Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brick Wall

SURPRISE!! For Dante. Jordan, Curtis, Laura, Lulu, Rocco-- Ned, Olivia and Dante looks dead inside and thinks about his "mission" Jordan wants Dante back on the PCPD. He just kinda looks at her. Oh he's so good!! 
Michael tells Dante that Kristine was in a cult and brainwashed and basically she's stupid (LOL) and that could never happen to them. Dante flashes back to his gun stuff. He thanks Curtis for helping with Lulu while he was gone. Olivia tells him she loves him so much. Everyone leaves. Lulu goes to put Rocco to bed and Dante has a flashback. He flips the ENTIRE Snack table over!! WOW!! Scared me!! Cheetos went FLYIN!! 
In bed, Lulu sees Dante's scars. 

Jason smashes SHanks' head against the wall--he bleeds. Sam sees it. Waitress at Kelly's calls 911. OH! Sam is going to have to give HER account of the incident LOL..will she throw Jason to the wolves? 
They go to the PCPD. 
Sexis. Alexis can't get thru to Jordan..Sonny talks to her about the SHank plan. She calls Jordan and says Shank is in danger ..but won't say by who. Later she realizes it was Jason. 

Good Sonny/Alexis scene about helping Kristina towards the end of the show. 

Anna and Peter and talking about Griffin. Peter nails it when he says she sees Duke when she looks at Griffin, and Faison when she looks at him.  GOOD Scene and Peter did a good job--I can't deny. 

Jason charged with First Degree Assault. 


  1. The waitress nailed Borg (Jason) perfectly..... "standing there, like now, like NOTHING." Such truth in that seeing as Steve Burton has been wasted since he's been back. Let's all remember.....Frank did not want SB back.

    Dark Dante is awesome. Too bad it's all for nothing because Frank only allowed 10 episodes.

    Ohhh and I feel NOTHING for Parking Lot Peter. Hopefully with the Anna/Peter scenes today, TPTB will right the wrong they did with making him Anna's. He obviously should be the son of Alex.

    Are we seeing a pattern here?? I know I am.

    Overall, a good ep because of storyline movement.

    1. Frank didn't want SB back? So how is he on the show now. I loved the episode, I think knowing now who Shiloh is, Chase would have no problem looking the other way at what Jason did.

    2. Michelle, it was the ABC brass who contacted Steve's agent urging him to come back, not Frank. I believe Karen wrote about it a few years ago because we all thought it was hilarious that Frank wasn't in on this deal until later.

  2. in regards to the borg, its his acting.SB played the same character on ynr.he is limited. parking lot pete totally agree.should be alex's son.

  3. I think Dominic Z. only wanted to come back for a short stint, which is too bad because this is really intriguing. Loved seeing Dante & Liv-like a very real mother and son.

    1. I'm pretty sure you're right about Dom. We're lucky we have him for 10 episodes.

    2. Olivia was crying her eyes out, it looks like the actress was saying good-bye to Dom for real, and that they might not have any other scenes together. So sad, hope Dom will return in the future, it looks like they will leave things open-ended.

    3. Here's Dom's own words on his return: https://www.abc.soapsindepth.com/posts/general-hospital-dominic-zamprogna-return-details-169911

  4. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Chase and Finchy: Great scene!!!

    Chase: Anna has a sister?

    No!!! She really doesn't!!!

    Finchy: She thinks our relationship is temporary because I won't be able to keep up with Anna.

    Yup! So break up!

    Finchy: Or maybe I am a nice diversion from her real life.

    Yup!!! So break up!


    Jason and King Mufasa: DAMN IT JASON! King Mufasa was just trying to sing Hakuna Matata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you choke him!!!

    Jasam, Waitress, and King Mufasa: King Mufasa wins the line of the day!

    King Mufasa: I can't imagine what I did to offend you, to make you lash out. Do you do this to everybody or am I a special case?

    BAHAHHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHHAHAHA! King Mufasa is playing the victim now! :)

    King Mufasa, Jasam: Waitress, and Chase: The poor Waitress is freaking out! ROFL! Chase! All King Mufasa was trying to do was sing Hakuna Matata!!!!

    Lante home: PARTAY!!! Glad nobody yelled surprise! Like Nina did to Lulu!

    Dante and Olivia: Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Ned and Laura: Oh great scene! Uh Laura have you apologized to BobTodd yet?

    Lulu and Maxie: Yeah Lulu! Keep nagging Maxie about Hiney!!! Then later when Dante divorces Lulu, Lulu can be with Hiney! :) Maxie might be jelly, but there is always Amy's brother! :) Damn blocking out his name.

    Dante and Michael: Yes Krissy is brainwashed!!! Just like Dante is!!!!!

    Table: Ow Dante! How could you flip me over? That hurts!

    Lante: Oh! Lulu finally saw the kinky whipped back of his!!!

    The park:

    Anna and Hiney:

    Anna: You're my son.

    Or aunt.

    "Karen says, GOOD Scene and Peter did a good job--I can't deny."

    Yes I can admit he did a fantastic job with the scene, but I want her to stop calling him her son! UGH!

    Carson home:

    Sexis: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    2. Yes, where is the parade of Port Chuckians that should be lining up to apologize to Franco? Soyna and I are waiting.....!

    3. "Julie H says Yes, where is the parade of Port Chuckians that should be lining up to apologize to Franco? Soyna and I are waiting.....!"

      YES!!! Still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      OH! Yes yes yes! Thank you Julie! :) Chet. :) Since M&M are not going to be, then I want Mhet to be together. :) Chet and Maxie have chemistry too.

  5. I was on Team Anna when she told Parking Lot Pete that he could forgive Dr. O and Val, but not her. Very true, even if she is his Aunt. Lol! Good scenes, though.

    Shiloh was on NCIS New Orleans last night. I just about died. He's everywhere!! :)

    1. I saw him too. I hope he gets lots more jobs after he leaves GH. lol

    2. That is so funny Julie!!! :) Maybe he is trying to recruit people on NCIS New Orleans! ROFL!


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