Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Special Episode

ALL WOMEN EPISODE: Note, each is a short scene with no real wrap-up, letting the viewer imagine the ending. 

Scene 1: Maxie's Apartment 
The episode starts with Felicia and Maxie getting ready to watch a movie in the living room. One is making popcorn the other getting the DVD set. They talk about the movie being “The Women” and how it is a classic. 

Scene 2: Charlie's Bar 
Monica and Lesley at a table discussing Gail’s Will and and what it all means. "Why would Gail do this?". Lucy overhears this while walking by and joins them uninvited, saying:  "Gail was one of my closest and dearest friends". Monica and Lesley roll their eyes. There is food in front of them, and they start bickering like they always do.

Scene 3:  General Hospital Nurses' Station

Amy is with Epiphany at the nurses station complaining about having to work the night shift when there are perfectly good men waiting for her at the bars.  Epiphany says “Men, for sure. Perfectly good? You’d better think again".  Bobbie then walks in with Carly and asks for help.  Carly is having severe cramps and is worried about her baby. Epiphany sends them into an exam room and says a doctor will be with them shortly. Bobbie and Carly reminisce with  Bobbie telling stories of BJ and how Tony would have spoiled all his grandchildren.

Scene 4: The Dawn of Day House: 
Shiloh's followers are packing up the house and are getting ready to leave as they are fleeing overnight.  No one has told them where they are going. Alexis and Molly are driving and talking about going to try to talk to Kristina one last time about leaving the group and coming home. They get there and one of the girls is severely sick. Molly goes to find Shiloh and stall him (off camera) while Alexis tries to show Kristina that no one is getting medical help and people can die and Shiloh doesn't care. Alexis calls an ambulance with Kristina fighting her and yelling that Shiloh is handling it. Molly returns and says she couldn't find Shiloh and based on the office, thinks he ran off already without anyone and is gone. An ambulance is heard in the distance. Alexis tells Molly to go outside and wait for ambulance.  She then notices Kritsina is missing, the door wide open. Alexis realizes Krissy probably went to find Shiloh and warn him. Harmony steps out of the shadows and says to Alexis: You'll never stop him. He's a God. 

Scene: 5: The Docks: 
Anna is standing at the pier outwards at the water. Footsteps approach and she says “I didn't think you would show up”. The camera pans and the two figures face each other. It is Dr. O. Anna wants answers about Alex's time in the DVX and any connections to Victor Cassadine's experiments. Lesil tells her she will need something in return. "What could I possibly give you?" asks Anna  "Why your sister of course, we have much unfinished business she and I".... 

Scene 6:  Jerome Gallery
Ava is at the darkened gallery, pacing back and forth in front of a draped canvas. She's sipping a martini. "Always alone" she says to no one-- Her hand hovers over the sheet and she pulls it back with a mighty tug. There is a portrait of Kiki, standing in a field of sunflowers. "Franco" she whispers as she sips her drink. 

Scene 7:  Wyndemere
Nina, Lulu, Charlotte and Sasha are having a 'tea party'.  "More cookies, Sasha"? asks Charlotte. Nina praises her manners and says how wonderful it is to have both of her daughters under one roof.  Lulu's eyebrows raise a bit and she coughs.  Nina asks how Dante is doing (he's back in town) and Lulu tears up a bit. She says he hasn't been the same since coming home and is afraid something terrible happened in Turkey. "You mean he was living with the birds"? asks Charlotte. They all laugh. 

Scene 8: The Spa/Nail Place
Sam is laying back in a chair with her feet in a soak. Liz is beside her doing the same.  They talk about how it is to have kids underfoot all day. Liz tells her to just wait until they get into their teen years. Sam asks about Franco. Liz says "oh we are boring, I'd much rather hear about you and Jason"! Sam says "I bet you would "!!  Liz says maybe they should Grub Hub in some Chinese food and they laugh and laugh. Robin walks in and says "Well look at you two"! Sam "We are talking about Jason" .... Robin's eyebrows go up and down "Oh, I think I need to sit down...we have a TON to dish"!!! 

Scene 8:  Back at Maxie's apartment
Felicia and Maxie on the couch and the last scene of the movie is on the TV. They  make small talk about their relationships and the heartbreak of loves and losses.  Georgie will be mentioned and a flashback shown.  Maxie asks "I wonder what she would be doing if she were alive.   Felicia says "Something courageous and noble, no doubt"

Scene 9: (Fantasy Scene) at General Hospital 
Cut to the hospital. We see a pair of legs walking into Carly's examining room. Camera looks up and it is Georgie  in a doctor's uniform, telling Carly that everything is fine, and the baby is fine. She says she will fill out the discharge papers now. She walks to the nurses stations and asks Epiphany for the papers, and her phone rings. She answers and says "I'll be home soon. Tuck her in and give her a kiss for me. I love you".  Georgie walks to the elevator and gets in. As the door shuts, 4th wall is broken and she winks to the camera.  

Fade to black.

This episode was directed by Kimberly McCullough

PS. This is a work of fiction doubling as the Wednesday blog.
Feel free to post anything and everything. Have a good day Wubbers!


  1. Why couldn't this be todays episode.

  2. Listened 10 times to Robert's last words to Dante & Sonny. We could not understand one word of that sentence. What did he say?.."Our scenes are so boring" or?????

  3. I have a few questions, please.....I DO think Peter and Maxie will break up and Chet will fill in for Maxie. OR Peter will get with Lulu???? No other reason to have Maxie flirt with Peter.
    and yesterday laid the groundwork that Dante can never come home and be normal due to "the things I have experienced' so I think Lulu will rely on Peter....
    HERE is the comment though - how INTERESTING that LULU isn't writing about Ryan/Kevin/her experience and that she isn't a big reporter now - she doesn't even MENTION writing for the paper - very stupid...
    and it's too convenient that Franco is going home so something will happen..........and Kim's presence in Port Charles - any mother would leave after her son passed away so I hope that happens.......

  4. Love every scene, I can picture Amy Vining complaining to Jessie about working night shift. Lesley & Monica together? Hell yes! Georgie as a doctor- bring it!

  5. O M G...Your fictional GH day is absolutely incredible! Ironically I thought today's scene(s) with Anna/Alex were in the top 5 worst scenes ever. Even Finn looked like he was in pain as they cried...again. Too many twins. Lousy stories. But.... saved the day. Oh how I wish you wrote for GH. Thank you!!!

    1. And how lame was that memory. If that's the big reveal it's beyond stupid that they wasted so much time on this story.

  6. Hmm I'm confused. I guess this means you didn't watch GH today Karen! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Alex's room:

    Alex, Anna, and Finchy: Boris?! Who cares about Boris!!! Just tell Anna that Hiney is really your child and not Anna's!!!!!

    Nurses station:

    Alexis and Julian: The camera angles were very strange. Cut that out writers!!! Alexis thinking about the sex dream hahahahaha! Are you going to tell Julian about it? :)

    Private room:

    Jasam: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Why are you in a public place talking?!!?! I thought you wanted to be secretive?!!?! I have been meaning to talk about Sam's new coat! I like it!!! It fits well with the winter weather. :) I am glad she isn't wearing her motorcycle jacket in this weather!

    Cult house:

    King Shanky and Krissy: Oh! The circle of life! I mean the circle of trust!!

    The lion King:

    It's the circle of life
    And it moves us all
    Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love
    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding

    Oh my!!! Secrets!!! What is your HUGEST BIGGEST SECRET Krissy?!!?!? Tell King Mufasa all about it!!! And then he can give you a tramp stamp!

    Michael and Krissy: Oh oh Michael! Be careful!!! If you say anything bad about the cult house or King Mufasa then Krissy will be very mad and you are dead to her! Oh oh Michael talking about Willow!!! The look on King Mufasa's face!!!!

    The floating rib:

    Chillow with a side of Finchy: Why is Finchy always looking so awkward when he talks to Willow?

    Chase and Michael: Awww bonding. :) Oh oh Willow overhears them talking about King Mufasa!!! She is skeered!!!! Looks like she is about to jump out of her skin!!!

    Chillow and Michael: Oh boy! Willow REALLY wants Michael GET Krissy out of the cult house!!!!!!! ASAP! When she left to make a phone call, what did she say? Break my niece? Huh?

    Carson home:

    Carly, Lulu, and Olivia: Lulu did you apologize to BobTodd yet? Yes ladies! Carly got the preggers! :) Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: Holy Mary mother of God!



    Turkey boy aka Cam Jr and Robert: This boy should move to Port Chuckles!!! :) I've seen the pictures of him with Eden McCoy and William Lipton! So maybe he did join GH! :)

    Turkey house: Oh oh Turkey boy gets caught!!! Oh goodie! Shootings! And of course everyone can't shoot very well! ROFL! Oh look Dante shoots and I guess kills Raj! Oh hi Robert! :)

    1. Sonya, Willow said, "Break my lease." And Turkey boy has to leave Turkey, as the organization will come after him, so I guess he will be newest edition to PC.

    2. Turkey boy is the cleanest street kid I've ever seen. It looks like the actor was primped and groomed for the runway. lol

    3. "AntJoan says Sonya, Willow said, "Break my lease."

      Ohhhh! Before I even asked that question, I went online to listen and it still sounded like break my niece! ROFL! Like break her out of there.

    4. I agree - this kid looks as much as a poor runaway as Oscar looks like he is dying.

  7. No need for confusion. Karen had to run out of town for a few days. Not as far as Australia this time. Guess who is filling in?

    Karen and I both wrote about 50% of todays blog. And I am going to pick a topic and write tomorrows. Essentially to open up a page for all of you to comment and talk about the days events.

    As you may recall, I am on the west coast, and by the time I get home from work and watch GH it is around 9pm PST or midnight east coast and there is no way I can recap or comment that late at night.

    I will open a new blog first thing in the morning and everyone and comment til their hearts content. Karen should be back blogging on Friday

    THANK YOU SONYA for recapping todays show. I was waiting for it! We appreciate it and can definitely use it tomorrow as well. (Thursday)

    Have a great night everyone.

  8. "delcodave says No need for confusion. Karen had to run out of town for a few days. Not as far as Australia this time. Guess who is filling in"

    YOU! YAY! :)

    "THANK YOU SONYA for recapping todays show."

    You're welcome!!!!! :)

    "I was waiting for it!"

    You were? Awwww how sweet. :) *BEARHUGS* :)

    "We appreciate it and can definitely use it tomorrow as well. (Thursday)"

    Will do!!! :)



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