Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Smoothie NOT Milkshake


Michael and Brad...and Willow...she looks at baby photos. MICHAEL IS LIKE "oh my parents are out of town" and he DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT CARLY IN THE HOSPITAL? What the hell? It's the next day!

Maxie and Peter...Dr. O has an interesting Letter for the Column. AND MAXIE DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT KEVIN/RYAN SWITCH??
What the HELL. ?? This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

Oscar and Joss...Oscar wants to go on the Maid of the Mist... LOL... is it frozen ?? But Drew and Kim say he has to go back to GH asap for more tests. He's like NO I want to see The Falls!! I'm dyin' man..can't I see the falls!! Drew is going to have the pilot go over the Falls. 

Carly and Jason...she is told that Ryan was Ryan since Labor Day. She's mad at AVA.  The baby is ok, btw. Jason explains how he found her with Laura's help...and that Ryan almost took Ava over the bridge but he saved her. Carly says "that was nice of you"...Jason says "I couldn't let Laura see her die"!! aahahhaha 

Valentin and Sasha...blah blah blah... and Nina walks up.  Blah blah blah... nothing much. They leave. Nina and Sasha go to Charlie's. 

Sonny in Turkey... befriends the stupid Pick Pocket Kid. (who's really BAD at pick pocketing).. 
He thinks he can help him find Dante. The kid is going to help. I wonder if Sonny's gonna like him and want him in Port Charles? Because..you know.. it feels like that might happen. 

Joss and Jason run into each other in the hosptial. Joss explains to Jason what happened with Oscar and Jason tells her Carly's in the hospital. Josslyn goes to see Carly..and they explain what happened to each other.  Carly tells her she's pregnant. Which I guess, Joss didn't know?? Joss says it's weird and it's going to take her a minute to get used to it. Carly says "You have nine months" 

Maxie talks to Brad about testing someone 'that's not someone elses' child".. he gets a sick look on his face. OF course Valentin sees her giving Brad the samples. 

Drew gives Oscar "the sex talk"... good lord, I didn't need to hear about all that. "Do you love her" "Being intimate ... intimacy"... :shudder:  Carly gives Joss the sex talk..kinda.

Jason and Carly should just have sex already. 

AND I'm off tomorrow and maybe for the whole week...in protest over the whole Maxie and Michael thing. UNFORGIVABLE. 

Big happy day to the guy that's helped me out on this blog since OZ! So glad I asked him to do it! 


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday DelcoDave! Have a good one!!

  2. The falls are frozen...lol at least in the real world.

    I got Stone vibes from that "kid" in Turkey and I was definitely thinking that Sonny will take him home and teach him how to be a better criminal. *insert eye roll"

    And why isn't everyone talking about the Ryan /Kevin switch? No...a grey hair becomes the talk of the day, and whether or not Michael is dating Willow.

    And speaking of Willow....on in-service days teachers are at school having in-service. It's required. They're not out marking papers at a bar. In all my years of teacing I have NEVER EVER seen a teacher correcting students' work in a public bar or restaurant. Get real writers. Have them bump into each other in a park or something. Keep lawyer's work and teacher's work out of the bar!!

    And Happy Birthday Dave.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAVE!! Hope your day is filled with blessings! Thank you for all the work you do here with Karen!

  4. Happy Birthday Dave! Love seeing your point of view. Not looking forward to watching today's show.

  5. Happy Birthday Dave! Cheers!!
    So the Ryan story veritably disappears to catch up on other non stories. I would have liked to see more aftermath while it is still warm. The climax was less than I expected but sadly I am not surprised. What's left will be all chopped up. And after all these months.
    I agree about the Turkey kid. PC may soon need another youth.

  6. if it weren't for ava, jason would still be in that clinic.he owed her.so tired of the gruesome 4 being so judgmental,(carson and jasam).guess their crimes don't count.finally jason has chemistry with someone(carly).just pair them up. happy birthday dave

    1. I know it's not much but Jason did tell Carly she would still be at the bottom of that ravine if it hadn't been for Ava telling him where she was. Like I've said before I'm not Avas biggest fan, not for a long shot but Carly & Sonny are not much better than her.

  7. I also thought that Jason and Carly should just have sex already.

    Happy Birthday Dave!

  8. Happy Birthday Dave

    Did I miss something? Joss didn't even ask her mother about the large scratches on her face. Huh? That is the first thing I would ask if my Mom had a messed up face. LOL

    1. Lindie, yes, I didn't finish watching yet, but was just going to write to say, WHY wouldn't Joss ask her mother WHY she is in the hospital injured. She just happens to run into her mother in Niagara Falls injured and doesn't ask how/why she got there?

      And ITA with others, Michael and Maxie, as well as the entire town should know/be talking about Ryan.

  9. Exactly. The Ryan is alive story would be ALL over the news immediately. Everyone in Port Charles would know; especially since they are all such gossipy people to start with. LOL.

  10. Dave - Happy Birthday - a good present would be to have the next Season of Wentworth on TV!!This Turkey stuff is really a turkey (boring). Guess they need a Cameron lookalike ( pickpocket kid) on the set after Oscar goes.Everyone in PC should know about Ryan by now.Hope Ava gets to avenge Kiki when he returns.

    1. Gambilly33 says Guess they need a Cameron lookalike ( pickpocket kid)"

      Oh! Glad I am not the only one who noticed he looks like Cameron! :)

  11. Happy birthday Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Oh come on!!! What the hell?!! What is with people harassing Willow!!!!!!! STOP IT! She is just minding her own business!!!

    Willow and Brad: Brad!!!! Stop harassing her!!! Leave her alone!!! You don't need to tell her what your plans are!!! Uh Willow? Quit saying he is yours!! He isn't yours anymore! Besides your baby is dead. :(

    Willow and Nina: Nina! Stop it!!!! Leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sasha and Michael: Oh please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

    Sasha and Nina: Nina stop it!!!! Stop trying to get Michael and her together!! Sasha should be with Griffin!!! Hmmmm Griffin seemed to have disappeared!! ROFL! I bet once Nina finds out Willow is her daughter, she will want Willow and Michael together! ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Maxie: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. DR. O!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :)

    Niagara falls hospital:

    Carly's room: Oh look! The Corinthos baybay is ALIVE!!!!!! :) One strong Baybay!!!! Superhero baybay!

    Joss and Carly: The look of shocked surprise on Carly's face when she sees Joss hahahaha! Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: Aren't you kinda old to be pregnant?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard!!!!! :)

    Carly: Clearly not.

    ROFL! Wait Carly asks Joss if they had protection, and Joss says yes!!! HUH?!!?! How could they have protection when it wasn't planned?!?!!?! It was Trina's idea for them to have sex! Unless they got protection off camera..

    Jason and Carly:

    Jason: As long as I'm breathing. If you need me, I will find a way to get to you.

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! My Jarly heart is exploding!!!! :)

    "Karen says Jason and Carly should just have sex already."

    Hahahaha! I AGREE! :)

    Oscar's room:

    Drew and Oscar: I really liked their scene. It was awesome! :)


    Sonny and Cameron Jr: For a second I thought he was Cameron!

    "Karen says I wonder if Sonny's gonna like him and want him in Port Charles? Because..you know.. it feels like that might happen."

    I think he would fit right in at Port Chuckles!!! :)

  12. Happy belated birthday Dave, hope it was a good one. Thanks for all you do on the blog!

    I agree that yesterday was total filler, and we needed Ryan follow-up. Karen don't go away mad because of Maxie not knowing about Ryan. We NEED you. :)

    I liked pick-pocket kid and think he's kinda cute, and yup, I got the Stone vibe too. He might be a nice addition to the Chuckles.

    I have to vote no to Jason/Carly sex. My eyeballs would bleed then fall out.

    Have a great day everybody!

  13. sonya said...One strong Baybay!!!! Superhero baybay!

    *** lol Maybe they'll call him Jayson to thank Uncle St Jason.

  14. The new "Stone" will end up with Joss, probably. That is, if they keep the kids front and center for the upcoming summer stories. Happy birthday, Dave!!!


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