Thursday, December 28, 2023

Selling Beauty Again

 I don't even know what day it is! OH! Thursday! LOL... you know when you've been sick you're all mixed up? Combine that with Christmas break!! GEESH! Plus, it's foggy AF here and so weird outside. NOT like December at all. 


Set of Heart and Home. Tracey, Brook, Maxie (real Maxie) and Cody are there. Lucy and Scotty plot to fight so Tracey will think she can use Scott as leverage and then he can charm her. They pretend to get into a heated argument. Tracey comes over and tells them to act professional. Felicia comes on set, makes a face at Cody. Brook tells Tracey that Greg is in the hospital. Cody is afraid that Felicia is going to tell about Mac. 

Cody gets his hair done and FELICIA STEALS SOME OF IT OFF THE BRUSH! There are TWO BRUSHES THO!! Sasha comes over and is suspicious. 

Then Scott agrees with Tracey about Cody not wearing a cowboy hat in the shoot. Then Lucy calls him an idiot and says 'no wonder why Liesl dumped you". Tracey watches them like a hawk.  Then Scott fake quits being Lucy's lawyer. 

Alexis and Sonny. She needs him to tell her she's right. They talk about the egg...and Kristina. Alexis says that Krissy can change her mind at any time and keep the baby as hers. He says Kristina has a purpose now and he's proud of her. Alexis says that's not the point, the baby will be biologically hers! She makes great points about parenting and such. Like Krissy isn't a vegan. He says so what???!! Then he says maybe their grandpa will buy them a burger. Alexis says: BUT you're NOT THE GRANDFATHER YOU'D BE THE UNCLE! Sonny finally says he's worried too. 

TJ goes to talk to Krissy alone because Molly told him to. He needs to get some things straight. He wants her to say she'll ONLY be the AUNT and let them be parents. Period. She says of COURSE...she's PRETTY SURE she doesn't want least right now. TJ is so relieved. Cripes. This is going to get BAD. 

Lois and Olivia talk about Olivia marrying Ned. Olivia asks if Lois has thoughts about it. Lois is like NOPE! I would have said something. Then Olivia tells her that it was Tracey that said something. They are drinking wine and laughing. They talk about the Qs and Lois says something like well, Look at Ned, he ratted out his family to the SEC. Then Olivia is like WHAT! NO! Ned is protecting the family!! ONE glass of wine and she falls! LOL Lois badgers her to get the name out of her. 

Finn pouts about his malpractice suit and Liz consoles him. Nothing new there. He thinks that Muldoon maybe saw another doctor when he was in his summer home and if THAT doctor didn't find cancer then it would bolster the fact Finn didn't find it. It might let him off the hook. LET US PRAY THIS ENDS SOON. 


Sasha sees Felicia give a courier the sample to take to the lab

Lois agrees to quit asking about who the blabber mouth to the SEC is

Liz already called Beecher's Corners and YEP, Muldoon did go there about a month before he saw Finn so that's great news. 

Tomorrow looks like the start of NYE and HEATHER IS ON! 


  1. They should have Kristina talk to Maxie about what she went through emotionally when she was Dante and Lulus surrogate. Maxie was also positive that she didn't want kids yet and wouldn't get attached to the baby.

  2. Yes, there are two hairbrushes, but I just rewatched and Felicia gets her sample (of short hairs) from the correct brush for a Cody sample. But I won't hate it when the results come in and show a paternal relationship with Mac, and in her conversation with the lab worker Felicia says "he" and is told the child is a "she". It's a soap, that's how they roll.

    1. "Judith says, Yes, there are two hairbrushes, but I just rewatched and Felicia gets her sample (of short hairs) from the correct brush for a Cody sample"

      Ohhhh! I just thought of something! What if Sasha's and Cowboy Cody's hairs are both on the hairbrush?!!?!?! Whoa! :O

    2. The movement that Felicia made as she plucked and wrapped the "hairs" (which you could not see) implied short lengths, not long like Sasha's which would need to be drawn out and bundled into the tissue. But I'm not expecting the writers to stick to any of this. ;)

  3. Nison's home:

    Alexis and Sonny: Alexis you are NOT wrong!!! Team Alexis! :) No Sonny you won't be the grandfather! You would be the uncle! Yeah Alexis you are right it will all be confusing. I'm glad Sonny is worried too! I love my Sexis! :) The green beans love Sexis too! :)

    Krissy's home:

    Krissy and TJ: Shut up Krissy and let him talk!!! I'm so glad TJ is listening to Alexis! Yes TJ make everything clear! Krissy only the aunt!!!! Will Krissy and TJ end up in bed together? Hmmmmm. :)

    Q mansion:

    Olivia and Lois: About time Olivia asked the question. :) Oh no not Lois and that shirt again!!! UGH! Olivia had to open up her drunk mouth! Is Olivia drunk? Or buzzed? :) The secret neeeeeeds to come ouuuuuuut!!!!

    The hospital/Finchy's office:

    Fiz: Yes yes we know all this. Maldoon. Cancer. Tommy the tapeworm. Tell us something we don't know! Ooooooooo Maldoon went to ANOTHER doctor! That's new! :) I'm back into being interested again! :) Did this doctor meet Tommy the tapeworm? Oh and I love that Beachers Corners was brought up! :)

    Heart and home set:

    Lucy and Scotty: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: I'm not sir Lawrence Olivier here.


    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: Sasha will keep an eye on Felicia? Oh come on! Cowboy Cody knows that he should tell Felicia the truth or Felicia will find out on her own. So might at well tell her Cody!

    Tracy, Lucy, Scotty, Cowboy Cody, and Sasha: Good boy Cowboy Cody! Compromise!!! That's how you do it! *Snicker*

    Lucy, Scotty, and Tracy: Hahahaha. This fake argument is fun! Tracy looking suspiciously at them! BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    Lucy and Maxie: I'm so glad Kirsten Storms is back!!!! :) Maxie do you really think Lucy will stop? ROFL!

    Sasha and Maxie: Awww poor Sasha lost track of Felicia! My heart bleeds for her. ROFL!

    Scotty and Tracy: Let the fun begin! :)

    Felicia and Maxie: Maxie let it go! You are going to feel really stupid when the truth comes out!

    Felicia and the hair person: YES FELICIA YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Felicia and the brush: I did not want her to get caught. I want the truth to come out NOW! Karen brought up a good fact on threads, that maybe the hair on the brush is Sasha's! I didn't even think about that!!!! If that's true, then TWINSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Now Felicia has got to go to the hospital ASAP to drop off the hair!!!!

    Felicia and the person she gives the hair to: HUH?!!! WHAT?! Felicia should be going to the hospital! Oh there is Sasha! Did she hear everything Felicia said? I didn't want Felicia to get caught!!!! Why did that person have to show up? Why couldn't Felicia just go to the hospital and then Sasha follow her? Now what is Sasha going to do?

    *Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Augustm 8th 2002* Alexis's sister Kristina's funeral! Alexis telling Sonny, Jason, and Roy off! It's delicious! :)

  4. It would be great soap if Cody and Sasha were twins! He would have to change his feelings real fast.
    Is this surrogacy debacle really going to happen? So many months of it ahead.

  5. filler day but I have some questions - WILL Kristina be pregnant 9 months? Cause that is August and I can't imagine 9 months of this.
    I watched twice and I think Felicia DID pick up wrong brush?
    ----Beechers Corners is close and Laura knows people there - so am wondering if Liz will ask her help??? and SURELY we will see this family ---- I just do NOT understand this whole lawsuit but I LIKE Finn and Liz now.


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