realizes Ez got her memory back--Heather is so giddy. Esme doesn't know how she can be both good and bad. Heather says it's going to be ok because she's come to her mother. Then Heather tells her to tell NO ONE--like NO ONE she has her memory back. Esme is NOT sorry for what she did to them and feels she's going to be so bad and pretend to be good. Hee hee hee. Heather tells her she's a good mother to Ace and that she should live her life. BUT Don't tell about the memory. GREAT SCENES. 

Alexis is at the airport, ready to go with Greg on the jump =it's STILL LIGHT OUT????? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. COME ON. People are drinking at the Savoy like it's 9pm ahahhaha. Ok, ok. Alexis backs out. Then she BACKS BACK IN! It was cute how they went back and forth about it! She jumps, loved it and gushes about the experience. Then Greg and she kiss. A LOT. 

Drew comes home to surprise Carly (at her house). They make love


Lois tells Sonny everyone is lying to him, his whole family. 

Esme sees Spencer and Trina at the docks and is angry 


  1. Cyrus wins the day with Lois close behind. IMO.
    Plus another pleasing surprise.

  2. ----great show today - first of all, Lisa L is just stunning drop-dead gorgeous - she and Lois dressed to the nines but Carly/Nina weren't
    -----does Esme still love Spencer? Can't tell - just that she remembers the past but LOVED Heather's sage advice
    ------LOVED LOVED Cyrus' words - sure he is probably lying but he spoke the truth eloquently ------ it SEEMS that Nina IS about to confess and then LOIS FINALLY spills the beans.....and it makes TOTAL sense that Lois would be the one... I JUST CANNOT have another let-down.......please let this end
    ------If LOIS tells it cause of OLIVIA - what happens to the proxy?
    -----WILLOW has worked ONE day and the fact that she is working NYE was funny ----- maybe also why she isn't there..............unless Nina tells Willow first? According to previews - although it did say 'next week'
    -----HOPING that Greg is still misdiagnosed but enjoyed the whole scenes of him and Alexis (except that it was daylight there and not at the Savoy)
    -----just cannot figure out this Trina/Spence going to Paris???? Spence has to go but no way Portia is gonna let her go-----------maybe Esme does something so Spence has to stay??? and by the way Esme doesn't know WHAT HER CHILD got for Christmas? Ace couldn't have been at Laura's all that time (still have no idea if Laura recognized the glove)
    -----great show today---------now if next week Sonny still doesn't find out about Nina I will just scream again.
    -----OCTOBER was the last time we saw Selina....

    1. Assuming they are setting up his planned temporary absence. I just didn't know Tabi would go too

      The ladies did look great and have aged well!

      Happy, safe and Healthy new year everyone.

  3. one more thought - I bet Lois leaves after this - with Olivia and Ned angry with her--

  4. Some funny one liners today.

    Trina and Joss's dorm:


    Trina: Entertain yourself.

    ROFL! OH! Sprina zex! :D Oooooo yes!!! Both go to Paris! Great idea!!!! It's so much better than what I thought would happen. That Spencer would take Ace and go somewhere with him away from Port Chuckles.

    Crimson/Nina's office:

    Nison: Nina in her lingerie outfit. ;) I'm surprised Sonny didn't take her on the desk! ROFL!

    Nina and Cyrus: Cyrus is right Nina!!!!!!!!!! You gotta tell the truth!!!!! Now go home and change out of your lingerie outfit first. :)

    The Savoy:

    Ned and Carly: SHUT UP CARLY!

    Sonny and Ned: SHUT UP SONNY!

    Ned and Michael: SHUT UP MICHAEL!

    Olivia and Lois:

    Lois: Great! Now Sonny is involved.

    ROFL! Lois would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Lois yes keep digging! Keep asking questions to yourself! :) OH OH OH OH! LOIS YOU DID IT!!! YOU GOT IT!! WOOT WOOT! :D

    Lois and Sonny: Ooooo is Lois going to tell him? Or will someone interrupt her?


    Vampira and Heather: Great scene!!!!! Poor Vampira still struggling! I love the struggle! :)


    Alexis and Gregory: Alexis wins the lines of the day!

    Alexis: Sam she is savvy. If I die she'll be fine. Where's Gregory? Did he jump? Is he dead?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh there he is Alexis! :) Oooooo kissing!!!! Will they fall in wuv? :)

    Carly's kitchen: Carly goes in to make tea? She knows how to make tea? I couldn't see the Tribbles! Where are they?! OH THERE THEY ARE! YAY! Happy new year Tribbles!

    Crew: Happy new year Crew! Time for some zex! ;)

    The pier: FIREWORKS!!!! Are the Tribbles, green beans, Badger Bob, and Tommy the tapeworm watchcing the fireworks together? :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 1997* Nexis on their first date! :)

  5. My work always slows at the end of the year. I have been able to catch live episodes for the last few days. I have really liked what I have seen. Felicia, Heather, and Lois getting 'clues without wastefully buying vowels' has been delightful. Heather (Alley Mills is fantastic but would be more realistic as Esme's grandmother. Mills is probably 10-11 years older than Genie Francis.) Lois' thought process to deduce Nina was fun, fun, fun Friday soapiness. Alas, back to work next week. I survive on the others who write and comment on this blog. Thank you, thank you. Happy New Year to all.

  6. I love Lois and I'm so happy she's back. Always the smartest person in the room!!

  7. I did like Alexis and Gregory. Poor Alexis with another dead boyfriend though. Hope he doesn't die.

    1. I'm probably the only one, but I miss VAnna.

    2. I do, too, lindie! They were the best couple!


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