Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Hoodies UP!


Ok, so.. this was something someone made this on Twitter!! OMG!! It's awesome and look closely in the right hand side!! RYAN!! LOL!! 

I had a breakdown midweek about the show and how the Post-Ryan story was told. I'm still not happy-- you'll hear it soon!! Put your hoodies on and get comfy....

I'll get the bitch-fest out of the way: 

Oh hey, hi!! Let me tell you about the Kale farm I got going..
Gee, you must be bored! 
Yeah, it's not like my mom has been kidnapped and left for dead or anything... 

What in the actual HELL was this? The day after a riveting Ryan-end we got.. Chem-Test for these two, some Willow moping and Maxie STILL trying to do an DNA test. No Felicia/Mac/Lucy follow up. No Scotty on-- I mean, seriously? Joss finds Carly in the hospital in Niagara Falls and Carly doesn't even tell her what's going on. All so bizarre. Peter could have been the ol' Tiffany Hill and out getting people's reactions with Maxie. Lulu also disappeared. ALL of that should have happened on Tuesday instead of this. ALL. Of. IT. It was like one side of the town is freaking out and the other was showing what was happening a week ago. Ugh. Major misstep, imo. 
Michael found out on Friday's show-- (off camera)

ON To the Rest of the Show: 

KIKI!!!!!!!! KIKI!!!! What more can be said about Ava screaming her murdered daughter's name after Laura gave her the truth about her relationship with "Kevin".  Genie also deserves high praise as well. She played it perfectly. 

Laura/Kevin--WOW.. Such a great scene when she finds out Kevin was working with him all that time!! OMG they are so good!  Laura realizing the part Kevin played in the Ryan mess and not even being able to process it.  

By the way was Kevin harboring a fugitive? Will he loose his medical license?  Will Laura ever forgive him?? 

Well, to be perfectly honest, Jordan offered me a gift card to Wings N' Things 

and I couldn't say no!

Franco and Ava discussion in his hospital room.  So well done. Although if I were writing, Ava would have been brought in sedated. We never saw the after "the hug" sequence with Laura. I thought that would have been worth the airtime. 
Ava screaming at AMY!! "OUT"!!! She scared me!! Geesh!! 

Good Job!! Good Job!!
Wait, who are you?
I'm AMY, silly!! I'm a nurse here-- 
I work here and don't remember you...
Oh, that's because I'm only around right before the Nurses' Ball!! They need my voice! 

So, tell me the truth, how DID you find me? 

Carly..Spinelli chipped you back in 2014. I ALWAYS know where you are. 

HEY KID! Ya think I don't see ya takin' that outta my coat!! Come on.. this might be TURKEY but I know a rat when I see them...

So, this went south quickly. Robert left Sonny and Sonny went out on his own ..(wonder when we'll see Robert again). and found a savvy street kid. Sigh. You know, it was SUCH a Tony Geary scene I was having deja vu.  Thank GOD Dante showed up when he did because I was giving up hope. Anyone watch The Man in the High Castle? Anyone see what happened to Joe's father? (Sebastian Roche)?? Can we dare hope?? LOL

Yep.. whatever. Why are you in my story again? 

BOAT MISSED:  Valerie should have been infiltrating the Cult for the PCPD about a month ago-- maybe been in Beecher's Corners a bit with Harmony (off camera but still) and then she could be central in saving Krissy. But, we can't have nice things because GH let Brytni get away. This was her last show.  No word on a recast--and even if they went in that direction? The Chem that she and Lexi had was the root of the whole thing anyway, so thanks for nothing. 

More of the Cult Club: Willow was in it. Is that SHank's kid? 

something something...Shiloh

I really wish I could put the video clip up of the scenes this week. I swear, there's a voice check in order here. Plus the fact there's just NO affect anymore. Nothing... and I'm a Kelly fan.  I've seen her work and praised it often. I'm not sure what the hell is going on but damn. I call it like I see it... 

Wait, you are?
YES, I am so I get to know what's happening...
Um, Michael? 
Yeah, Jason?
You'd better check you are still in them....

Anyone watch the Man in the High Castle? Joe had to shoot Julian Jacks? (Sebastian Roche?) this is TOTALLY it!! 

Ryan jumped into the river--Jason saved Ava
Ava found out that she'd never been with Kevin..
Carly was found by St. Jaysus and taken to the hospital
Baby is apparently ok
Oscar and Joss want to DO IT
Oscar has to return for more tests
Maxie wants Brad to test Sasha's DNA
Valentin found out about it. 
Alexis had a sex dream about Julian
Finn and Alexis play Jenga to keep her from drinking
Molly's the smartest in the room
Michael is apparently KALE Farming
Willow has one of those Cult Club Tatts, so does Harmony
Shank had his shirt off quite a bit
Andre didn't help with the memory switch with Anna
Sonny's in Turkey. DANTE! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Kevin and Laura, going through the pain of what he wrought. Magnificent!  The Bridge scene was a close second but I did love the whole Kevin/Laura vibe and the dialog. 

See, so when I catch him, I"m gonna twist his balls off ONE...

GIVE HER THE EMMY: I can't say enough about Maura....she  just stole the show. Genie and Jon did a superb job as well but damn. Without this lady, who knows what it would have felt like?? 


FACE OF THE WEEK:   Willow gets a load of Chase Ford's chestial heavenliness 


JUST BECAUSE: So, I'm waiting for Dr. O to just write a column about the Dead Rising in Port Charles. 

MOM! SERIOUSLY--- you JUST gave me the birth control talk're--PREGNANT???Great going.. How embarrassing!!

That's it!! Pretty choppy week after a solid start. Alexis' NON-reaction to Ryan/Kevin switch kind of summed up the entire after-reveal. Pretty flat. Scotty was good with Ava--but ?? Not seeing the reaction of him finding out? Weak. Speaking of weak, the SHank story better heat up a lot faster. I'm diggin' the whole branding thing and that Willow is in on it but-- meh. Could be a LOT darker and a LOT more dangerous.  Although the actor wasn't my favorite, boy did they kill off the wrong brother. Michael is just straight up zzzzzzzzz.  
My idea: Ava tries to murder Kevin because she can't divorce the fact that he's not Ryan from her head. That said, I think I'm having transference issues myself because I still think Kevin's acting a bit weird. Paranoia or....??? something more?? 
Great week for women on the show--so much so I think we need an entire women-centric episode with NO men around. Even the camera work, direction--writing. Everything. 

Unfortunately, I'm out and about again this week..I'm in Buffalo Wed-Friday. I will try to keep up. David might be taking over a little bit as well. Sunday Surgery may have to wait. After that, I'm hoping my time gets a bit more predictable. 


  1. I think Michael said "kelp farm" twice. Either way, ZZZzzzzz....

  2. Thanks Karen. I always love and appreciate your posts.

    It was kelp farming Michael was talking about. A lot more exciting than KALE farming. I looked it up. LOL. That whole scene was just silly and boring. I still say put Michael with Maxie and her silliness. Jazz him up a bit writers.

    I too am a Kelly/Sam fan for years. Something is going on with her. I think she learned the mumbling and whispering thing from Billy Miller. There was a scene with her in Charlie's bar recently. She was talking to Kristina and the whole time Kelly was looking down, fumbling with her too long of sleeves shirt and mumbling and whispering her lines. I THINK I caught what she was saying but not sure.

    Genie, Jon and Maura were excellent this week. I think the writers, directors and producers don't speak to each other. Half the cast didn't even know about the Ryan stuff it seemed. It was like they stuck last weeks scenes onto today's scenes. They have just completely disconnected scenes nowadays. Gloria Monty would never have accepted this crappy work.
    I have read the horror stories about her, but she did strive for perfection.

    I am in agreement about a woman centric show. Would be great. Have one where Ryan is alive and ALL women go after him with NO Jason around at all. This St. Jaysus thing is really getting to me as well and I have been a fan of Jason (and Sam) in the past.

    1. I have to say I agree with all of this. WHAT is going on with Sam these days??

  3. I am a fan of Sonny, Carly, and Jason, but let some of the other cast be in scenes. Give someone else a turn to shine. I love the vets. Let Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Bobbie and Monica be on more often. Sad to say, but I bet most of the viewers of soaps that are left are vets like us who have been watching for 40 years. I know they need to get younger people "hooked", but they are not doing a good job with the teenagers they hire. I do like Molly, Joss, new Cam and Spencer when he is on, but they need to do a better job with the writing and directing. With Robin and Stone I was devastated when Stone passed away. This thing with Oscar I could care less about. He is not a good actor and he hasn't been around long enough to care about him IMO. Plus, the writing and directing is so poor. No one is invested in caring. Even the scenes when Maxie got BJ heart was GUT wrenching. We were invested in the characters and the writing was so good. Clear and rosy faced Oscar running around all over just isn't believable.

  4. the talent on GH, is Genie, Maura, Jon,Kin,NLG,Roger,Rebecca,and Finola. the show should center around them. I cannot watch the gruesome 4 (carson and jasam) they put me to sleep.especially since jason is really in love with carly.

  5. Thanks for Sunday Surgery, Karen. I look forward to reading it each week.

  6. LOL, Jason chipped Carly!! Yes, that explains it!! I guess we all are let down by how they dropped follow-up to the Ryan story, with Karen already mentioning all of the folks who should have been in those scenes. I guess they are trying to drum up interest for the remaining stories, but they really gave short shrift to one of their better stories, thereby doing a disservice to themselves and to the fans.

    Though some people have mentioned liking Alexis's therapy, I definitely do not. First, as I have said before, a therapist never should treat someone they are sexually attracted to. They had some kind of mutual attraction when they met at the bar, so that therapist definitely should have referred her to someone else. And, that someone else should be FEMALE!! Alexis is a feminist, why does she keep seeing male therapists? As a therapist myself, and a feminist, I think that it is much better for women to see female therapists. I myself would NEVER to to a male therapist. Also, most therapists ARE female, although a lot of psychiatrists are male.

  7. Karen said...Carly..Spinelli chipped you back in 2014. I ALWAYS know where you are.

    *** lol That was a perfect line. I would definitely believe it. I'm surprised they haven't done it yet.

    And thatnks again for another entertaining surgery.

  8. Excellent SS! I also mentioned earlier this week how KM is totally disengaged-no expression or sound. What should have been a solid week was fractured. Fortunately we got some fabulous performances. Molly was terrific-need to see her more. I agree with AntJoan about this therapist being inappropriate to be counseling Alexis. I would think he should be starting way back with her instead of focusing on her love life. Did Carly even ask Jason about Sonny? As soon as Robert left the storyline died, not that it wasn’t DOA to begin with. Maybe this week will be better...

    1. I have to agree, KM hasn't been acting right and I don't know why. Although I love Jason,him being inserted into the Ryan story at the end like that wasn't right. I'm still hoping and praying Ryan is found or comes back on his own and Ava gets the proper justice she deserves, and it HAS to be Ava. No one else will do and I'm praying GH doesn't screw that up. We need to see the vets, Mac, Felicia, Bobbie, Monica, they should be getting airtime and a good story because there are still many of us soap fans who want to see that.

  9. I agree about Tristan. He always carries a scene. Where is he? He lights up a scene IMO

  10. I think some of the actors need a long vacation. The 4 that dominate should go away for awhile. Sonny, Carly, Sam and Jason should go away for a month or so on vacation. Give others a chance to shine

  11. i cannot BELIEVE we wasted time and never saw FELICIA and MAC after the Ryan reveal.....STUPID!!!!!! and Shiloh IS the baby daddy.....
    I think this kid will come back to Port Charles -- -
    FOR ME - I watched it 8 times - the opening =- WHY in the name of everything good and kind is AMY's pic there and NOT Diane? Diane should be there and should have more storyline!!!! and no Epiphnany in the opening credits but AMY is??????? Molly has been there a while, I think, but not Amy. Honestly, am I the only one tired of Anna crying and moping? hopefully after she finds out she isn't Peter's mom, they can do something else besides DVX and spy, etc.
    two things will make me lost it: if we are still talking about the baby switch at Thanksgiving AND if this summer, Danny and Scout are teenagers causing trouble.....LOL

  12. It can be frustrating when we see actors/characters so infrequently that are so good. Molly was wonderful in that scene about the cult. Would love to see her more often. I guess she isn't neurotic enough. The entire Dante story is just bizarre and boring. Why didn't they just recast him? Very frustrating.

  13. Great SS! Thanks for it and the daily blog. Best 2 characters of the week...Ava and Molly. Although MW has been fantastic through the whole Ryan story. There is no balance. And the abundance of 5 second scenes is annoying. And the mumbling...seems to be contagious lately. About the Ryan ending: can you imagine if a serial killer, in real life, went over a bridge. There would be full TV coverage, helicopters and a full out search until he or his body was found. Now we are full on to the DOD story. Can not even look at the Skank. Have a great Sunday everyone!

  14. Replies
    1. I second that. She's 100 times more interesting than Kristina and has so much more range.

  15. Lol to the chestial heavenliness, perfect! I agree 1000% about the Ryan story, so many wasted opportunities, and it makes me angry and sad!

    Molly is perfection. And what can I say about Sam, that hasn't already been said. She's been robotic and mumbling for ages now. She ruins ever scene she's in.

    Thanks for the Surgery!


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