Thursday, December 21, 2023

Twinkle SHOW!


Please look at the bottom of this post for an important message. I will post it again closer to the day. We will have to come together for that one for sure. 

Sonya thought up: Marshella for Marshall and Stella. I like it! 


Davis house: Sam/Scout and TJ/Molly, Krissy and Alexis. They talk about how long it will take to have a baby. Kristina says she'll wait.  When Molly goes to help Scout, TJ tells Krissy he might have to turn down a fellowship because of the baby timeline. 

Sam finds Alexis' sky diving forms. She's like what are you doing? Alexis says she has to.  Dante comes in from Sonny's--and starts telling Alexis how AWESOME skydiving is and she's going to throw up LOL 

Ned and Michael are in the horse stall to be alone. Michael says he wants a truce. Says he's going to give him something he's always wanted. Half his proxy shares for ELQ if there's a truce. Ned is hesitant and wonders what Michael really wants. "Why are you doing Nina's dirty work" ?? Michael says it's for Willow and to keep peace. Ned accepts the contract and says that he wouldn't trust Nina. Michael and Willow leave for Sonny's. 

Q House: Monica fell and hurt her ankle in the driveway. At least they mention her! Lois is passing out light up antlers. Tracey is not happy. They get in a tiff.. Tracey tells her to take the A train back to Bensonhurst. They keep arguing. Tracey finally puts on the antlers. OMG MONICA COMES OUT!! She's in a wheelchair but she's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONICAAAAA! 

Tracey apologizes to Olivia (Sort of) but wonders how she and Lois can be around each other and have they talked about Ned? Meaning Lois used to be married to him. 

Maxie's house: Cody, Felicia, Sasha. Cody passes out gifts. Felicia says Mac has to work on something important (POOR JJY, I hope he's doing well)!! Spinelli comes in and yells at CODY: WHY are YOU here! Tells him to leave. Cody is going to the Qs anyway. Sasha calls Spinelli rude. 
OMG Felicia says to Maxie and Sasha that she is doubting the DNA testing!! Sasha is all @@ and Maxie says he wouldn't lie about that. 

Spinelli goes to the horse stalls to talk to Cody and extends a truce. OMG COMET BITES SPINELLI!! ahahahahaha. 

Sonny and Nina's. Avery is there with Ava. Dante comes in to tell Sonny about the whole Anna/Brennan thing yesterday. Sonny thinks the person that was after him and Anna is still out there. Dante leaves. Nina is trying to get Ava to tell Sonny and when he comes over, SHE tells him about the gun. Ava tells him about EVERYTHING!!!! Sonny wants the gun by tomorrow. 

Millow come over. Michael tells Nina that he gave the stuff to Ned so he'll keep his mouth shut. He hopes he doesn't regret it. 


Ava reads Nina (good scene)



  1. ---- I HATE this surrogate storyline and Krissy being the donor kinda proves she ain't gonna give up the baby
    ----I don't really want Olivia and Lois at each other, but obviously when Tracy said "you two have never discussed it" and all of a sudden Lois 'doesn't wanna be a problem' means it is a coming..
    -----YEAH MONICA!
    --beyond stupid Drew is not there for Christmas but understand why John York is out.
    -----going back to an earlier theory (and I think the writers are changing it) that Curtis WAS the target/maybe Selina/reason Curtis is investigating....cause clearly Forsythe originally was the shooter.
    -----Michael giving up proxy is ridiculous and something he wouldn't do....but now so many other people know about Nina ===== it's gotta come out soon......even Willow on the Red Carpet promised explosive scenes between Willow, Nina and Michael.....especially with Cyrus knowing
    ----BEST part of today
    ----for me the highlight was Nina and Ava convo - Ava spot on that Nina has done horrible things and expects people to forgive HER when she doesn't forgive others.....because so many people openly talk about her, maybe Donna, Avery, Leo or a drunk Ava spill the beans and then Willow doesn't forgive Michael...
    -----that gun is gonna be gone when she goes to get it.....WHERE ARE THE STUPID CAMERAS?

  2. Loved seeing Monica again. I'm so glad Leslie is willing to work in a wheelchair. And considering the percentage of scenes filmed with paeople sitting, talking to each othher, it's not a big deal.

    I'm hoping Felicia is going to sneak a comb or tooth brush and do her own DNA test.

    I'm getting tired of the baby storyline. Using Kristina's eggs is going to keep it going too. Maybe something goes wrong with Kristina's surgery and we can get off this topic.

    Did anyone else see the previews? Has E sme switched religions or are we going to see a mask added and some new variation of the hook?

    1. I think she is sneaking in somewhere????

    2. "Di says, Has E sme switched religions"

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't know what she is doing or where she is going! :D

  3. This may be why Drew was away for Christmas.

  4. LOVE that Felix is in the picture - and Lucus - no Monica or Finn or Terry or Portia though or Diane, Robert, Valentin.....

    1. Yes, I wish Lucas and Felix were back on the cast and a couple.

  5. Eden must have still been out when this was filmed? She's not in the photo.

    1. yes I think the article quoted she was still out...

    2. Eden will be out until February. I'm surprised that Nicholas Chavez is there, as I thought he would be on leave by now (For Monsters Season 2)

    3. "Matthew says, Eden will be out until February."

      Oh! I didn't know she had bereavement time for that long. I'm glad!!!


  6. "Karen says, Sonya thought up: Marshella for Marshall and Stella. I like it!"

    OH! I'm glad you like it! :D

    A lot of funny one liners today!

    Maxie's home:

    Sasha, Cowboy Cody, and Felicia: Sasha is flirting with Cowboy Cody with her eyes! ;) Awwww Mac not there!! :( Awwww John J York. :( I hope he is doing well too!!!

    Sasha, Cowboy Cody, Felicia, and Spinny: I don't blame Spinny at all! He has a gut feeling that Cowboy Cody is hiding something. You are right Spinny! When Cowboy Cody said he is going to the Q's I'm thinking he is lying.

    Sasha, Felicia, and Spinny: When Sasha was scolding Spinny, it looked like she was looking at Felicia. Bad camera angle. I don't blame you Spinny!

    Spinny and Felicia: Great scene! :)

    Felicia alone: Yes Felicia! Listen to your instincts!

    Cowboy Cody's horse house: MR. ED IS BACK YAY! :D

    Ned and Michael: Uh Michael? Cyrus knows too!! So you should really find out and then give him something to be quiet. :) Give him some nice Tribbles with money inside. :)

    Cowboy Cody and Spinny: I KNEW IT! Cowboy Cody was lying about going to the Q's for Christmas Eve! Great scene.

    Spinny and Mr. Ed: BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA! Great scene. Too bad we didn't see it happen. Mr. Ed must have bit him. :) Mr. Ed must be hungry! Give him a carrot!!!

    Alexis's home:

    Tolly and Krissy: Oh can we just give it a rest Molly?! This should have been off screen.

    Sam and Alexis: Alexis was making me laugh! ROFL! Whoa! Sam is covered up!!!! Wow! :)

    Sante and Alexis: Dante jumped out of a plane?! When did this happen?

    Tolly and Krissy: Donate your egg!!?!?! RA RO.

    Q mansion:

    Tracy, Olivia, Lois, Willow, and Brooky: Oh oh Monica fell on the ice!! :( Great and hysterical scene! How long are they going to go at it Willow? They are Italian. Soooooooo awhile. :) I love those antlers!!!! Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: You were doing it to badger me into submission, so you succeeded. Give me the damn antlers. Okay. I've conformed.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tracy you look good in those antlers! :D Oh hi Ned!

    Ned: What's with the antlers?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lois do you have one for Ned? :)

    Tracy, Olivia, Lois, Brooky, Ned, and Monica: MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if Leslie Charleson is really in a wheelchair. :( It reminds me of Lila. :( Monica is still feisty!!! *snicker*

    Monica and Lois: Awwwwwww! Great scene! :)

    Tracy and Olivia: WOW! So Tracy must really like Olivia! I never thought Tracy would apologize to her and mean it! :)

    Olivia and Lois: Come on Olivia are you going to have a discussion about Ned and marrying Lois's ex? Tracy has a point!

    Nison's home:

    Avery, Ava, and Sonny: Awwwww great scene! :) I'm sure Sonny and everyone got the green beans presents too. :)

    Michael and Nina: Oh oh! They are alone! Nina bite him!!! :) Oh Michael didn't bite her. I'm surprised!

    Nina and Sonny: I'm so glad Nina brought up the phantom of the notes! This is a great scene!

    Nina and Ava: WOW!!! Ava you tell Nina!!!! YES YES YES! Nina shouldn't be surprised that people don't want to forgive her! And yes you can't wash away her sins!!!! GO AVA! Thank you! :)

    Dante and Sonny: So I guess Dante isn't invited for Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

    Bobbie special: I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Previews: Vampira in a cloak?!?!! Where is she going?! Did she get some more memory back?!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 6th 2001* When Alexis reunites with her sister Kristina!!

    1. Ava was everything yesterday! I wanted to give her a big old hug when she was done with Nina.
      The sky diving conversation cracked me up. Dante's enthusiasm and watching Alexis's reaction was a hoot!
      Big kudos for Leslie C. coming back. She has been sorely missed. All in all I really enjoyed the show.
      Can't wait for the Bobbie memorial.
      And Sonya, you can mention Tommy the Tapeworm anytime you want! I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. :)

    2. "Julie H said, Ava was everything yesterday!"

      YES SHE WAS!!! :D

      "I wanted to give her a big old hug when she was done with Nina."

      I want to give her a hug too!

      "The sky diving conversation cracked me up. Dante's enthusiasm and watching Alexis's reaction was a hoot!"

      Yeah that was unexpected from Dante! ROFL!

      "Big kudos for Leslie C. coming back. She has been sorely missed."

      Yes she is!!! I hope she is okay!

      "And Sonya, you can mention Tommy the Tapeworm anytime you want! I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. :)"

      Oh okay! :D

  7. Today's and yesterday's shows were pretty good.
    Had a tear when I saw Monica wheel in.
    As I said previously, anything at the Q estate is the best for me right now.
    The surrogate story is annoying and will be for what will feel like eternity.
    For the first time ever I heard myself say "I am so tired of listening to Ava". I love the character and the actress but not her whining. Hopefully Sonny will help to end that situation.
    Spinelli is a fine Christmas gift for us. Hope he only acts like like a giant ass for a short time. The horse was right!

  8. Very much looking forward to Bobbie's memorial.

  9. THIS is interesting - from the article: thoughts?????????????
    Bobbie’s daughter and her best friend, Carly and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) respectively, connect in a special way during the memorial, but a stranger’s surprise arrival unearths a shocking secret — and kicks off a mini adventure for the duo in Amsterdam, where they attempt to take care of Bobbie’s unfinished business.


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