Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: A Wing and A Prayer

But Wubs Didn't WATCH LIVE?? WHAT?? 

Wing and a Prayer.... For the show AND for me.  For me, because I didn't watch a lot and for the show--well, ratings could be better. It does befuddle me a bit because as you know, I'm a huge harsh critic and I've been enjoying it lately. 

Well, you know what's famous here in Buffalo to eat besides wings?? SPONGE CANDY! SO pull it up and take several bites of it's deliciousness.

Yeah, I remember we went out once.. you really were good for fact, now that I think about it, I remember how to smile... Yep..there it is!! 

NOTE: Loved this scene. 

What ya doin' DON-TAY. I mean, I come to find you all  International like...and ya thank me by shooting me and now I'm in dis pit. 

Yeah, ya ruined my whole bad-boy look, there DAD-- thanks A LOT. Now, do you want a falafel or what? 

No, Turkish Taffy.. doesn't work that way. 

Oh, hi, Wubsy--did you forget about me? You did? Yeah, I still exist. Sorry. So so, sorry. 

SO...was that good for you or??? 
Well.... I was doing the shopping list in my head... so kinda

NOTE: I saw on twitter that Dante's "homecoming" wasn't what Lante thought it would be. Hmm... exit story that's more credible than him out with the WSB all the time?? I think so.

Wait until you see these pics I got on the way back from the Falls!!
Oh Em GEE!! Cam, are they what I think they are??!!
YEP!! I saw THREE deer and a bunny !!

Well, then I just kind of...well... took my evil twin serial killer brother and put him in Ferncliff close to town where he could easily get out and do damage--but I SWEAR I never thought it would happen. I mean, Heather Webber may have gotten out of there 44 times but... who knew MY twin would? Who could ever have foreseen this!!? 

Literally EVERYONE IN TOWN KEVIN, even Rocco could have figured it out... 

NOTE: Why do I still think something is fishy with all this? Is it that Jon plays psycho so well? I keep finding pieces of Ryan in Kevin, which I suppose is normal. Kevin can ALWAYS have a psychosis of his own, right?  PS yes, he SHOULD have been arrested for aiding and a betting. 


Oh my GAWD! You're..pregnant?
Yep.. Bun in the oven!!

Thank GAWD...I thought I was the oldest in town to give birth! This is awesome. 
So, wait... Carly, that makes the Baby Roccos'.. Uncle? And..Dante's brother.. 
Double-Uncle- Cousin.. because you know, the Bobbie connection. And Leo. So, Double Uncle, Double Cousin...

OH my GAWD! You have to name it MORGAN!! 
Oh, I don't know Olivia, there will never be another MORGAN...
(sad piano music)  
Morgan.. *sigh*
Wait, I know, I'll name the baby BORGEN** That's it... then it will be homage to Jason AND Morgan... 

Ummm, Ewwww...
No, really, I can show you the lighthouse again and we'll be cool again...
I Said Ewwwww
But, my remember my ABS, Right?? 
Again, Ewwwww....

WUBSHELL WEEK: (spit-ballin' a bit here) 
*Oscar's Tumor is growing... 6 weeks to live. 
**Griffin is gone walkabout
*Alex still hasn't talked?? At least about the important Peter Matter
**Kevin's arrested for not telling coppers about Ryan
*Chet is working at The Floating Rib and flirting a bit with Maxie
**Sonny's faked his death to get outta Turkey
*Lante's first reunion zex wasn't smooth as silk
*SHank found Willow, and she's getting outta Dodge
**Nina still thinks Char is god's gift to girlhood

SURPRISE KUDOS OF THE WEEK: Damn! Brilliant scenes-- and I also liked the Willow/Shiloh stuff AND when Chase Ford came in. It was intriguing and true to life as far as Nina goes (as a bossy-ass'd parent) and I LOVED Willow telling her off!! Val's face--AHAHHAA. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Ok, so it's based on 2 days of watching but I have to say I loved this scene. Why? Unexpected. Oscar isn't my fave--and this story is on my last nerve. This talk however was just written so well--and for once, Oscar's lack of affect worked. Kim did a superb job. Even I, caustic Wubsy, teared up. 

PROPS OF THE WEEK:  Picture by Jake-- Cookies by Aiden.

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Lulu finding out Carly is PG 

GIANT WHA? OF THE WEEK: Hmmmm...torture or..kink? 

GOODBYE OF THE WEEK:  Poor Griffin. He could have been Anna and Duke's son. He could have been so much. A hot priest-exorcist that turns into a de-frocked hottie. But alas...sigh. Never really hit a stride as a character. So, fare thee well. 

POST NOTE:  I also thought the Mike/Carly scenes were authentic-- that was perfect confusion and in/out on his part. I so hope Max wins the Emmy. 
Sorry if this is just a catch-all!! I was really busy this week with family stuff and tried to do what I could! Thank GOD I can find photos on twitter and watch some clips. I will try to get some viewing in before next week for sure. Hope you are well. Have a great Sunday!! 

**for those not in the 'know' Jason was often called "The Borg" in his early robotic days. 


  1. Thank you Karen. Excellent as always. I wasn't attached to Griffin. Would have been better as Anna and Duke's son. Instead of the stupid Peter thing. They REALLY better not make Robin Alex's daughter. I have watched Robin since day one and the relationship she has with Anna and Robert. I have watched GH for 40 years, but that would be as stupid as Luke cheating on Laura.

    Sorry for the tangent. Thank you again Karen for taking time out of your busy life to do this blog for us. It is very much appreciated always.

    1. "lindie says I have watched GH for 40 years, but that would be as stupid as Luke cheating on Laura."

      Yup!!! I agree!!!!! Robin is Anna and Roberts, and Luke never cheated on Laura! Ethan is really Robert and Holly's son.

  2. Guess that is Dante's version of the "tramp stamp". Did they brainwash him and torture him ??????????

    1. Yeah!!! Did they brainwash him and bring him into the circle of trust!?!?! ROFL!

  3. jason is still the borg. watched steve burton on ynr as dylan and still played the borg.

  4. Interesting body language, the picture of Willow with Shiloh. She is shrinking from him, still afraid. So he still seems to have power over her--too bad. I think her main fear, however, is that he somehow will find out that her baby is his, and he will seek custody (of course, WE all know that that baby is no more :( ).

  5. great SS Karen I agree the Kim/Oscar scenes were great. Another amazing week for Ava. My prop of the week was Sonny's beret.....laughed so hard. And we should have seen Griffin saying bye to Liz, Anna, Epiphany, anyone but Carly/Sonny.

  6. "Oh, hi, Wubsy--did you forget about me?"

    I did!!!

    "You did? Yeah, I still exist. Sorry. So so, sorry."


    "PS yes, he SHOULD have been arrested for aiding and a betting.

    Okay yes that's true, but I don't want him to stay in jail!! What I REALLY want, is for Lucy to show up at his cell, and yell at him! :) That would be a GREAT scene!

    "GIANT WHA? OF THE WEEK: Hmmmm...torture or..kink?"

    ROFL! I chose kink. :) Was it with Val again? ROFL!

  7. Great Sunday Surgery. I was able to get through 23 episodes of GH in 3 hours. There was a lot of FF. Loved the bridge scenes. I agree with you Willow taking on Nina and Valetin's face with the "Oh she got you there" look was priceless. Love that we are seeing Billy Miller smile like he used to. He was just so much better with Liz (Becky) than with Sam (Kelly). Loving Ava's downward spiral.

  8. Thanks for the Surgery! My favorite scenes all week were with Willow. Her taking down Nina a peg or two was excellent. I was cheering her on! And the scenes with Skank were creepy and very effective. I was very happy to see Chase. Loved it!


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