Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Slowly We Turn...

SO, who's bringing the Twinkies and Red Bull? 



And if you don't know that Stooges routine, look up 3 Stooges Niagara Falls on You Tube!! Hilarity! I heard "Niagara Falls" so much this week I had to laugh. Every time I hear those 2 words, I think of this. People say it around here too. 

 What a week, eh? Things are coming to a Dr. Pimple Popper moment for Ryan!! I enjoyed most of the week--with a few exceptions (which I'll be glad to share with you later in the blog).

WUBS WRITES THE SCENE:  Franco's Interview. Not sure I would have had Lulu conduct it, but it did spark her memory so.. I'll let that stand. Glaring omissions and total misuse of a set? 
Julian's Bar. 
Who was there? Ava. Ryan. Julian, Alexis. 
Who WASN'T There? Just about everyone that really mattered to SEE that interview:
Dr. O (she would have smelled a rat a mile away)

Since Cam and crew eat their on the daily it seems, why weren't they there for this?/ Can you imagine? Liz could have come in looking for Cam because he forgot his term paper and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Franco on the TV.  OR..what if the whole family went with Drew to get some lunch and she and ALL the kids saw it at once!!?? Wow. 
 Scotty was in there the same day only later - why didn't you put him in when it counted?  Very strange. Missed moments for sure. 

I did love the dialog and how Franco led Ryan into anger by saying how much his past murders were lame. JL and Maura's faces were priceless during the interview as well.  If Jon doesn't get an Emmy after all of this, I will revolt! 


Yeah, Jason you're a jerk! 
A jerk and all you ever gave me was crummy Chinese food and heartache! 
Yeah, she's in DAWN DAY now! 

So, in this story, Sam is trying to convince Shank that she's broken up with Jason, kinda likes him and is totally into The Cult.  Interestingly enough, we never saw either he or Drew really blind --they were cured when the story picked back up. Jason also spent more time in his little hospital gown than Drew did! 
PS. I really REALLY hope there's some sort of group "Dawn Day" Tattoo they have to get and Sam has to get one to prove her loyalty ahaha!

So, I killed a few people-- one ran into my knife and the other ran into my car..what's a girl to do? Oh, and someone fell off a parapet but that was because she wasn't even supposed to BE there. Well, yeah, and I faked a psychosis to get out of one of them--but who in this town hasn't? I mean, Franco even got a tumor! 

Alexis in therapy. I like it. NLG always brings it and the new guy is good too. Going over Alexis' history is also fun because come on-- she's done some wild things. I'm interested to see where this goes. 

Ok, it's like this... we are twins and I think our memories...
Ye scum...
Robert! not now! Ok, so Alex might have my memories, or I might have her..mem..
You disgust me. 
Well, jest look at 'em. All beady-eyed jest like his fatha. Jest hope HE'S not a twin.
Oh my god, is that even a possibility?
Why not? Nothing's evah simple. Theah could be a whole dinga-dozen of him we don't know about! 

Oh boy-- *sigh* I am bothered that Robert is isolated in this story. Love that Tristan is back but damn--move him around a bit. Someone loves me though because he want OFF on Peter!! This also gives me hope that Peter will turn out to be as twisted as Faison ever was. That's all that's going to save him for me at this point. (that..or getting hit by a bus)

Finally! I mean it's the end of the story---but Finally you remembered to talk to us!! 

Oh my GOD, did you just STAB me? 
You bet I did! 
Did you just stab me somewhere that I'll be able to fight you, walk a long way and not die?
Yep....losin' my touch. 

Oh my GOD, Kevin..what's that? HUH? I see that .. What are you doing? Why are you here? What was in there? Where's Ava? Why are you marrying her? Do you know she's a bitch? Are you really a murderer? By the way, I don't like that coat.. Did you know I was pregnant? I am! I'm thrilled..although Sonny's really not I don't think. Gee, why are you in looking in your trunk? 

NOTE: The entire audience would love for Ryan to cut out Carly's vocal cords. Yes, ] yes we would. 

RYAN CHAMBERLIAN IS NEARING THE END, PEOPLE.  Which fills my heart with sadness. I'm hoping this happens: The throws Carly in the trunk, picks up Ava and cranks the tunes so she can't hear. They get in a bad accident and he flees. Ava finds Carly's hand dangling out of the popped trunk door and she pulls her to safety. It's then she learns Kevin is Ryan. Ryan is out in the wilds of Canada looking for moose and Brador Beer until he pops up again, seeking his revenge two years later.  
The whole Ryan-unraveling was done well  and I loved watching JL go through all the emotions. He and Roger were a ton of entertainment during the whole 'Who am I' routine. I didn't see Franco get stabbed in the promos so I was shocked a bit. (which is why they shouldn't put that stuff in promos, imo).  Having Lulu figure things out with Maxie and then Felicia and Mac was a nice touch. Yes, Mac and Flea were long overdue and there were some holes that could have been plugged. I was excited to get home to watch the show however, and that's my meter for a good show.

signing: How I long...for the kidney that's will you your thong..
(oh that's just mean, Karen)! 


Jordan had one kidney operated out....the other is failing and they have to find a donor
Ava got engaged to Ryan and agreed to go to Niagara Falls Canada to marry him. 
The kids are going to Niagara Falls (Stateside I'm assuming) via "Lady Jane's Adventure Fund"
Dr. Neil finds out just what a crazy murdering gal Alexis is. 
Franco does a TV interview, finds out Jordan is in a coma, gets stabbed and crawls to Liz'...all to have her not believe it's Ryan killing people
Lulu remembers way more 
Anna decides she has to find Dr. Klein. To get info on the Twin-Study. Is it me or does Anna go on an awful lot of "I need to find" people jaunts? 

FUN SCENE OF THE WEEK: Call me weird, but even with everything going on, the scene that stuck most in my mind was Ava and Scotty. I love Kin...I love Maura. This scene was a total exposition of Franco's interview but it was fun, a bit flirty and didn't feel like a recon-chore to watch. Scotty also starts talking about Gail and his sorrow and Ava's like: I'd love to listen but--GOTTA GO!! lol 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Julian reacts to Ava getting engaged to "Kevin" . If this was a gif, he'd be blinking. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Ryan's box of pain. Has all the other licenses in it. You know that Ryan is turning more into his own madness when he has to stop and look at his work before getting the heck outta Dodge. 

SUGGESTION OF THE WEEK (again): See these two? See their ages? See how cute they are?? He's a medical intern! She's a struggling college student. GET. THEM. ON. THE SHOW. MORE.

There you have it! Like I said, I really wanted to get home and watch! So much better than doing it because I blog and tweet. Wonder who's giving Jordan the kidney. Part of me says Ryan ... just because of the irony of it all--but part of me hopes not because I want Ryan to live forever.  
Have a good Sunday's snowing again here-- which isn't surprising. March is a sucky month for us. 

You thought I forgot breakfast, didn't you? Well...see that box up there? TJ brought some donuts for you too! 


  1. GH has 3 of the best actors on daytime maura west, jon linstrom and roger howarth. why does this show center around the gruesome 4. stoneface, the mumbler, snarly and the godfather.

  2. Great SS Karen. Really liked your thought of Ryan donating kidney to save Jordan. I thought Roger and Jon gave Emmy performances last week. Hoping Jason is not the one to bring Ryan down. Like to see Ava do it.

  3. Did you see Twitter debate that Peter is going to end up being Robin’s twin? Somehow Anna/Alex’s memories are mixed, but Peter was not result.

  4. I think peter is going to be Alex’s son and not Anna’s

  5. Peter being Robin's twin is just all stupid. He's older isn't he? I just want Peter to be Alex son. ERASE all that crap with Anna sleeping with Faison. Too stupid for us long time fans to even believe. Just as stupid as Luke cheating on Laura and having Ethan be his and Holly's son. This rewrite crap is so horrible to the long time fans. Like a kick in the face.

  6. P.S. Thank you Karen for your wonderful SS. I truly appreciate you doing this blog. I love it.

  7. PSS. Molly is a legacy character. PLEASE writers have her on the show more. Is she too busy in college IRL, is that why?

  8. I read TJ gives a kidney and there are medical issues, which would be good that Jordan would always feel guilty....but I wanted it to be Stella's kidney....and somehow find out Curtis IS Stella's boy.
    the kids in Niagara Falls HAS to have something to do with Ryan/Ava - I didn't think about Ryan escaping, Karen but I LIKE THAT ALOT!!!! NOW who will find Laura and Kevin? Don't you think that Ferncliff will now be shut down by Mayor Laura ----- with all of their incompetence???? She said she was going to clean up the mess........
    I think this is a lawyer question but are Kevin and Laura really divorced? I though Ryan signed the papers - not Kevin....... and when did Ryan FILE the papers in court???? I don't think it's a legal divorce.
    where is Spencer now and is NO ONE looking for Laura?
    Peter IS Alex's son.......
    I can't figure out why Carly is pregnant unless Ava DOES save her and the baby and they owe her? Pretty sure she won't lose this baby?
    let's finish this storyline and move on to Wiley fiasco.....

  9. Thanks for another great SS. Good week for GH mostly. But going back...things that go poof...the shoes that Ava took; and way back...the Kiki's scarf with Ryan's blood that went into evidence. Why are these things even mentioned at all? Will lives collide at Niagara Falls? I miss Mike and that story. It means something when such a good story disappears for so long. Too much Shank and mumbler. And then there will be that forever baby story, soon to be not a baby.

  10. Always love "Sunday Surgery".Just looked at the Soap Opera ratings and GH was dead last.The Ryan story ,even with its flaws has been the best in a long time.Kevin is at least partially responsible for the latest murders.Ferncliff is no more incompetent than the PC Police Force.The new TJ is a good actor but he looks too old for a young looking Molly.

  11. Thanks for another great Sunday Surgery.

  12. Sloooowly we turned...inch by inch!! Lol! You're a trip Karen! Love the Stooges and that ones a classic! I agree,the show, for the most part, has been good this wk. Thanks for another good SS! Have a blessed night!

  13. Where has Ryan been keeping those drivers licenses all this time?

  14. Exactly. He couldn't have them in Ferncliff. Safe deposit box wouldn't have been paid for. Maybe buried in the ground. LOL

    1. Never really discussed that. They just appeared in a box in Kevin’s office.

    2. Ryan keeps them as "trophies," and it seems he enjoys looking at them, so he would keep them nearby.

  15. Great SS! Really enjoyed most of last week. Just wanted to mention that I went to a GH event yesterday. AntJoan, you are right about Maura - she is so nice and really beautiful in person. And funny! I was most looking forward to meeting Finola and found her very nice but rather reserved. She was a bit more engaged in the q & a but left the stage before the others. I had already met Wally and Wil deVry, and they are both great. Loved Donnell - really good guy just like Curtis. Josh (Chase) is really sweet and humble. Loved our Valentin - JPS - had a nice conversation about his dad! The guys were so funnny! No spoilers but a fun time. There was a live feed on FB for Soapfantasy, and I got in on it - Donnell came over and put his arm around me. Got some great pics. They were all very appreciative of the fans.

  16. Oh, Linda, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You met so many actors!! I can't believe you still remember what I said about meeting Maura! Where was the event?

  17. The event was in Arlington, VA - first one ever here in No. Va. Maura LOVES Ava Jerome!! She has such beautiful skin! I was so looking forward to meeting her after your experience. She has 5 kids and the oldest is 22! She loves working with Jon Lindstrom and Kin Shriner.

  18. Maura is a very lucky woman and wow, 5 kids!

    On another note, off topic, Luke Perry of 90210 fame and Riverdale passed away today from complications from a stroke. 😥

  19. Yes, I saw that, I was shocked!!


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