Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gail's Will

Denise Alexander will return for the Anniversary Show for April 1st! That's MONDAY!!


I may or may not be here for GH--end of the month tomorrow and all hella paperwork breaks loose! 


  1. Yay. I love Leslie. She is great with Genie and Leslie Charleson

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  3. Saw a preview clip with Genie and Denise. Those few minutes were magical! Should be a good show.

  4. Today's show was good. I'm enjoying the show again.

  5. The park:


    *Chillow kiss*

    Chase: I'm sorry.

    Awwww he is so sweet!!! :)

    Willow: Don't apologize. I liked it.

    Chillow is adorable!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Dante, Carly, and Jason: OH MY! Dante hears a noise and grabs a knife! Looks like he is about to stab Carly! Jason the superhero saves the day!!! Glad Jarly understood!!! Dante you really need to get help ASAP!

    Central Perk:

    Anna and Dante: Oh that's who you called to talk to you about your confusion! Yes Anna knows a thing or two about brainwashing!! Robert knows too because he has been brainwashed!!! I remember he was brainwashed back in the day by Faison! He made Robert think that Anna was cheating on him with Faison.. Ahh the good ol days! :) Oh Anna knows a place where Dante can go to get help!!!! GREAT! :) Oh my he has to go now!

    The hospital:

    Anna and Finchy: They are talking about Alex the bore.

    Finchy: But she did try to convince me that I would never be good enough for you.

    I did notice she didn't deny it or agree. She had to leave!!!!! So Anna are you avoiding because you know Alex the bore is right?

    Robert and Finchy: They are talking about Anna.

    Robert: She is an incredible woman, but she is emotionally damaged.

    Yeah that's true. I mean with everything she has been through in her life, including Duke and fake Duke! Yeah no wonder she is emotionally damaged.. It was a very traumatizing scene when Duke who really wasn't Duke died in Anna's arms!!!! It affected me alot! I can imagine how Anna would feel! Great scene with Robert and Finchy today. Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: Oh you really are an idiot aren't you?


    Lante home:

    V.C., Charlie, and Lulu: Awwww Charlie has got a gift for Dante. :)

    V.C. and Lulu: Oh V.C.!!!! You really think if you change schools that Charlie won't be bullying anymore?!!?! You are an idiot.

    Lulu and Chase: Great scene. Love that Chase is like a sounding board for Lulu.

    Lante: Oh oh Dante has got to go!!! But then when he goes to get well, will he decide he is so messed up that he will want a divorce from Lulu?


    Liz and Nina: Nina can't you just forgive and forget?

    Liz and Willow: Wholesome!!!! Yes yes Bianca's mother wants wholesome!! I can just imagine how that conversation went!

    Bianca's mother: Bianca I don't want you to be friends with Aidan anymore.

    Bianca: Why mommy?

    Biainca's mother: Because Aidan likes to bake, and boys that bake is wrong! Boys are not supposed to bake.

    Bianca: But mommy I like Aidan.

    Bianca's mother: No stay away from him. We are back in the 1920's when boys can't bake because it's wrong!

    Bianca: Okay mommy. I won't be friends with Aidan anymore.

    Bianca's mother: Good girl. Now go play with your friends.

    ValeNina: Oh V.C. don't encourage Nina's comment about Liz and Willow being porcelain dolls by laughing.

    ValeNina and Willow: Wow V.C.! I was hoping you would be on Willow's side! You are so rude to her! Nina you are going to feel horrible the way you are treating her when you find out she is your daughter.

    The hospital:

    Josscar: Oscar looks really really good for someone who is dying.

    Josscar and Cam: Oh yes! Go to Ekart's bakery! I remember that bakery!!! Back then people didn't like the Ekart's, but I did. :) I didn't have a problem with them.

    Monica's office:

    Monica, CarlyKim and Drew: Awww Monica!!! You are so sweet wanting Oscar to live with you!!! :) During his final days!

    Sidenote: Boys baking is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Valerie is being recast!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(

  7. My disgust with Nina has now reached Sam levels. Every word out of her mouth yesterday made me dislike her more. Cannot WAIT for the daughter thing to blow up in her face. Not a fan of Stafford either.

    Dante has just been awesome, I will miss Dom very much. :(

    1. agree with you about least I can hear nina. sam still the ultimate worst actress on soaps.and I watch them all. she mumbles.can't hear her.

    2. I am not a fan of Nina or Stafford either. Didn't like her on Y & R either.

  8. "Denise Alexander will return for the Anniversary Show for April 1st! That's MONDAY!!


    They asked what is your favorite Leslie moment, well I don't have to explain. I can just show you!! It's the start of 6:30, on.



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