Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Franco Factor--General Hospital

BTW, THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN here so If you don't want to know-- don't READ ANY MORE!!

Compliments of SOAP NET, here's the fist glimpse of Mr. Franco gracing the GH studios with his A-LIST presence. His first airdate is Nov. 20th. Guza said in one of the mags he's an "Artist"--whatever the hell that means (graffiti?) And will change Jason's life--and in turn, Sam's "Forever"..(general GH catch phrase).

Here's hoping the ratings shoot up. I think the show's going in a good direction. We've not had a guest star-stint I've really liked, however. Even Holly's return was flatter than Nicole Richie! hahahaha (see, I can be funny).

Sarah JOY Brown will be on "Smarter than A 5th Grader" today or tonight, depending on when it airs in your area. Click on the link to find out. Tyler Christopher is on tomorrow.

SPOILER: HOW SCARY DOES MITCH Lawerence LOOK!!!! GOOD GOD!!! Wowza. Loves it!! I love a great psycho on my soaps. Can't wait. OLTL here I come! It's great they have voting day on VOTING day today. Nice. Many soaps never can manage that. OMG, please the HAIR ON GIGI is just...uh..it would be okay but it's too Kate G. I am SO excited for Sweeps on this show! Dorian looks resplendent today as well...I am going to call David and Destiny DoubleD! Someone on twitter suggested that, so thank you. Kish is dishy....and I am still crushing on Scott Clifton (just ask him, I stalk him on twitter..heh). He flew to LA for Halloween. I know that. I also know what he ate because he twitpicked it! :) heh...BTW, people are wondering how Mitch L can be alive--we 'SAW HIM DROWN"..hello, I bet Helena saved him, just like Stavvy. No one IS HELPING me--does anyone know If Jarod is being used by Mitch and he's really innocent?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Scary Claudia! Eeeeeeeee! Get this, yesterday I had no audio on my ABC channel today's it's no picture!! OMG. Stupid TV. Well, it's not the TV, because it's on the digital box and regular cable.
It's on now. Phew. Jason broke into the WRONG cabin...scared me and those people! wahhaaha. Come on, there are more unlocked cabins in that area than I've ever seen before. LOVED that lady calling Jason a maniac! LOL

Is Claudia being GOOD or does she just want to steal the baby? I hope it's the good one. Loved her stomping around with a knife in the cabin! As someone said on twitter: Carly #1 is delivering Carly #4's baby! The whole thing was a bit 'off"...now would Claud really put her hands up to her face after moving the baby around? Ewwwww. I'm not a doctor but, gr-oss!
I am SO FEARFUL that this is going to be an even messier end than I thought for Claudia. If you haven't read the spoilers STOP reading now. SPOILER ALERT I think Michael is going to see Claud and think she's hurting Carly when she's really not and kill her. And Claudia would have saved the baby but dies doing it. :( wahhh. And I know she took Carly, but stupid Sonny should have STFU. Yep, I do like Claudia. Sue me. Although at the very end, it did look like Claud might not be giving the baby over to Carly. Oh I DO NOT like watching this! LOL

WOWza...Sonny said he loved Carly THE MOST! All the S&Bers are madder than hell now. LOL

Lulu and DOMte entertained me today. I like them so much. And I really haven't liked Lulu with anyone. OMG--Dom told Lulu that Olivia is his mom! All she could say is: And she's sleeping with Johnny!? brahahahaa
BTW, Dominic Z got married IRL, check it out on ABC Soaps in Depth!

Jax and Sonny need to just take their pants off once and for all and check each other out. LOL...It's a riot. How many years has Ingo been on GH? That's how long they've been sniping? Sonny tells Bernie "All our goombah's can't find them"?? brahahhahaa!

Exciting stuff coming up for the holidays! There will be a Toys 4 Tots Charity Drive in honor of Spixie called "Jingle Jackle"! I will have all the details up soon.

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  1. James Franco kind of looks like the guy that played Liz's brother a few years ago...

  2. What, you didn't hear "Myyy Heearrttt Willll Goooo Onnn" during the Dante/Lulu very cold water scenes?

  3. Karen I think you're the only onle that really truly liked Claudia. We all love Sjb but not the character at all.

    Most spoilers out there say Michael kills Claudia when she tries to leave with the baby. No redemption there.

  4. Claudia is going. Rebecca is going. Next on my wish list...Sonny.

  5. Karen, I always knew that Claudia was an Evil Witch, but Sarah Joy Brown was really good at also letting the lost little girl who never got the love she craved from anyone show through at the most unexpected times. And in those vulnerable moments, Claudia always got to me.

  6. spense IS THAT YOU SPENSE!! :)
    I miss ya buddy!
    That would have been hysterical if that song played! LOL

  7. Yep it's me. I got tired of all the "fighting" on the aol board, and missed you. So, I signed up and here I am. Anyway, I almost always agree with your blog every day, and I'm madly in cyber love with Johnny Z. I hear he goes all mobular soon.
    Also, I recent saw "Milk" with James Franco, and he's so going to be great on GH, I still can't believe he's doing this just for the heck of it.

  8. I personally think in that pic Franco looks like a smaller version of jaggar!

    I thought the scenes in the cabin w/ Carly giving birth were very very unrealistic, even for soaps. Please lets not revert to STUPID!
    Ugh and there she was again on my screen for no reason: SAM the scam

  9. Jen,

    I agree. I'm no doctor, nor a woman who gave birth, but isnt there supposed to be...

    A little pain and screaming during labor when there is no epidural or drugs? You know, when the woman grabs hold of the father's arm and says "You did this to meeeeeeee!!!!!!" and screams and screams.... That kind of pain.

    How about a little blood? No?

    An umbilical cord? Dont all babies have them?

    How about a little afterbirth. Huh?

    And maybe a little more blood on the couch?

    And while I am on the subject of absurdity, did anyone notice that Carly did NOT have a seat belt on during the joyride on Friday? You would think that a pregnant woman, in a car with a homicidal maniac would want to protect her unborn child by wearing a seatbelt. Just a little.

    No mother of the year awards here.

    (Or there.)

    PS. I cant get a google account working. Hi Karen! This is Dave from Philly.

  10. I thought JMB did a good job pretending to freezer her patootie off today.

    OLTL Spoiler - yes Mitch is behind all the stuff and Jared is sort of innocent. Jared did give that guy from jail access to the family but think he is being blackmailed like Brody's sister and Rex's Aunt.

  11. Frisco, I so agree with you, Sonny is at the top of my wish list. I love Johnny and Olivia, but if the writers put her with Sonny, she is next on my 'be gone' wish list.

    Did anyone besides me have a real problem, what with the water noise and the music, understanding Lulu and Dominic? I went back and listened to the DVR to understand what they were saying. Once I understood them it was very good and very intense.

    I do so hope the spoilers are wrong regarding Michael and Claudia - in real life the kid would end up in therapy for years.

    On a positive note ('cause I hate being a downer) I thought Jax redeemed himself today - he was the voice of reason in the face of Sonny's arrogance, he held his ground, and then apologized to the boys for not letting them leave with Sonny.

  12. HI DAVE from Philly! Stop getting all techie on the birth. For GODSAKES this is the show that did the stupid "blood transfusion" at the Black and white ball with a HOSE!
    SPENSE! I am so happy you are here, Try Twitter...we have a blast on there!

  13. kdmask...I am sooo beyond sorry to hear that. I will stay with the show for the Spencer/Cassidine/ folks. I love Luke/Tracy/Lulu/Ethan and I'm adjusting to nuLucky. I love Johnny, but I fear for the character now that Claudia will be gone and and TIIC will 'give' Olivia to Sonny.

  14. Ok since we are being technical did anyone notice how quick Rex got from Napa Valley to Michigan?? He left saying he had 2 hours to catch his flight and then boom he is knocking on the door in Michigan. He flies on the same magical planes that Sonny uses on GH lmao

  15. Hey, Rexie flew so fast to Michigan that Natalie didn't even have a chance to change positions on that couch back in Napa, lolol..and they say GH has a time warp issue?

  16. Wow wasn't there an outcry years ago when it was taped that Mikey killed AJ, so now a few years later an even more disturbed Mikey is suppose to wack step-mommy

    Wow Guza you have stooped to an all time low, and it will be JaScam who probably cover for him of course because only Alexis takes the rap for her kids. Sonny just hires someone else to do all his dirty work. (Channelling my biggest Charlie Brown ARGHHHHHHHHH)

    It's a shame that the very good JF will have to be subjected to the Borg and his trollop, at least DZ gets to be a player in this upcoming story. Could the tides be turning and Jason will no longer be the chosen one

  17. The Lulu scenes were really dark on my tv. I had to turn all my lights out to get a look at who was on. Good scenes though. Brings the two characters of Lulu and Dante together, which I like.
    Sam boohooing that she wasn't there to help Jason then reassuring him that pulling a gun on an unsuspecting family was the right thing to do? Of course she would think that since she had a couple men pull a gun on a woman and her two kids too...
    The Carly birth was definitely not realistic, but as a Days of our Lives fan, I am way beyond realistic with soaps!! It will be interesting to see what Claudia does with the little girl before her demise.
    Jax sure found a friend in Olivia, didn't he. If they do another Sonny/Jax triangle again, they will be hearing from me!!!


  18. Soap opera or not, they should have shown something more realistic, at least SOMETHING. Stupid stupid stupid.

  19. OLTL: Jared will be dead so it doesn't even matter. Want to know who becomes Mayor?

  20. I think Carly did good screaming and all..by the time you are at your 3rd kid they just slide right out anyway. =)

    There could have been more blood though and yes they could have actually used the water they boiled the knife in for cutting the umbilical cord!

  21. Andrea - Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the LuLu and Domte scenes were dark. Plus the running water noise was so loud I really had to pay attention to their dialogue. Ah - Sound Editing....just saying.

    Dave - you are sooooo right.
    The Carly/Claudia birth scenes were bad. Someone said yesterday Claudia touched her face after touching Carly. I looked for that. Ick!!!

    Sonny is over the top. He caused this and now he is yelling at poor Bernie. Telling him Carly and the baby have to be found. DUH! Sonny is always in denial after he sets something in motion.

    And Jason busting in the Cabin gun drawn....argh! Yes, Jason you scare innocent people. Sam needs a make-over head to toe.


  22. Totally agreed with Anonymous Lisa. We were in a hospital waiting room and the scenes were so dark and the water so loud we weren't sure what had happened (thank heaven's for tape). The same with Carley crawling through the rain...without the lightning it could have been anyone.

    Birth scenes could have been fixed by some careful camera placement where only Carley's and Claudia's faces were shown. I think Claud was trying to maneuver the baby from the outside though, so no blood on her hands when they went to her face. And turning the couch in the other direction would have hidden the lack of "mess", and we still could have seen both women.Directing class 101.

    Btw...it's freezing out and Sam chooses a see thru top??? Wardrobe? can we talk??? Not all the problems are on the writing end, lol.

  23. I've had 3 babies and trust me, #3 did not just "SLIDE OUT".

    hate what Sonny's doing to Jax, and the writers too for that matter. Let's just put ervything on jax and forget that Sonny & Jason kill people for a living. Maybe once show a woman fight with their feelings for someone that kills people for that reason alone. Maybe Liz was the only one then everyone ripped her for it

  24. I specifically looked for Claudia readjusting baby, but I never saw Claudia "in her" she was more positioning from outside...which is weird, but comeon, it's a soap ;)



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