Friday, March 1, 2019


Ryan gets a "flesh wound"....Chase made him go to the hospital. He tells Ava Franco escaped.  Ryan has a fantasy about winning a hero's reward for 'catching' Franco and it's at the Metro. Ava kisses him but at the bar Felicia says "That could have been me". LOL
Chase tells Ryan and Ava they found Franco. Ryan says to Ava 'Marry me tonight"! In Niagara Falls Canada!!
She says yes. 

Mac and Flea come into Lulu's office. They talk about the longer list of victims she found. Mac calls the police and those "extra" ladies were missing their licenses' when they were killed too. They figure out Kevin was the only one that knew about the other 2 ladies. But WHY?

Nina goes to see Curtis at Jordan's room. They hug. Love they are friends. Finn gives an update.  She needs a kidney transplant for the remaining kidney. 

Franco GOES TO LIZ' house!! of which is WAY drama but why go there?? You're putting everyone in danger. Ok, I forgive him, he's not thinking clearly. He spits up blood, tells Liz to call the police and he was lying about killing those people. He says RYAN CHAMBERLAIN DID! She thinks he's hallucinating and says "Ryan's been dead for years'!! 

Carly and Jason...just blabbin' it up about Shank. Carly says that "Wilson" was Ryan's alias and the same name as the guy next to her in Ferncliff. Jason doesn't care because she's pregnant and should be taking it easy. 

Later, Ava sees Carly and tells her she's getting married. 

Robert, Anna and Peter. Talking about Klein---he doesn't know who the other guy was. Anna tells him about Alex and she may have had memory transfer too.  Anna's going to look for Dr. Klein (they guy that experimented on Jason and Drew). 

END: Carly is behind Ryan when he's at his car, going through the box in his trunk!! Ut OH!! 
Liz tells Chase what Franco said about Ryan Chamberlain
Nina finds Jordan's phone (she wanted Curtis' keys to get him a change of clothes) and says: URGENT VOICE MESSAGE, gives the phone to Curtis! 


  1. 😊 watching now but have to leave soon for work. Spit it out Franco! LOL!! Nail biting!

  2. Today was mostly solid. I was happy to see Felicia and Mac pulled back in to the story. I DO want to remind the writers that Maxie's sister Georgie was murdered by a serial killer. To me, that memory should of come out as Max discussed her reason's for helping Lulu. Just saying.
    Also, sarcastically... I AM glad the "Serial Killer" was able to escape a high security hospital, be on the loose with a serious wound, traveling in scrubs and leaving a trail of blood and still make it all the way home to the one place the police should of been looking for him. Go PCPD!

    1. Yes, for sure, so Franco just staggered home clutching his side in the middle of winter wearing just scrubs?

    2. Good catch Patrix. That's right. Felicia and Maxie should have mentioned Georgie's serial killer. I didn't watch at the time. Was it Diego who was the serial killer? Felicia wasn't around at that time correct?

  3. I thought it funny this week when Carly said to Jason "I think Sonny wanted to go get his son himself and bring him back." the REAL reason is that the writers want Jason to save Carly once again. Now I WOULD want Jason saving me too - but that was an odd statement she made out of the blue. Sonny has never gone on his own to rescue anyone.
    Did i miss something - Willow still hasn't seen Shank, right? I just KNOW that is gonna be the baby's daddy.
    Cannot wait for this storyline to wrap up - Ryan/Kevin - great acting but SO many holes in the story!!!!!!! Ava, what did you do with the damn shoes you have???

    1. I am still holding out hope that Ava is the one to save Carly and end Ryan. It would do SO much to restore her relationship with Avery (By forcing Carly and Sonny to appreciate Ava) and also heal herself after the loss of KiKi. If they have decided to do the St. Jason thing again instead, that is garbage.

    2. I'm with you Barbara, I wouldn't mind Jason rescuing little ol me. 😁

    3. I guess Ava through the shoes in the trash. Or stuck them IN THE BAG at the back of the closet?? LOL

    4. I mean "threw". Too early in the morning

  4. Friz home: Wow!!! I can't believe they actually showed them the next day! I thought we wouldn't see them today!!! Thank you writers!

    Friz: GAH! Why did he have to go home?!!?!?! Well, the one thing that Liz has that Anna didn't have with fake Duke, is that Liz is a nurse! BUT STILL!!! GAH! He is bleeding out! Coughing up blood!!! SO MUCH BLOOD!!!!! Glad that he told Liz about Ryan!!! He is telling the truth Liz!!! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: I'm going to need a little help.

    ROFL! You think!? :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney, Robert, and Anna: Okay The incredible hulk calm down now. Oh Hiney remembered something. For a second there I thought he was going blind too. Oh the 6 patients they are talking about. Oh I get it. Anna and Alex are 1. So who are the rest? Drew and Jason 2. Ryan and Kevin 3. Cabot and his twin 4. Who are the other 2?

    Hiney and Robert: Okay Hulk you need to go to anger management classes.

    The hospital:

    Nina and Curtis: Great scene!!! Yes Curtis a real man can cry!!!! Poor Curtis. :( Man Donnell Turner is a great actor. I can feel his sadness and fear!!

    Anna and Finchy: When she looked at Jason I thought she was going to ask Jason for Spinny's help!

    Anna, Finchy, and Jason: Nope she didn't. Damn she should!!! Spinny can help!!!!

    Carly and Jason: Uh Carly!!! STOP!!!! No stress remember?!!?!

    Rava: Oh yes! Get married tonight! :) He wants you far far away from BobTodd! I just love when Ryan calls her goddess!! :) Nobody will ever call her that again. :(

    Lulu's office:

    Mac, Flea, Lulu, and Maxie: MAC!!! FLEA!!! YAY! Great scene!! :)

    Flea and Maxie: Awwwww. :( Yes the real reason this whole thing affects Maxie. :(

    Car garage:

    Carly and Ryan: Oh crap Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the freakin hell!!!!!

    Sidenote: Hmmm for the last couple of weeks on 20/20 they have been showing stuff that happened recently. I guess their showing stuff from the past is over? Or maybe they are working on more? Hmmmm.

    1. I have been watching 20/20, and the theme recently is serial killers, some from long ago. I have been wondering why they are focusing on this. Maybe they will do a show on Ryan Chamberlin LOL?!

    2. "AntJoan says Maybe they will do a show on Ryan Chamberlin LOL?!"


    3. "AntJoan says I have been watching 20/20, and the theme recently is serial killers, some from long ago."

      Yeah I thought the Uber driver, and the girl who's classmate friend killed her, were recent, but they weren't! So 20/20 is still doing things from the past..

  5. I think your math is wrong...1 Anna, 2 Alex, 3 Kevin 4 Ryan 5 Drew 6 Jason. What I don’t get is how Ryan, Anna & Jason were experimented on in 3 different decades.

    1. Well, yes, what makes you think that the writers will make this story make sense?

    2. Don't they keep saying that Jason is patient 6. So yes, what Robyn is saying makes sense. And Anna did say something about being patient #1. So the mystery is kind of weird. Did Anna get Alex memories and vice versa? Are they going to screw with history again?

  6. I spit my drink out at the end! Dang Friday and that hearing! Carly at the glad I'm off Monday!

  7. Yes, Carly's face--priceless!! I got you, Kevin! And NO fear!! That is soooo Carly!

  8. It’s been so long since anything made sense, I guess wishful thinking with a touch of delusion! I’d be happy if they screw with history again. Anna raping Faison makes me sick.


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