Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Shank and Krissy. She brings in a new recruit..some young girl ..maybe she's 20?? Not sure. Anyway, Bridget was living in the parking lot of Charlie's Bar for a few weeks. SHANK is so proud of Krissy.  Daisy comes out to help set up the seminar. He tells Daisy Kristina is going to help him, no her!! LOL Daisy is NOT happy. She has to go get the snacks!! ahahhaa. He says she has to do some thinking about her "steps" in the program and Kristina is doing her duties now. 
Daisy goes to Sam to tell her in person she's sorry to repent for her mistakes. Sam forgives her. Daisy bends over to pick something up and she has a GIANT TATTOO on her back!! She says she did it when she was younger and stupid. She gets all jumpy and leaves. Shank has that symbol on his iPad. 

JaSam Domestic stuff. Picking up toys...yada yada.  It's just banal.  They want to build a ROCKET SHIP as a family for Danny (yes) ..but think Shank wouldn't like it. Sam wonders if she should bail on the whole plan. She decides to stay doing it. 

Epiphany, Liz and Franco. Epiphany finds out Franco and Liz are married. Drew and Liz talk about what Franco said about Ryan Chamberlain. Chase comes around the corner and says: Oh, his body was never found..so... Liz is like "could he be alive"??? 
She asks Drew to find Kevin. He leaves.
Franco wakes up! Franco tells Chase he and Jordan had a plan to bait the killer and reveal himself. Franco doesn't know that Jordan was hit by a car. His memory is fuzzy about who was in the room with him.  Then he remembers and tells them all about Ryan. They aren't sure (See below) 

Kids are in Niagara Falls.  Car skidded into a bad pothole and they can't get it fixed until tomorrow.  The girls text moms to say they are staying at each other's houses-- and Cam doesn't care. Oscar says his Mom is working and won't notice. LOL. They get vending food!! Then Trina says "Cam and I have a present for you two...we're staying in the other room"!! Joss says: Um, I thought the girls were in here. Trina is like NOPE, I want some alone time with Cameron and you two need alone time. ahahaahaha. Cam's all @@ 
Trina and Cam go into another room. She's like "I'm not into you, I'm trying to give those 2 alone time"...They watch a movie. 
Oscar waxes poetic about the Falls, the Stars and we are "mortals"...they will be here long after we are gone. BUT! I think Joss is jelly that Cam is in the room with Trina because she thinks Trina likes him. 
Oscar thinks it's time to "Go all the way"...so he and Joss make out. 

Laura and Kevin. He won't go because he's still blind. He doesn't want to drag her down, he thinks she should go as quickly as possible. Laura won't leave without him. He convinces her to go. She crawls though and comes out, leaves. 

Laura goes to GH to talk to Jordan, not knowing she's injured. She tells Chase it's Ryan. Then, is awesome about telling him what to do!! Laura says to find Ava Jerome. 

Tomorrow, it looks like Jordan is awake. 


  1. question again - Laura and Kevin aren't really divorced right since Ryan signed the papers? and also Laura AND Ava and others WILL blame Kevin for keeping Ryan a secret and that those people didn't have to die ----- don't you think that will go on for months? Laura won't forgive him just yet.

    1. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    2. Wonder if Kevin could be charged with anything by the police since he had Ryan there, Ryan escaped, and killed again.

  2. Today's show was great! I had tears with Friz scenes. I'm a sap, don't care. Haha!!
    Ok, so I am now officially calling Shiloh Skank.
    Can't watch GH tomorrow til after I get off work cause I scored a day shift, so Hulu it is. 😁

  3. Karen!!!! :) It was fun watching you on twitter twittering about GH today! :)

    Ferncliff basement:

    Laven: Yeah Doc is right. He should stay behind. I mean Laura would have to pick him up and carry him!!! Oh and there she goes!!!! Off to get help!!! What a maze!!!! Will she find her way all the way to Niagara falls? :) Is Niagara Falls near Ferncliff? ROFL!

    Doc: Yeah he is very sorry!!!! You should be Doc!!! :( I hope everyone can forgive you!

    Cult house:

    Shanky, Krissy, and New girl: Oh look! A new recruit!!!! Shanky is so proud of Krissy.

    Krissy's thoughts: YAY! I am getting a lot of attention from him! HE LOVES ME!!!! :)

    Shanky, Krissy, and Daisy: RA RO! Daisy is in so much twouble!!!

    Daisy's thoughts: Boo hoo! I used to get a lot of attention from him!!! I can't lose his attention!! What can I do?! Oh I know! I can go to Sam's house and BEG for forgiveness!!! Then Shank will love me again!

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Oh look! So many many toys! ROFL! Oh Jason can't anymore! He has to meet up with Carly! ROFL!

    Sam and Daisy: Oh my!!! Daisy was branded!!!!!!! Like a cow!!!!


    The hospital:

    Liz and Piffy: PIFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great to see you!!! Have you and Milo broken up yet? Piffy wins the line of the day.

    Piffy: Okay I am going to table my thoughts about that for later.

    ROFL! How come Dr. O isn't at the hospital?! Did she watch the interview? They should have shown her watching it, and saying poppycock! :)

    Friz: Awww great scene!!!!!!!!!!! :) Glad he is awake and spilling everything! :)

    Laura and Drew:

    Laura: Franco is not the killer.

    NOW YOU FREAKIN BETTER GO TO BOBTODD'S ROOM AND APOLOGIZE TO HIM!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said NOW Laura!!!!!

    Niagara falls:

    Cam, Trina, and Josscar: Oh oh they are stuck! ROFL! Cam!!! You should have been more careful with the car! ROFL! Trina and her little attitude! :) Could she be Piffy's niece? Then Piffy would not stand for her little attitude and yell at her!! ROFL! I was thinking the girls would be in one room and the boys are going to be in another!

    Cam and Trina: Oh she is not that into him! Too bad I could have called them Tam! :) Aw hell I can still call them that! :) As friends.

    JossCar: Oh oh!!!!! They are ready for the sex!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Hmmmm. Where is the protection!?!?!?!?! Will they have an Oscar Jr before Oscar dies? Or will their baby save him?

    Car garage: Jason calling Carly. OH OH!!!!! HER PHONE!!! The fear and panic in Jason's eyes! It was perfect!!! Damn Steve Burton and his blue blue eyes!!!!

    1. Absolutely Laura needs to apologize to Franco. I giggled at you all caps, RIGHT NOW!!!! HAHAHAH!

      Give me strength but The Whisperer and Blue Eyes are just so damn boring. I don't know how any of us stand it.

    2. I think the same about the mumbler and stone face,boring. at least with Drew it made sense. but to pick a man you don't come first with and is a hired killer

    3. I love how we all have different nick names for certain characters. LOL!
      (I used to call the Whisperer (mumbler) Stumbles!) And I'm with Michelle Latta, guru guy is now Skank!

    4. "Julie says I giggled at you all caps, RIGHT NOW!!!! HAHAHAH!"

      ROFL! Well, it's urgent!!!!! :)

      "I love how we all have different nick names for certain characters. LOL!"

      Hahaha. We rock at them! :)

  4. Oops forgot,

    Shanky: Ohhhh lookin at the branded tattoo on his ipad!!!!

    Sam: I thought it was Harmony.com who was drawing that tattoo, but it was Sam! :)

  5. That tattoo is a reference to what happened at a cult called NEXIVM, which, coincidentally also was in upstate NY. Anyone else heard of it? You probably all did, it was all over the news, the "Supergirl" actress was in it, and the Bronfman sisters, women got branded.

    I still am trying to figure out how Felicia found Ryan in the garage, how she knew to look for him there. . .

    1. Yeah AntJoan I have seen it all over the news!!! Very shocking!!!

  6. I was thinking that Kevin might get arrested for harboring a fugitive. Plus Laura is the.mayor and will have to uphold the law

  7. Does anyone in Port Charles have to uphold the law?

  8. Kevin definitely has face the music for hiding a serial killer, but I really want to see him and Laura happy for awhile. And Karen, thanks so much for recommending that sponge candy - just got my box and yum!! My prior fixation has been on chocolate truffles from Candykraft near Albany - the only place I have ever found them since I had them growing up in NYC. Unfortunately my niece lives near that store and brought them to me.



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