Monday, March 4, 2019

My Arms Hurt

Laura and Kevin. Yep, they are still in the broiler room.  Oh boy, Kevin's going to tell her he is the one that brought Ryan to Ferncliff. Nope, she finds the name "Danginzer" carved into the brick. They figure out he was a serial killer long ago locked in the basement and has left clues for them to get out. Escape Room from Mental Hospital! Cu for Copper is written too. They find a copper pipe. When Kevin turns it, it opens a secret door!! 

Felicia and Mac talk about Ava marrying "Kevin" tonight. Lucy overhears and drops stuff. Lucy's not happy. They talk about how Kevin hasn't been himself and he'd never do anything like this--not this fast. Felicia says he's not been himself for awhile. She's going to "do something about it".  Lucy is crying to Mac about Kevin..good scene. 

Carly and Ryan."I saw what you have there in the trunk"..oh she saw the suitcase not the box. Dang. She wants to know about the Patient in his room.  He gets mad. Carly thinks she saw Ryan at Ferncliff. "Kevin" says, no, that was me..not him. Carly is like "ok but I'm going to keep searching". 
OMG So.. he opens the trunk..then the next scene, he's getting blood off the tire iron and Felicia comes in "Kevin, it's about time I got some answers from you"!! So they talk and he says "Life and Death" at some point and Felicia's face changes. "I've heard that before..."
Ava walks in and Felicia leaves but knows something is wrong.
Felicia goes back to Mac and Lucy. She has flashbacks of RYAN !! SQUEEE!! 

Curtis and Chase. Curtis wonders if Chase knows who "urgent" is...Jordan's phone is passworded. Curtis tells Chase to call the PCPD to hack it. Curtis listens, hears Franco say Ryan Chamberlain is the killer! They try to figure out if it could be true or not. Anna and Finn come along and they tell them about Ryan/Franco. She says she's heard a dead man's name way too much lately. Hmm??

Sonny in Turkey. You can tell by the smoke, Turkish coffee cups, music, rugs-- LOL. hey, there's a hottie playing poker and Sonny wants in. He starts playing. Oh, the "Turkish" guy is hand-some. They think Sonny's a cop. So, Sonny is cornered and he flips the table over. He gets a guy on the ground with a gun. Then the Turkish guy gets him with a gun..then ROBERT comes in and gets the Turkish guy with a gun!!  Sonny asks about "his son" (Dante--which is stupid to tell them he's his son). The  guy doesn't know. They call it a draw and Robert and Sonny leave. Robert wants a dry martini...Sonny says "Why you doin' this"?? Robert says Sonny was there for Robin when he couldn't be and he repays his debts.  Robert knows something about Dante and will tell Sonny in the morning. They need their rest lol. 
I liked these scenes believe it or not! 

Anna calls Dr. Maddox to tell him about Jordan and to ask him about her memories. She leaves a message. Anna cries to Finn about her memories. She wants to know if her memories are her's and not Alex'. 

END: Ryan put Ava's suitcase in the trunk and we see Carly duct taped in there. Ava and he leave. 

MY ARMS ACHE WHEN I have to type so much up!! LOL... They just hurt in the upper part!! I live tweet too so I'm spent!! PHEW! 


  1. Your hard work is not in vain, Karen. I enjoy your recaps as much and sometimes more than watching the show! Keep it up!!!

  2. Today was good! Could have done without Sonny.

  3. sounds like a really good day. thanks karen

  4. I said this a few days ago on here! The ONLY reason Robert would stand to be around Sonny is that Sonny was a support for Robin in the 90's when both Robert and Anna were presumes dead. Hot damn! At least the writers got that right.

  5. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Ava and Julian: Ava is still in Port Chuckles?!!?! I thought she would be home packing by now and then meeting up with Ryan!!!

    The hospital:

    Flac and Lucy: Great scene!!!!! My little vet heart. :)

    Lucy and Mac: Great scene!!!! Lucy thought she would get back together with Doc! Awwwwwwwwwww! :(

    Anna and Finchy: Where is Dr. Maddox? Does Anna have Alex's memories or is it the other way around? I bet it's Anna has her memories! :)

    Curtis and Chase: Come on you two!!! WAKE UP!!!!!! Oh hi Anna!!!!!!

    Car garage:

    Carly and Ryan: COME ON CARLY! Where are your instincts?!!!?! Turn in on!!! Yes agree with him then walk away you can do it. NOOOOOOOOOOO don't tell him you are going to find out the truth!!! UGH!

    Flea and Ryan: Flea knows something is going on with him!!!!!!!

    Ava and Ryan: Time to get married! CARLY IS IN THE TRUNK! I read the spoiler for that beforehand so I knew. Carly you are so dumb.

    The hospital part 2:

    Lucy and Flac: Flea's light bulb turned on!!!! :) FLASHBACKS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Ferncliff basement:

    Laven: Oh look they are talking about a crazy man from millions of years ago. Oh look a pipe that can move.. Oh look the wall is moving! ROFL! Oh look a secret door!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! What the hell? :)

    Turkey: Caaaaaaaaaarlos is that you?!!?!?! Oh wait no it's not. :( But he thinks Sonny is a cop! BAHAHAHAHAHA! ROBERT SHOWED UP YAY! Oh wow Sonny can shoot people now! He must have learned how to!! Okay Robert pointing a gun at someone, while Sonny points a gun at that other guy while Robert and Sonny were facing back to back to each other, was so dumb and cheesy.


    Robert and Sonny: The garbage bin wins the line of the day. I think it said Copulu? I don't know. It's probably Spanish for garbage or something, but it was just distracting and hit my funny bone.

    "MY ARMS ACHE WHEN I have to type so much up!! LOL... They just hurt in the upper part!! I live tweet too so I'm spent!! PHEW!"

    Yes Karen I saw you tweeting today!!!! Great job! :)

    1. I LOVED that Lucy explained how she hoped that she and doc would get back together, but she WAS happy for him about being with Laura, etc. It always bothered me that Lucy and doc broke up, even though I do like him for Laura, so I was glad that Lucy explained how she has been conflicted.

      I also LOVED the Felicia/Ryan flashbacks--ONE MORE REASON why it is so important to have/use vets on the show!

  6. New Ryan promo!!!!

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 😯😯😯😯!!! I hope that happens tomorrow! Wishful thinking.

    1. Yeah I hope that happens tomorrow too!!! :)

    2. That looks fabulous!! Except for the Jason part. Really??? Thanks for the link Sonya!

    3. "Julie H says, That looks fabulous!! Except for the Jason part. Really???"

      Well, it all started when Jason was going to meet Carly! Today he found her phone!! So now he is going to search for her.

      "Thanks for the link Sonya!"

      You're welcome!!!! :)

  8. I thought yesterday was great. Even Sonny and Robert. Ha! I just wanted to get back to Ryan and Kevin and Laura. I am so waiting for Kevin to confess to Laura about keeping Ryan hidden away. Karen, I love the blog, achy arms and all. Thank you!

    1. Yeh me too haha! I liked the Robert part, I guess it was pretty cool of Robert to do that, if only because of Robin.

  9. So I saw the promo . . . didn't Ava go over a bridge before? And then they thought she was dead and she survived? Or was that someone else?

    Kevin seemed like he was starting to confess to Laura, then she saw the "writing on the wall" (literally!). I wonder if anyone will be angry at him for his part in the Ryan fiasco.

    1. I seem to recall Ava going over& hanging from a bridge once before;thought it was just me.

    2. Yeah Shelley that was Ava. :)

  10. Oh, and Carly got conked in the head and stuffed into a trunk . . . Will she miscarry? And, yes, I wanted ALL OF THE STRONG WOMEN OF PC to save the day, not Jason!

  11. Karen, we sure appreciate your aching arms! It was absolutely wonderful to see the flashbacks! At least someone shut Carly up, LOL. Lucy was fabulous, too. With aall the constant criticisms we have, it sure is rewarding when we get good stuff like this.

  12. I too enjoy your blog/recaps as much as watching, sometimes more. Just one thing I want to say...I am so tired of weeping Anna. They made her weak and they are keeping her that way. The 'patient #1,2,3,4,5' ever many, is tired. All this for Peter to not be her son probably. Anna should be acting commish while Jordan recoups. Enjoy the drama.

  13. I'd like to know where Felicia's fountain of youth is :)

  14. Yes, Felicia is sooo beautiful, as is Anna, and so many others who give hope to all women "of a certain age." Poor Anna has been crying in almost EVERY scene, though, please make it stop!!


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