Thursday, March 21, 2019

Nurse's Ball - Silver Anniversary

This is the 25th anniversary of the Nurse’s Ball, as Lucy so graciously pointed out a few weeks ago.
I thought about doing a blog entry (otherwise known as a portal for Karen to use to open up on
a day when she is busy) on the subject. But then it dawned on me that every one of you could
just go online an do a search for the history of the Nurse’s Ball. And if all I did was copy and paste that would bore the hell out of all of you, so I decided to do something different. And after reading you can go ahead and comment and talk about today’s episode. Since it is the 25th anniversary, I am going to list the “25 things that should take place at this year’s Nurse’s Ball”.

Ok, not 25. There is no way I can come up with that many. But hopefully YOU can. Go ahead and leave some suggestions in the comments.


Revisit History. Felicia and Maxie are the only act that is intact from that first show in 1994. (albiet a different Maxie) Have the 2 of them perform the very same act they did back then and use flashbacks. Maybe a side by side?

Uncle Jesse...
Break the 4th wall. Ok, we know it is a tv show. We know some characters have gone and actors have left. Let any actor who has appeared on the show come back and perform if they want to.
Even if they are not in character. Case in point: I will gladly watch John Stamos or Ricky Martin perform as themselves and not their characters. Lynn can say "Please welcome a very special guest. He played Blackie on the show for several years (show a clip of him) Put your hands together for John Stamos." I can overlook it if it is too awkward to bring them in as their old character. (This includes Stone). I know I might be in the minority on this one.

Shirts. Remember the shirts the first few years that were sold online (possibly AOL?) Bring them back and sell them online. Resurrect some of the logos from the first few years and sell them as nostalgia. Make a special one for this ball. Write a commemorative book and put it on amazon. We want and will buy tchotckes.

No Red Carpet. This was silly the first year they did it and it has been silly ever since. (I expect to get some serious flack for this). I really fail to see the concept of this. You know the worst part tho? When they get inside this great big ball they are one of about 14 people in the audience. Unfortunately, it’s not a ball per se anymore.

Stone and Robin. Do something. I dont care what it is, you must work the 2 of them into the episode somehow and really honor the history of the ball and how it all started.

Would love to see her sing "Rose's Turn" from Gypsy.

Dr O. Must crash the ball. There is no exception to this.

Get him out of hiding and on the show.

Focus on the acts. I know that there is backstage antics that are as cringy as Oscar banter, and they have to be shown. There will no doubt be some kind of spy caper that will coincidentally run though the auditorium. A long-dormant storyline that everyone forgot will resurface. But limit the side stories and really just go all out and showcase the talent.

ONE. Bring back the number “ONE” from the original Nurse’s Ball. Have both men and women perform it like in the actual show A Chorus Line

Red Ribbon. The logo changed from red to purple. It is supposed to be a red ribbon for AIDS awareness. (Don't even get me started on this...). Change the logo back to a red ribbon, please.

Lucy. Absolutely ...and Christian Ceriano as the designer (Karen's addition!)

Brad and Britt. They should sell tickets to THIS event.

Flashbacks. Going into every commercial break, have a clip of a skit from one of the previous shows.

That’s all I got. If Karen has time and she thinks of any, maybe she will write some below. If not, we will send this off on a day when Karen needs it. Your comments are welcome and appreciated!


Lucy's First Ball Dress

IN 1994:  Pulp Fiction, Friends....Kurt Cobain's suicide, OJ Trial...Lisa Marie Presley married--Michael Jackson...Crazy, Sexy Cool.... Amazon launched as did Play Station.  My son was 2.  Life seemed way simpler! The Nurses Ball was so innovative and really something new. The whole HIV tie-in was also novel. A bit brave too, especially since they had a guy die from getting infected from a woman and his female lover then contract it via sex. 

Dow Jones: 
High: 3,978
Low:  3,593 

Movie Ticket: $4.80
Minimum Wage: $4.25
Forrest Gump tops and box office! 
Where were you in '94??!! 

PS. This nonsense doubles as the Thursday blog.
Feel free to post anything and everything. Have a good day Wubbers!


  1. Thanks, Dave. You've got some great suggestions. I hope the writers steal them all.!!

  2. How about Mac and Kevin revive their drag bit.

    1. OMG. LOVED Mac and Kevin in drag. I say YES to that one

    2. YES!!!!! I miss them as Norma and Eve!!! :) But first Mac has to forgive Doc. :(

  3. Wow Dave, these were all excellent suggestions. I would love it if they could work Stone in somehow. I really enjoyed his ghostly visit with Robin when she was stuck in well by that crazy Lisa Niles. :)

  4. I know the show likes bringing bakc actors in different roles (i.e. 2 Carlys). ichael looked totally different with the haircut. I wouldnt be opposed to them bringing him back as a different character for a short, story arc.

  5. A few years ago they brought Juan Santiago back for the NB. (He's Becky husband IRL.) Elizabeth was single at the time and I really wanted Juan and Liz to have a steamy one night stand. :)

    I agree about Brad and Britt--they are hysterical.

    1. I really like little cameos like that. One or 2 episodes then gone. Remember when Lily (actress) came on and did the cue cards for the live episode? See, stuff like that people cant bitch and complain about. Its not "the cast is so over bloaded" etc. For instance, no one (tom y knowledge) complains when Spinelli or Robin return because they come back for 2-3 episodes and then are gone again. Like people do in real life! We all have relatives that visit at holidays and then leave. I wish we had more cameos and stuff like that. I remember Amanda Barrington used to show up for an episode or two then leave for awhile. I genuinely like that. But hey, that's me.

    2. I don't mind people showing up for an episode or 2. Since the NB is singing and dancing bring back Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield, John Stamos. Treat them right and they'd probably come back for an episode or 2. Robin and Stone would be AWESOME. Maybe Robin speaking and Stone chiming in on the side as a ghost or something. Richard Simmons is a little corny, but fun. Do it up really nice this year. Have more than 8 people in the audience, that is so lame. I loved it when Amber Tamblyn's Emily performed, I think with Alan??

  6. This is EVERYTHING! I love a good trip down memory lane. To bad GH can’t keep their talent. I’d love a Scorpio-Drake family performance. Something to pay homage to Robin’s history and the advancement of medicine.

  7. Pier:

    Laura and her 12 year old assistant: Well her assistant looks very young. Laura got rid of her hahahaha.

    Laura and Ava: Oh oh Ava is plastered. Is she drinking beer or a redbull? Hmmm. Laura is trying to help her, but Ava is a mess and can't hear anything! :( Great scene! Poor Ava. :(

    The cult house:

    Krissy and King Mufasa: Oh!!! If Krissy don't have a huge secret that nobody knows, she can share a secret about one of her family members!! Yes yes sure do that.. Then you can join the circle of life!

    The lion king

    It's the circle of life
    And it moves us all
    Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love
    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding!!

    So after Krissy shares one of her family member's secrets, she will get the tramp stamp? Will there be a song to sing after she gets a tramp stamp? Will the song be Hakuna matata?

    Hakuna Matata!
    What a wonderful phrase
    Hakuna Matata!
    Ain't no passing craze
    It means no worries
    For the rest of your days
    It's our problem-free philosophy
    Hakuna Matata!

    Sam and King Mufasa: Oh my my my!!! He is getting closer to her! I thought he was going to kiss her!!!! :)


    Sam, Alexis, and Molly: Molly is all IT'S A CULT!!!!! We have to talk to her!!! Molly texted Krissy to come over!!! AMBUSH TIME! Sam doesn't want any part of it! Alexis doesn't either.

    Molly, Alexis, and Krissy: Krissy shows up!!! Molly is being nice and listening to Sam.. Oh oh! Molly can't contain her self!!!! Alexis is trying to reason with Krissy a little. Oh oh! That's it!!! You two are dead to her!!!!

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Alex: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Same ol same ol. Still going around and around.

    V.C. and Alex: Oh of course she wanted to see him! Alex likes playing her games.

    Finchy, Alex, and Anna:

    Alex: Tell Robert I miss seeing him one last time.

    HUH?!?!!?! Oh no! Karen are you right?!!?!? Is Robin really Alex's daughter?!?!?!! :(

    Anna and Griffin: Oh come on writers why did you bring Griffin back! He is all bruised up! Is he in a Fight club? I don't want to hear him whining about Kiwi and how hurt he is!!!! GAH!

    Laura and Griffin: LAURA! Stop trying to push Griffin to see Ava!!!! Have you apologized to BobTodd yet? Go over to his house and apologize!!!! NOW!

    Laura and Anna: Oh great! Griffin had to overhear Laura telling Anna what Doc did with Ryan a year ago! UGH!

    Pier part 2: HEY!!! Someone punched my Doc!!! I think it's Griffin! Since he likes hitting things lately. HOW DARE YOU PUNCH OUT MY DOC!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!! Go away Griffin!!

    The floating rib:

    Doc, Mac, and Flea: Great scene!!! Mac is so angry at Doc!!! Flea is being very understanding, but she won't forget what Doc did. :(

    Doc and Mac: Mac is so very angry with him!! I don't blame him. The scene made me cry! :( Great scene!!!

    Flea and Ava: Great scene!!

    School/Willow's class: Oh oh! Willow is leaving!! She is packing her things!!! She is running away from King Mufasa!!!

    Willow and ValeNina: Oh my gosh Nina shut up!!!!! Love how V.C. is sticking up for Willow and Nina hated it!!! Willow wins the line of the day.

    Willow: The person I feel sorry for, in all of this, is Charlotte. With you as a step mother, clearly that little girl doesn't stand a chance.

    ROFL! Willow if you find out Nina is your mother, you will regret what you said! :) And I bet Nina will regret the things she has said.

    Willow and King Mufasa: OH CRAP! HE FOUND HER!!!! Willow RUN!!!! Punch him!! Hit his head!!!!! Hit the family jewels!!!! Call Chase!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  8. I'd like to see a committee meeting, with Lucy hosting it. Gather all the ones who need to and should be there. Have Amy or another newish character suggest ideas--and with each idea, we hear someone say "we did that--remember when..." and show a flashback. Have the committee get caught up in memories and laughter and tears. Have a few skype in (doing a split screen of the Pt Charles crew and the character who they call).

    Have a cuckoo clock (or Lucy's new duck) make a noise to jar them back to the here and now and realize that the night is over and they accomplished nothing that they set out to do at the beginning. With hugs all around, they leave. Lucy starts her annual freak out.

    1. awesome. love the idea.

      in real life do you know the definition of the word "meeting"?


    2. You're close. The true definition of "meeting" is A Party With No Wine! ;)

  9. All I can say is they better NOT make Robin Alex's daughter. Hopefully this is Alex being a liar. I'd rather see Peter be Alex son. This would be the most ultimate SLAP in veteran viewers faces. I have watched Robin grow up on the show since the day she arrived. This would be the WORST the show has done besides having Luke cheat on Laura.

  10. Oops I forgot to say why Flea and Ava's scene was a great scene! Flea was there for Ava. Flea understands because she has been through what Ava went through. That back then Ryan was very charming just like in the present.

    "Lynn can say "Please welcome a very special guest. He played Blackie on the show for several years (show a clip of him) Put your hands together for John Stamos."

    Hahahahahaha. That would be so awkward! :)

    "Dr O. Must crash the ball. There is no exception to this."

    YES!!!! She MUST sing!!!!

    "Get him out of hiding and on the show."

    I WISH!!!! I really hope Richard Simmons is okay! :(

    "Brad and Britt. They should sell tickets to THIS event."


    "Flashbacks. Going into every commercial break, have a clip of a skit from one of the previous shows."


    "PS. This nonsense doubles as the Thursday blog."

    This was not nonsense Dave! This was great! :)

  11. the cult story is really scary

  12. Today's ending made me jump!! I had to watch on Hulu so I didn't see previews for Fri show.

  13. I was thinking that they should have Ricky Martin perform. Have him perform as Ricky Martin (not Miguel). And, have Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) on for a day or so and have her be all star struck with him. (and the other actors that used to act with Ricky too, like Sonny) Although Sonny is not the type to be star struck. Maybe have Sonny not like him and stuff. That would be fun.

  14. Ricky Martin was a terrible actor (no offense), but an AWESOME singer

  15. I hope we start seeing the scarier side of Shiloh. So far I don't see much brain washing or whatever going on. Wonder what secret Krissy will share? About her Mom or Dad probably. Shiloh already knows about Sam being a con in the day. But, I am not really looking forward to the end of the story, because it will just be more Jason saving the day. So stupid.

    1. "lindie I hope we start seeing the scarier side of Shiloh. So far I don't see much brain washing or whatever going on."

      You haven't seen him brainwashing Krissy? He has been telling her to cut ties with people in her life who are negative about DOD! :) And everything that comes out of her mouth, is Shiloh this and Shiloh that, and Shiloh says.

  16. Shiloh is for sure the "baby daddy". Willow is going to be Nina's daughter because they already hate each other. I am glad Willow defended herself on the show, but IRL teachers can't talk to parents that way even though your desperately want to.

  17. Parents can't usually barge in to speak to teachers, especially without an appointment.Also,wasn't the school closed for spring break?

    1. I would say Kristina is being brainwashed, at least it's starting. She's already cutting out friends, and I can see her cutting out family. Can't wait til Sonny sees her!

  18. I don't get to watch all the time, so I guess I am missing stuff.


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