Thursday, March 7, 2019


Turkey. Robert and Sonny drink some yummy Turkish Coffee! They are waiting for Robert's contact to come. Some Turkish lady comes to do Sonny's "Fortune" using his palm. I think she's the contact, btw. She reads his palms and says he has a long life and someone he loves is in danger. She ends up giving Sonny a note when she pays him. IT's an address and they are going there. 

Laura and Jason She tells him he's driving too fast lol. "It's ICY"!!! They retell the entire damn Ryan story-- from when Carly was in Ferncliff!! Laura is giving orders out like  a BOSS TODAY lol. 

Kim tells Drew Oscar is in Niagara Falls and had a seizure. Drew says they'll take the company chopper to the Falls. Who even remembers Drew has Aurora?? LOL 

Ryan tells Cam he can't "leave"...Finds out that his mom isn't with him and says have a  good time . "I won't tell if you won't...wink".. Cam leaves.  They go to the hospital. Oscar tells Joss he's leaving his car to Cameron. She's like shut up!! 
Drew and Kim get there and Joss leaves them with him. He doesn't want them to be angry. They are furious but not going to yell at him. They all realize he's going to die soon. 
That actress playing Trina is good. 

Oscar is awake, Joss goes to see him. He's upset about the trip. Cam gets a call from his Mom. She said she's proud he got Oscar to the hospital but he'll be in trouble when he gets home. She has something to tell him about Franco. Franco is cleared of charges and Ryan Chamberlain is pretending to be Kevin Collins. Cam realizes he saw him at the motel and gives his mom the name of it. Liz calls Laura. Laura and Jason speed to the hotel. Spinell is going to hack into the computer to get Ryan's room. 

Franco is going to be OK says the doctors. 

Lulu finds out it was Ryan the whole time. She freaks out like only LULU can. BIG EYES, strident voice. 

Ava goes to open the trunk and DAMN IT but Josslyn comes in front of her! ugh They talk about Oscar and Joss leaves. 
AVA SEES CARLY IN THE TRUNK!!!!!!!! Carly starts to open up her eyes...Ava "What is this"" Ryan comes up: 'SURPRISE'!!!!  Ava is like "Was she here the whole time"?? He asks if she loves and trusts him. She says yes and he tells her to go to the room and he'll take care of Carly. SHE LEAVES!! LOL she looked scared but she still left!! 
Ava is in the room and starts to call 911. She thinks that Kevin is having another breakdown like he had years ago. He walks in before she can call. She asks why Carly is in the trunk.
"Isn't it OBVIOUS?? She's a WEDDING GIFT FOR MY BRIDE"!! :clapping: YES LOL such a great line. The tension is just amazing. Ryan tells Ava shes' everything he's wanted. 


Jason goes into Ava's room and no one is there (we could see that from the previews)

Carly's down a ravine!! Ryan just chucked her there. 
Lulu wants Ryan's name tattooed on his forehead so no one can mistake him for Kevin again LOL 


  1. Why on earth would Ava not run away somewhere and call the police? SOOOOOO stupid. And, WHY does Jason have to save the day AGAIN. Plus, Oscar doesn't look sick one bit. Clear skin, rosy cheeks, can't the make up department do something to make him look sick. Gosh, even Stone looked sick on his death bed. I cried like a baby when Stone died because I was so invested in Robin and Stone. This isn't even sad at all. I am glad that Laura is taking charge and giving people orders, but I want so bad to see her be the one to kill Ryan. Ava can help.

    1. I agree about Oscar, and yes I too was sooooo invested in Robin and Stone. Maybe it's because I was younger, but this Oscar thing doesn't move me at all!

  2. Turkey:

    Sonny, Robert, and Psychic lady: That lady was fondling Sonny's hand!!! Can they have a fling? ROFL!

    Jason's car:

    Jason and Laura: Laura before you left, you should have apologized to BobTodd!!! I am not giving up on this!!!!!

    Jason: Stay here.

    Uh Jason? She is Laura Webber SPENCER!!! She ain't going to just stay there.

    Liz and Laura: The phone scene was fantastic!!!! Love it!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Lulu and Chase: So Lulu you going to apologize to BobTodd now?

    Drew and CarlyKim:

    Drew: We'll take the company chopper.

    Oh is that what they call the teleporter now?

    Lulu and Liz:

    Lulu: I can't say sorry enough to you.

    I really want you to apologize to BobTodd! What the hell is taking you so long?!?!!?!?!

    Niagara falls hotel:

    Ryan's car: OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!! :) Ava doesn't know what to do! She is in shock seeing Carly! No don't listen to Ryan! Don't go back in the room!!!!! Too bad Joss didn't see the inside of the trunk when she was talking to Ava! :)

    Rava's room:

    Rava: Ryan wins the line of the day!

    Ryan: She's my wedding present for my bride to be!

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! And when Ava's eyes went wide, I laughed so hard!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I'm dead!!! ROFL! Karen this Sunday for Sunday Surgery, Ava's wide eyes has got to win face of the week!!!! :) Hands down!!! ROFL!

    Niagara hospital:

    Joss, Cam, Trina, and the nurse: Trina with the whole cousin thing and Cam screwing it up, was funny! Can we keep Trina she is great! :)

    The nurse: You must be Josslyn.

    Hahaha. The nurse would have won that line of the day, but Ryan had to win his glorious line! :)

    Cam and Liz: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! :)

    Cam and Trina: 70 Year old Trina is so wise!!! Please writers can we keep her?!!?!! Sign the actress up!!! :)

    JossCar: Geez Oscar is talking like he is saying goodbye and wants to have sex.

    1. Oh Sonya, you had me laughing with this recap. We need an entire show of Port Charles's finest lining up to apologize to BobTodd! You and I can check them at the door! HAHAHHAHA!

    2. "Julie H says Oh Sonya, you had me laughing with this recap."


      "We need an entire show of Port Charles's finest lining up to apologize to BobTodd!"

      Sounds good to me!!!!! :)

      "You and I can check them at the door! HAHAHHAHA!"


  3. P.S. At least the show is good right now. I'll even take the Robert is working with Sonny thing to keep Tristan around. He's one of my faves too!

    1. Apparently Robert and Sonny work well together since it appears that they do indeed find "DAN te"... Soap Opera Spy posted an interview with Dominic where he says that he has signed a contract for 10 episodes, and is hoping for more.

  4. Carly looks like she landed exactly at the same spot where Sam gave birth to Scout. Of course she will survive because she is Carly, but, of course, Ryan would have killed her first, so her surviving makes no sense.

    1. "Carly looks like she landed exactly at the same spot where Sam gave birth to Scout."

      That is what I was thinking AntJoan!!!!!!

  5. So, I haven't seen the show today but anyone who has...tell me what's the bro-chemistry like between Tristan and Maurice? I mean both have Robin, Luke and Laura in common. What's the chance these two could end up sharing more screen time and dare I say, forging a friendship?

    1. I doubt they will forge a friendship, because Robert isn't on for any consistent amount of time, and, also, no one can came between the Sonny/Jason bromance. However, the scenes were good. Even though the scenes with the "fortune-teller" were brief, I thought that Maurice did an amazing job with his reactions to her.

    2. it's the cranky old guy having to schlep around the hot-head. Maurice is too old to play the Mel Gibson part but.. LOL. Their scenes together have been good. The whole "Turkey" set up is a bit cheesy, but it's a soap.

  6. The Robert of old wouldn't have been friends with Sonny. Although Sean Donnelly was a little sketchy at first

  7. I think that is the same set where Sam gave birth to Scout. LOL

  8. I am absolutely giddy!! Ava cracked me up, shaking while drinking and asking Ryan why Carly is in the trunk! Bahaha!!!

    1. Ava was excellent, and I was just howling with laughter! Maura and Jon are the best. I'm going to miss their scenes together!

    2. Yes! Their scenes were awesome! Jon as Ryan brought the creepy as he was thisclose to Ava every time she turned around haha!!

  9. "Karen says Carly's down a ravine!!"

    Oh is that what it was?!?!?! :) Geez what did Ryan do? Throw her down at the ravine?

  10. Gotta say that I LOVED LuLu's idea of tattooing Ryan's name on his forehead. I would go a step further and tattoo it all over his face. That way, when he went to have it removed. it would hurt like a you-know-what.

  11. Yes, of course, but in real life, I believe that no twins are so totally identical, it just is done for "soapy" purposes.

    1. True....I think? My dad is a twin and their smiles are different.

  12. Yes, that ravine IS the Scout baby ravine LOL ...

  13. How could we ever forget where Sam gave birth with jeans on, LOL? Oscar does look way too healthy. Emme is really a terrible actress, but Maura and Jon were excellent.

  14. Worst actress has to go to that fortune teller. Yeesh. She seemed like a Real Housewives reject.


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