Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cascade Motel

Ok, we go:

Ava and Ryan find a remote motel-- it's to a footbridge to Canada...(which they do have)..and Ava goes in the room. Ryan gets the luggage and tells Carly "Now you can stretch out" LOL!! Slams the trunk shut.
Ava's waiting in the room for him naked "Let's start our honeymoon now"... She goes to take a shower and Ryan goes through his suitcase and takes out money, passports and tickets to Singapore. He has no intention of letting Ava get Avery. 

He showers. Ava can't find her shoes. Takes the keys to go see if they are in the car!!! SQUEE!! 

Anna and Finn tell Kevin about the whole Twin Study and blind thing. 

Kim is at Julian's bar... Flannel alert. She wants to have sex right in the dining room. It's closed so that's ok lol. OMG huge sex scene!! whoa.

The kids are watching a move (Cam and Trina) and fooling around (Joss and Oscar). Trina likes to play Candy Crush! Oscar and Joss are out of a YA novel. :eyeroll: OMG Oscar is DOWN!! having a seizure!! Joss is yelling. Ambulance comes. 

Jordan wakes up. Curtis tells her it was Ryan killing people. Jordan is going to have to start dialysis. Laura goes to see her. Jordan is afraid she'll have to resign. Laura says NO! NO ONE knew Ryan was alive.
Well, are going to find out that Kevin knew... Dun Dun Dun. 

Jason tries to find Carly and sees if she's been admitted to GH .
Laura is in GH getting checked out. Kevin's on his way and is going to be operated on to restore his eyesight. Jason finds Kevin and thinks it's Ryan but Laura tells him it's Ryan... Lordy. MESS.  Laura leaves to talk to Jordan. Jason gives Kevin shit about keeping Ryan at Ferncliff. 
Curtis tells Jordan she lost a kidney and needs another one. 

END: Jason goes to Julian's to find out where Ava and Ryan went. Thank GOD Kim and Jules were 'Done". Laura comes along and wants to go. Jason says "NO" She says "well, I've been friends with Sonny for a long time-- want me to call him"?? LOL so he takes her!!

Ava opens the trunk! Ryan is on his way to the car and Cameron smashes into him out of the woods-- after Oscar is taken to the hospital.

Joss calls Kim about Oscar's seizure. 

WHOOP lots goin' on!! 

TJ should have been on today, damn it. 


  1. Where are TJ and Stella? No one reaching out to Lulu? There is a lot going on. I really wanted Franco to be the ultimate hero. Oh well. Probably will be Jason.

    1. I love Franco but it's hard to be a hero from his hospital bed. I think honestly that he and Jordan could technically be called heros for setting this plan in motion, it outed the killer.

  2. I guess Jason and Laura are going to be beamed to Niagara Falls if they want to get there in time. (They are leaving PC as Ava discovers Carly in the trunk.)

    I'm glad the kids are there. I hope Cameron has a hand in stopping Ryan too. He might at least get away from him and sond the alarm.

    And general information...Vinessa's new series, Diggstown, starts on CBC in Canada tonight.

    1. PC has a teleport to Canda system, that's why.

  3. Another good show! SO glad Sam and the DOD sl weren't featured today ;-)

  4. I agree. It actually was good today. That DOD story line is too stupid. I want Laura to take down Ryan, NOT Jason. He gets to be the hero TOO much.

  5. Agreed, let Laura be the one to take out Ryan.

  6. I agree lindie and JSL. I'm glad Laura at least went with Jason. I'd love to see Laura, Carly and even Ava beat the crap out of Ryan.

  7. The hospital: Laura is going around talking to everyone, but BobTodd!!!!! GAH!!! Laura go talk to BobTodd!!!!

    Doc and Jason: Glad Jason learned that fake Doc was really Ryan and that the REAL Doc is right there!!! :)

    Doc's private room:

    Doc, Anna,and Finchy: Glad Anna and Finchy explained to him about the twin study and the blindness!!! Now it's time to fix his eyes!!!

    Jordan's room: Jordan wakes up, and she looks constipated. You know, that makeup department did a fantastic job with Jordan! She looks awful!

    Jurtis: Glad he told her about her kidneys!! Hmmm. Are they going to give her 2 kidneys or 1? Cus they really should give her 2 kidneys. I mean why not?

    Laura and Jordan: Okay Laura you talked to Jordan. She is fine! Now go see BobTodd in his room and apologize to him!!! What the hell are you waiting for?!!?!? DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    CarlyKim and Charlie: Wow!!! :) She is all turned on, and wants him, and all he could talk about is Ava! BAHAHAHHAHAHA! Yeah she is getting tired of him talking about Ava. Charlie wants to go to his bedroom, but no no no!! CarlyKim wants to be kinky and do it right there! ROFL!

    "Karen says OMG huge sex scene!! whoa."


    Jason, CarlyKim and Charlie:

    "Karen says Jason goes to Julian's to find out where Ava and Ryan went. Thank GOD Kim and Jules were Done"

    BAHAHAHAHHA! Yeah I'm glad they were done too before Jason showed up! :)

    Niagara falls hotel room:

    Rava's hotel room: Ryan wins the line of the day!

    Ryan: Isn't that better Carly? You could almost stretch out.


    Rava: Oh she is ready to get some! :) After, time to look for those shoes!! Can't find your shoes Ava? You should ask Ryan! :) He might know! But if she did, he would say oh let me look for you in the trunk. At first I thought she was going to check his bag.

    Tam: Man! Trina is very wise for her age. :) Is she really 70? Well she helped Cam out a lot! Great friend she is. :)

    JossCar: They are talking a lot! I thought they wanted to have sex? Oh is the talking, foreplay for them? Oh look, Oscar having seizures! Are they going to have seizure sex?

    1. LOL at Julian talking about Ava while Kim was trying to seduce him. Yuck!

    2. "Paul773 says LOL at Julian talking about Ava while Kim was trying to seduce him. Yuck!"

      ROFL! I don't know what the heck he was doing! Does he have a little crush on his sister? Hahahahaha!

  8. Is Laura going to phone Sonny at 1-800 - TURKEY?? Laura should end Ryan's life and maybe come home to send Kevin to prison for his part in all the deaths. Maybe Oscars's kidneys could save Jordan's life.On another note - Brytni Sarpy (Valerie) is featured in a Lays potato chip commercial, highlighting the different flavors available while the actress changes outfits and personalities. She looked awesome!!!

  9. sonya said.... Cus they really should give her 2 kidneys. I mean why not?

    *** because there's a very long waiting list for kidneys and you only need one working one to survive.

  10. The single most important person who should take down Ryan should be Ava. He tried to marry her, keep her from Avery and killed her other daughter. Franco and Ava would be a good duo to take him down as a close second. Yes, Laura would be good too, but I can only see Ava and Ryan, eye to eye as she prepares to do him justice. Horrible, despicable person. One can only root for Ava no matter what her past is. Except well, Connie probably wouldn't.

    1. Yes, problem is, sooo many PC folks have committed murder (as well as other crimes), that morality becomes relative. So, Ava has killed only, like, 4 people, and Ryan is a serial killer, so let's root for Ava . . .

    2. That said, I have been saying from the start that I want the women of PC to take him down, he is a killer of (mostly) women, and what he did to Laura and Ava and others who he didn't kill is horrible, I hope the writers understand that women want to see strong women, not Jason coming to the rescue every time . . .

    3. I agree, only Ava, he killed her daughter, just cannot WAIT!!!

  11. Well I pulled an Oscar (had a seizure) when Laura absolved Jordumb of her STUPID plan to flush out the killer. I really, really hope that Liz and Franco sue the entire city of Port Charles, especially the PCPD. Apologies won't do it for me now. I will be holding a grudge. Lol!

    My other gripe is Jason inserting his big fat nose in this entire story. The fact that he's not in Turkey is totally against character, and the writers just want him to be, once again, like we haven't seen it enough, the hero. Bah!

    All that being said, yesterday's show was fantastic and I can't wait for today. I too, want Cam to be a little bit of a hero. :)

    1. As one who has seizures.....anyways.

      I liked the plan, she's the commish, I wouldn't put it past any past or present to do the same.

      I do hope Liz and Franco sue. Show was great, too much to hope it stays this great.

    2. Figure of speech on my part, and sorry about the seizures.

      The plan wasn't bad, it was the execution. Scotty should have been told as well as someone she trusted (Curtis, Chase) before it even started. :)

  12. After this Ryan story is over, what do we have left? Dawn of Day and Michael's baby? I guess that Jax coming back will liven things up. And I guess that Anna (and maybe Scorpio?) will look into the twins thing? Not really on the edge of my seat, here. But, of course, I always love GH . . . And I guess the Nurses' Ball is coming up, which I always LOVE, as it means more Lucy . . .

  13. I'm also sick of st jaysus saving the day. but he does owe ava for rescuing him.

    1. Wasn't Jason like a walking hemorrhoid yesterday?

    2. Lol, that sounded funny, walking hemorrhoid, but what does it mean?

    3. perfect description of st jaysus

  14. Yes, agreed, Jason owes Ava, however, I think he's only in the storyline to save Carly as he always does. I do think it's always written as Jason is Carly's savior and hero because ultimately they will become a couple if MB or KM ever leave the show. BUT, I'm happy that Ava discovers Carly in the trunk. They will have to fight TOGETHER to get out of this mess they are in.


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