Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cookie Crumbs

Geesh, they didn't even TRY with Alex's hair did they?? LOL.. It's like, welp they ARE TWINS so...fk it. OMG what if Robin isn't Anna's!!?? I'd die. Just DIE. That won't happen but-- anyway. it would be a shocker. LOL 

Franco is all cleaned and shaven. They love each other but Liz wants to be all careful of the boys..She doesn't want Franco to come home. 

WOW... Drew and Liz scene was amazing. Billy was just so good. BILLY-WAS-SO-GOOD (yes, I said that!!)  "Did we use to be together"?? he laughs. Tells her to give Franco the benefit of the doubt and she helped him (drew) so much when he was having the worst time of his life. Nice dialog. Liz goes back later to talk to Franco

Carly and Ava..LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!! Ava is HAMMERED! ahahaa. Wants Avery. Carly tells her she's at the Qs making cookies and fell asleep.OMG OMG you have to watch. Carly is actually being mean to her but it's actually GOOD for her.
Watch THE SCENES! Heartbreaking and great.Maura and Laura were wonderful. 

Julian is going to pick her up

The Teens. Joss gets invited with the Volleyball Team to play at Duke and there's college recuriters there and she wants to go. Oscar is all: Let's GO!! When is it? Josslyn sees it's in AUGUST and you know, he'll probs be dead then-- and she and Cam cover it up by saying they have to check to see if they can go. 
Cam goes to give Franco a gift that Jake and Aiden gave him. He's not happy to be there. Aiden made him cookies and they drew him pictures. Cam says that all of Franco's past follows him and it disrupts his family. Which is what Liz said. 

Dr. Terry says the Tumor has grown. Oscar has a month to 6 weeks. The scene with he and Tamara made me cry. AND I DON'T CRY!! wow..  I just got all teary!! 

Oh yea. Sonny and Dante are on too. Weakest link today. 

SO hoping Ava and Franco get together. They are dynamite. BOOM!  Yeah, nope. SO, Liz finally tells him to come home. 



  1. Haven't watched yet, but I thought the same thing yesterday about Alex's hair. It REALLY bothered me, couldn't they even have tried?

    Ava and Carly don't like each other on the show, but it was so obvious when I met them both how they hold each other in high regard in real life!

    1. With what, a wig? Haha! We've seen Alex before with the same hair, this shouldn't be different.

    2. She can have similar hair, but the EXACT same length and the EXACT same highlights and style? Couldn't they have at least styled it differently, or covered up or increased the highlights or something?

  2. maura, roger,rebecca and even the boy who plays oscar were all fantastic today

    1. I was in and out of sleep when watching but I agree. Also I kinda missed the end of Liz and Franco, I hope she's forgiving him. Also I loved Drew and Liz, if ever anything happens to Friz, I would for she and Drew to get back together.

  3. billy miller was fantastic on YnR and all my children. he seems to have moments on GH. dont know what happened once he changed shows. love him and liz. rebecca seems to have chemistry with everyone

    1. writing? directing? lack of storyline? chemistry with others?

    2. She does! I agree, loved her with the Lucky's except for Jacob Young, it was the actor....then of course Jason and Drew.

  4. i said weeks ago I like Drew and Liz together!!!
    truly Sam - bless her heart - can only do one tone of voice - and never show emotion.....

    1. Yes!!! Paint and Wall = Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Liz and Drew: Chemistry!!!! Always great scenes! Never boring!

    2. agree about liz and drew. and sam has always been my least favorite character!

  5. The hospital:

    BobTodd's room:

    Friz: Awww Liz!!!! Don't kill Friz!!!! :(

    BobTodd and Cam: Awww Cam I get it, but everyone has a past! You can't change the past. :(

    Drew and BobTodd: Awwww great scene!! Brothers. :)

    Nurses station:

    Liz and Drew: Drew is just adorable. Great scene! :) Drew wins the line of the day.

    Drew: Did we used to be together?


    Drew, CarlyKim and Julian: CarlyKim and "Charlie" are all being lovey dovey, and Drew looks jelly!!!! :)

    BobTodd's room part 2:

    Friz: Friz is dead? NO! FRIZ IS ALIVE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you Drew!!!!

    Alex's room:

    Alexis, Anna, and Finchy: OH COME ON! We are not getting anywhere with this. Going around in circles! Stop!!!!!

    Oscar's room:

    Cam and Josscar: Cam and Joss are laughing and talking, and you can see Oscar's mind. He is thinking, when I die, they should be together.

    Josscar, Terry, Drew and CarlyKim: Is the actor supposed to leave the show?!!?! Is Oscar going to die? I am confused. I didn't hear anything about the actor leaving.

    Carson home:

    Carly and Ava: GREAT SCENE!!!! Yes Ava wants to be punished by Carly, but she won't do it!!!! Glad Ava called Julian to pick her up!!

    Ava and Julian: :(


    Dante and Sonny: Uh when they were talking about Dante seeing horrible things, does this mean Dante has changed? Is he going to be an abusive man now? Will he abuse Lulu? Will he hit her or verbally abuse her?

    Sidenote: Hey! Brytni Sarpy was on Y&R today!!!! So no more GH? :(

    1. Yes, Brytni is out of GH. She is also now the Lay's Potato Chip girl.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I thought that when Dante was talking about how he went through stuff and is changed, and that he cannot "lock it away" like Sonny does, they are setting up how he will leave his marriage/the show, he will realize he can't be a good husband and father anymore, etc. . . .

  6. The scene with Oscar/Kim hugging should have been today's ending. But no... My eyes got wet too. The Turkey thing...yawn. Now Sonny has the mumbles.
    Maura West!!!
    I'm happy about Liz/Franco. Someone should have some joy.

    1. Totally agree about Oscar/Kim. Should have been last scene. Real good.

  7. So the other day, Valerie told Kristina that the friendship felt one sided and I felt bad for Kristina. As soon as that kiss happen, Valerie bolted and Kristina felt horrible, even the next few times they saw each other. How was the friendship one-sided with Valerie being the one that tried to keep it afloat? Maybe I'm missing something...I detest the DOD storyline and fast forward through 99% of it, but wanted to see Val and Kristina's interaction. So Steve Burton came back to General Hospital for the DOD storyline. Whatever..
    AntJoan, I was wondering about Dante and what will happen...I HOPE he doesn't do that to Lulu and Rocco. That would suck. That would be such a disservice to the character and actor. The writers had GOLD with DZ and did nothing with him except have him cheat on his wife with the actress they also did a disservice too. ARGHHH!

    1. Yes, ITA, but it seems obvious they are setting this up as Dante's exit. The good thing is I guess that means they won't recast the actor, and that he always can come back.

  8. So I dreamt about Jax last night. I always resented him because he came between my Sonny and Brenda, but he did become a much better actor as he went on.

    Anyway, I dreamt he was a chef, and was teaching me how to cook. Guess I've been watching too much Rachel Ray, LOL . . .

  9. So Carly was told to avoid stress during this pregnancy, which is considered a geriatric pregnancy, and also she is in danger of having a stroke. So, she is kidnapped, bound and gagged and locked in the trunk of a car after being hit over the head; was thrown over a ravine in the freezing cold; fell down trying to climb out of the ravine; her husband is in a Turkish jail, and her daughter's boyfriend is dying. I guess that Sonny's supersperm created a superpregnancy! Even Dante laughed when told that Sonny was having another baby . . .

  10. Loved Liz and Drew - he was always good with her. His energy level decreased as soon as he was paired with Sam. They must have chemistry in real life though. Does Roger forget his lines? Every once in a while he looks directly at the camera maybe for help? Liz is wonderful with everyone. Maura was outstanding once again. Carly never thanked her for saving her life. What hospital would allow a dr. to "blackmail" a patient (Alex) before they would do treatment?


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