Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday, Monday

Who remembers that song?? 

TURKEY---Dante goes to shoot Sonny-- I'm like OK! WE CAN LIVE WITH THAT!! OMG! he DOES shoot him I think!! Sonny's down!! Dante knicked his arm.. and says "he's not worth it dead, he can move your product through Port Charles. If you kill him Jason Morgan will take over and HE WILL--KILL--YOU"!!  Of course, Dante was just faking it...Sonny's in a cell and he tells him he's undercover still and ..yada yada. Sonny is going to tell him about Lulu.  OMG he still thinks Franco stabbed her!  Anyway, Dante was going to get sent home by Raj but Sonny messed it up!! LOL Sonny says Dante will have to "kill" him so they can all get out of this. 

Alex is here!! She's blind. She tells Finn he smells good! LOL ... brilliant. Finn looks at her, then Anna and is like DAMN!! Alex flirts with Finn. Anna just wants to know which memories are which.  Alex is being all flirty with Finn.  Alex says she's not sure who's memories are who's but Anna doesn't believe her. 

Maxie, Lulu. They talk about Dante. Ryan. And Chet is now working at The Rib. She tells Lulu she had a crush on Chet in HS. Oooooo, interesting!! 

Sasha, Peter also at the Rib. They are talking the wedding. She thinks he might mess it up because he doesn't like Valentin.

Mike, Michael and Carly ALSO at The Rib. Mike wants to know where Sonny is. Carly finally tells him he's looking for Dante. She tells he and Michael that she's Pregnant. They are happy. 

Michael sits with Sasha and tells her Nelle was lying and destroyed his whole family-- Sasha feels guilty. Then leaves. 

Marcus and Stella. Yvonne took a fall. She's getting a CAT scan. She's ok. 

Jordan is getting out of the hospital.  She finds out Curtis wants kids, which might be hard to do with one kidney and a donor one.


  1. I'm at the dentist, sucks to miss it. 🙄

  2. Pretty boring. When is Jax due back? Hope that steps things up a little

  3. Anna and Finn need a safe word for ID. Unless another 'surprising' switcheroo is planned.

  4. Wow, that was so boring! It was worse than being at the dentist office. Haha!!

  5. Turkey/Jail cell:

    Dante and Sonny: Dammit Dante! Your father is bleeding! Stop talking and give him the damn stuff for the bleeding you idiot!!!! Oh dear nobody called Sonny to tell him that it wasn't BobTodd who tried to kill Lulu!!

    The hospital:

    Marcus and Stella: They are cute together.. Did you see the look on his face when Stella walked away? He has feelings for her. :)

    Alex's room:

    Alex, Anna, and Finchy: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ALEX! JUST GIVE ANNA WHAT SHE WANTS! TELL HER THE DAMN TRUTH! Writers can you please kill Alex off please?

    Jordan's room:

    Jurtis and Stella: Jordan looks like she is constipated, and Curtis wants a Jurtis baybay!!!!! :) Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    "Karen says which might be hard to do with one kidney and a donor one."

    Wait I thought both of her kidneys are bad? I am so confused.

    The floating rib:

    Sasha and Hiney: Is this a chem test? UGH! No no no!!!!! They are boring!!! Hiney should be with Lulu, Maxie should be with either Michael or Chet, and Sasha should be with Griffin. Chem tested done. :)

    Chet, Lulu, and Maxie: Maxie is flirting with Chet, and Chet is flirting with Maxie, and Lulu notices. Maxie is gushing over Chet. Damn the look on Maxie's face! Looks like she is interested in Chet!! And Chet is interested in Maxie!! I keep wanting to call Chet, Chest. :) I keep tying Chest instead of Chet hahaha.

    Lulu and Maxie: Lulu did you visit BobTodd and apologize to him yet?

    Hiney and Maxie: UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Michael and Sasha:

    Michael: I like you.

    Sasha: I like you too.

    UGH! STOP IT!!!!

    Carly, Mike, and Michael: Great scene! Poor Mike is agitated and worried. Glad Carly told them she got the preggers.

    1. Sonya, Jordan had one kidney removed, and the other one is compromised and she is waiting for a donor for it, meantime she is on dialysis.

      I think Michael and Sasha have a lot of chem, I think I am in a minority here. Poor Michael likes another lying, scheming female. Of course, Sasha has had a change of heart and now seems kind a caring, but what kind of person would have agreed to the deal with Valentin in the first place?



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