Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Hulu and Chill


Another week where I think there's been a seismic shift in production/writing/editing over there. Seriously. Things are different. I pay close attention and I'm baffled. Again, if you don't want to hear me be a huge critic, leave now. 

I decided to put one of my more fave moments as the lead in today. There were some fun things happening but just randomly inserted and jumbled. Again, if a scene lasted more than a few seconds we were lucky.

If you're ready, grab several seats and let's go! 

Looking over the blog I realized how all over the place it is. That's because the show was all over the map. I mean BIG TIME. Bear with me Wubbers! 

THE DAY THAT LASTED TWO WEEKS WEEK:  Leo's adoption was the longest day and night I remember since the Black and White Cassadine Ball. (that thing lasted a month!) It's not like after Harmony's accident a lot happened, it was mostly filler. And some of that filler was...strange. I mean, Felicia and Mac going to visit Robert and Anna was welcome but...a BABY discussion? A BABY. Felicia is almost 60 FFS. Even if she was almost 50 it's nutty. Given the fact we've had NOTHING on the ice princess for 2 weeks, you'd think that maybe...just maybe some clues could have popped up to move that story forward. Yes, I know CS is out for surgery. I do believe you can write some it without him. Or just have a grandparent discussion if you want to keep it light. This is mind boggling. Some are saying it's setting the stage for a Felicia or Mac long lost kid. Well, ok...but that isn't "raising a baby" now is it? 

MORE FILLER OF THE WEEK: I'm putting these here because there's just so much. Scotty at the nail salon with Nina and then Diane. Talking about WILEY. Biz and Terry at the Nail Salon talking about her stalking and then Amy flouncing in giving mouth to the COS because they need some tension with Chet and Terry dating. Violet and Star Wars. Whatever that Austin/Maxie stuff was at The Savoy. Spinelli and his dating app. Yes, we figured it out. He's the dating app Guru. Just let us in on it already. Liesl showing up for 2.2 seconds having drinks with Britt and Nina. Nina and Sonny slow dancing.  All the gym scenes. Curtis and Jordan talking about Marshall. I can go on. These scenes do flesh out the show but they are so short and so jumbled together it feels like a crazy-quilt. No continuity and abrupt changes. Just.. exhausting. 

DEATH OF THE WEEK:  Harmony lived long enough to spill her entire secret to... Carly. Ok, yeah.. I get it. Carly can now keep a secret from Nina and...yada yada. Still. It's just too much. Harmony's death was a blip on the radar, imo. Her character was a good one and should have been 99% Alexis-centric. In the end though, the entire thing shifted to Carly. 

MILLOW OF THE WEEK:  Whew, talk about under-reactive characters that just... make each urgent scene seem....banal. The acting direction in these scenes (from hospital to home) were puzzling. I literally sat there and pictured other actors in doing the dialog and how they'd be reacting. Seriously. Willow stared. Michael had the same face he's had on for the 10 years whenever something happens. It took everything out of the scenes for me.  I have said it before: without Nelle, this whole Nina thing is just... flat. I get she's fighting for "Wiley Visits" and yes, she hates Wills and Michael but .. meh. Carly is so far in this story I'm sick of it. She's the keeper of the Harmony secret. I guess for the irony? Welp, whatever. And PLEASE let's feed some of Sasha's beaners to those two up there. Please. 

RANT OF THE WEEK: I said it on Twitter and I'll say it here. Soaps have been notorious for the "I'm not your mother/father" moments. They even say "Real" sometimes. The thing is, those people raised the kid their entire LIVES!! Willow all of a sudden being like: "My Mother...I mean Harmony" was just sloppy. No. Even IF you have a bio-mother out there it doesn't wash away the years you had with your other parent!! She can sure be in shock because she was kidnapped but the other stuff? No.  The irony was of course, her hugging Wiley so tight and forgetting that no, you're not "THE MOTHER" according to Daytime. 

Oh and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! :eyeroll: 

HEAD SCRATCHER OF THE WEEK:  Um.. this was April 19th. Valentin was on this week. Robert was on with Anna--ergo the two were doing scenes together and then...? Valentin talked to Nina and CARLY. Because of course he did!! WHY? Oh, the ongoing fking WILEY visitation thing. That's all I'm saying because this just pissed me off to no end. I get JSP is all Disney Plus now but..CARLY?????

FIRESIDE MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  I mean, I guess a Dead Lenny convo about MikeSon's life was homey but..but...? Haven't we been traveling down this PostNixonFalls road for ages now? I would like to say the set was amazing. It should be someone's backyard. Maybe Molly and TJ's... or Kristina's...or.. oh, never mind. What am I thinking!!? 

NEWBIE OF THE WEEK: Never have I been less impressed with a casting as I was with this. YOU HAVE ALL OF LA AND USA TO CHOOSE FROM AND-- ??? Someone that looks so much like Brando he out Brando's Brando?? WTF. Not only that but... his "breaking up the fight scene"? Not believable. Nothing against the kid that got the part Ooof. And Sonny is going to hire some newbie when the West Coast is moving in? Maybe he is getting too old to lead the business. Color me bored AF.

FAVE MOMENTS OF THE WEEK:  Sonny's meatball moment was a riot. He was so lonely he made his bodyguard taste his meatball. See also: Robert and Anna fighting about what to watch on Hulu. Loved them both. 

FUN FLIRT OF THE WEEK: YEAH!! Lucy and Martin. Two soap vets playing their scenes to perfection. Just joyful. So glad they are 'coming out' as a couple. 


MAY THE 4TH OF THE WEEK: HULU was mentioned, ergo-- you KNOW its' a Disney company LOL. I also had the light go off that Star Wars is also under Disney so we can have light sabers!!  Since this actually happened the 5th, I'm thinking timing is still messy. I did appreciate Violet and Chase. Always a winning combo. 

GREAT GIRLIE OF THE WEEK: I really loved this !!! GEORGIE hating on Austin! She's a great mix of Spin and Maxie in looks. Oh I SO hope we see way more of her. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  You know that it's a strange week when I choose a hospital patient related discussion over all else. This was the most authentic "real" thing I've seen on GH in awhile. TJ lost his first patient. Britt talked him through the whole event and gave some great advice. 

SET OF THE WEEK: Yes, it was introduced last week but I finally got a photo of the name. It's always good to have some new sets and this seems like a fun one. I'd like to know what inspired the name though--I mean we did have a Chloe years ago, can't be her but it's very specific. Maybe some of the make up people?? They could have called it Nails and Gals or something but chose real names. Hmmm,...


Austin and Maxie decide to date...then not..then do ...then kiss but Georgie interrupts. 

Brook and Chase get closer by having a Star Wars Tea Party with Violet

Liz' hotel room is trashed; Who's to blame: Finn, she, ghosts or... Hamburgler? 

Harmony dies and tells Carly that Nelle is Willow's twin and ergo, Nina is her bio-mom

Willow and Michael react to Harmony's death -__- 

Jordan wants to find Willow's real biological mother

Sonny and Nina slow dance

Spinelli is worried about his dating app

Lenny shows up when Sonny is lonely and after he made meatballs

Chet shows back up in town; his sister Amy hates his date, Terry who is Amy's boss

Dex wants a job; Sonny sees potential. 

Sasha flushes her pills, mysteriously ends up in GH for a CAT Scan and the weird paparazzi guy offers to sell her drugs.

Gladys and Valentin look at the flash drive and see Sasha with spilled pills 

Felicia and Mac have weird discussions with others about 'wanting to raise kids together'

Anna has a new Union Jack doormat

Scotty and Nina confront Diane; vow to keep fighting for Wiley

Lucy and Martin rekindle the relationship and go public

Britt schools TJ about losing a patient; TJ shows Curtis Marshall's clarinet 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: In a weird twist, Steve Burton's wife (separated) announced she was pregnant on IG. Burton then had to field a flood of "congrats" posts only to say the baby isn't his. Sounds like a soap, doesn't it? 

Frank posted a "new set" and wanted fans to chime in where it could be. Since it has a Q on the chest I guess a Q office? Looks girlie though. I'm hoping it's for QUEEN SELINA WU's new OFFICE. 

Maurice Benard will be talking to Ronnie Marmo tomorrow on State Of Mind. Check it out on You Tube.  Ronnie was on #GH 2009-2012 as Ronnie M, Police Lt. 


Willow tries to find out who her biological mother is, a school festival brings fun and Terry finds out Amy is Chet's sister. 

That's the end of it kids!! It ended up being a long one. There were light and fun moments but I have to say, it still feels like a crazy ride at the fair. While I appreciate the abundance of characters that gives the show a nice canvas, it's just getting even more difficult to keep up. Stories are not flowing.  You know I love GH and it's part of my day but dang, I just want the great stories to POP!!  I do realize many of my favorite moments were fillers which is pretty interesting, no?? 

See ya tomorrow... Hope you and yours have a good mother's day if you're celebrating. 


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  2. I posted a long rambling rant and decided to remove it.

    Thank you Karen for taking time out to do a Sunday Surgery. You are always appreciated

    Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. You so deserve it. The pandemic was tough on mothers of all ages. Hope you get to enjoy the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. you removed it?? LOL.. I guess my long and rambling blog was enough LOL

    2. Forgot to say that I LOVED the scenes with Brooklyn, Chase, Violet and the tea party/ light saber party. Random but great scenes. They are a great upcoming couple AND we got Brooklyn with no blazer and she looked great.

    3. I did remove the rambling rant. I did like your rambling blog but mine sounded too weird Karen.

  3. I do not like the 1 minute scenes. show is bouncing all over the place. millow is mildew. I do like the girlfriend scenes liz and terry, but we don't get enough of. and I think Dex is working undercover .

  4. we need a new leading lady, liz or britt. carly is a nasty old lady

  5. Thanks so much for the great Sunday Surgery, kd. reading it is always my favourite way to spend my Sunday morning.

    Thanks again for mentioning the "real" mother conversation and pointing out the irony of Willow hugging Wiley so tight and forgetting that she's not really his "MOTHER" according to Daytime. That tends to irk me more than a little too.

    Daytime does like to play with words though. I shook my head at the conversation TJ had about him and Molly and then being told to say hello to your "domestic partner" for me. lol Who says that? what's wrong with say hello to Molly for me. They don't need to point out his living arrangements every time they discuss the couple.

    kd said:" He was so lonely he made his bodyguard taste his meatball. " OMG I laughed so much at this. (washing my mind out with soap after....hahahahaha)

    As for the rest, the rants were definitely justified. I can't see anything I disagreed with.

    P.S. Doesn't that Q emblem look like a face with its tongue stuck out. ..or is that just me?

    1. I had to go back and look at it again, but you are right it does. Either a tongue stuck out or a spoon.

  6. Thanks for another great SS!
    Your rant says it all. It's like the writers have ADD and can't focus. No continuity at all.
    I hate that the Harmony story is now Carly's. The fact that Alexis' life was totally changed by Harmony is more than enough for her to be one involved. One has to wonder why LW has to in almost every story lately.
    Am I alone in thinking that Nelle will be back.
    The two most engaging stories, Elizabeth's stalker and the sex tapes, should be featured and resolved. Very disappointing.

    1. Edit: "why LW has to be in almost every story lately".

  7. I got nothin today----ya'll have said it all!!!!

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  9. "I would like to say the set was amazing. It should be someone's backyard."

    YES! Fantastic set! It SHOULD be someone's backyard! :)

    "FUN FLIRT OF THE WEEK: YEAH!! Lucy and Martin. Two soap vets playing their scenes to perfection. Just joyful. So glad they are 'coming out' as a couple."

    I love Mucy!!! :) They are awesome!! Two unexpected couples! Lucy/Martin and Dr. O/Scotty! :)

  10. Great SS as always! For some reason I can't post from my IPAD - says to sign in to Google but I am already in. Seems like Val was with anyone but Anna - maybe this week they will reconnect. Hope some of these not so exciting storylines will be concluded.



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