Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Coffee, Tea or Me?


So... it was a good week for me. I was really busy and had to watch some on Hulu but I caught up I think. GH was also good this week!!  BOOOM!! 

Let's have some mini-bar drinks in honor of Alexis, shall we? And if you got the Coffee, Tea or me reference--well, welcome to the older club lol 

CARLY'S 'PLAN' FAILURE OF THE WEEK: Oh, Carly. Let's see, you've kidnapped an old lady, Avery is with Ava now and...your "let's not tell Nina about Nelle" just erupted. OMG ...great stuff.  We weren't sure if the necklace would fit because Carly had a fake one made. I was so happy when it did! BOOM!! Also, ,Valentin was standing there just like the vulture he is waiting go swoop in-- and I also loved it. Heh. Val is really a lynch-pin character lately. 

MENTAL-HEALTH CHECK OF THE WEEK: Sonny, trapped in Podunk PA, tries to get himself a job at the Hardware store but is taken back to the bar by Trooper-Timmy. (I made that up) Phyllis recognizes he's in the grips of some mental breakdown and takes him to see a surprisingly Hollywood looking doc that works at the clinic. 

PRICK OF THE WEEK: You know I'm naming Peter....who not only published Franco's medical records, he got into the server through his sister Britt. Like people won't be able to figure that out?? Please make his death a good ol' murder mystery. Maybe like a Orient Express deal where the entire town stabs him one by one. 

SIGNATURE OF THE WEEK: Did they sign it? Did Wills and Michael finally do it? Seems like Sasha is drifting to Michael and Willow is 'with Chase"...but did you catch her face when she was talking to his mom? Hmmm... and she's also going to keep living at the Qs so, lust might win out. 

STABBING OF THE WEEK: Oh, Alexis. I know some people don't like to see you sink so low but damn.. I sure do!! Nancy gives it her all, even when downing little mini airplane sized vodka bottles. Not only did she try to "Stop" Franco from hurting Sam... her aim was perfect for piercing Dante's chest!! Surprise of the week for me!! Thought for sure, Franco would go down but nope. 

ROMAN CATHOLIC CURSE OF THE WEEK: Olivia--says the rosary then vows to destroy that "Drunken Slut" Alexis.  I'm so happy Lisa LoCicero is getting material. She's just a knockout. Great photo from @NivFans 

COVID CASTING OF THE WEEK: NuJordan showed up because Ol' Jordan had tested positive for COVID. I hope they don't put she and TJ together because....same age? 


SHAKE OF THE WEEK: Oh, Britt, showing signs of the family disease of Hungtinton's. I'm so interested in how they'll play this out. 


MISTAKE OF THE WEEK: Yes, Alexis' birthday is really October 2nd.  I get they want her to hit rock bottom but Sam would have remembered, even if she was angry with her. Just weird all around. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: TOTAL WUB pick and it's only due to nostalgia. LOVE Jenny and Tad. Geesh, so many feels.  Not often you can see your faves together years later. :tears: 


Tracy leaves PC before she can be arrested. 

Peter publishes Franco's medical history, shocking the town

Franco has an episode and Alexis tries to stab him with a syringe but gets Dante instead

Britt shows signs of Huntington's disease; hand tremors

Dante is stabilized after his injection, he will be ok

Alexis is arrested for the attempted murder of Dante Falconeri

Olivia prays to God then curses Alexis for all eternity

Ned tries to make good with Olivia; not happening

Nina sees the necklace half; Jax finally tells her it's Nelle's

Sonny tries to get a job, fails and ends up taking Lithium as per the clinic's advice

Willow and Michael sign annulment papers

SCOOPS:   Scotty and Jackie catch up, Valentin will try to swoop in and mend Nina's broken heart and Maxie visits Dante. See all the spoilers on Diagnosis Daytime! 

That's it! I have to say the weak link in all of this is the Sonny story.  What should have happened: Sonny is found but has no memory.  Then Jason and Carly would still have to do all the mobular stuff and Sonny could mope around until he decides he really wants to be a cook and goes to Kelly's.  Just a thought.  I also hope the Chase thing moves along. He's a great actor and I'd just like to see the whole "Finn is probably your daddy" story play out.  More Gray Fam too. Portia and Curtis? Hmmm, pretty predictable but maybe if Trina is really his daughter. Curtis should really be Chase's partner on the PCPD.  Dante thing has to speed up-- Peter murder mystery has to start as well.  Hopefully the Nelle story is done and Sasha and Nina will decide to be Mom/Daughter in name only. I want Lucy to go out with Valentin and Maxie with Dante! 

Have a great Sunday--Oh my goodness tomorrow is February!! 


  1. LiLo (Olivia) was great this week. They need to have the "good" actors on more often (which they have been some). There are others that they need to show more and give meatier stuff (like Mac). Overall, I feel the show has been pretty good.

    Will Alexis have Martin Gray for her lawyer now? They did chem test them that one day with Valentin. Not good if she gets involved with her lawyer though.
    Alexis was such a great lawyer. I am still MAD that they destroyed her. NLG is such a great actress but still.

    Where are Genie and company? They dropped the Florence thing so now it's lost it's momentum. Don't like when they do that.

    Maxie and Dante: maybe

    Valentin and Lucy: NO

    Thanks Karen!!!

    1. PS. Happy February tomorrow. We are in for a groundhog day snowstorm here.

    2. Same..although not sure it will be that bad here.

  2. I am so confused.....Port Chuck is (supposedly?) in upstate New York. They root for the BUffalo Bills, numerous "close to Canada" mentions, etc. How does the "Pennsylvania" side of anything figure into it? It must be at least 80 or more miles to the nearest PA town. I suppose a body could float down stream that far but really?....

    1. Well.. Sonny could have crawled out of the Susquehanna River from NJ?

  3. coffee tea or me... something to do with an airline in the 70s?

  4. Just saw that the first Jordan, Vinessa Antoine's Canadian TV show has been picked up by Fox. Can't wait to see it! Remember her as a much more fiery and passionate Jordan. Would have loved to see her in scenes with Cyrus!

  5. Well, I screamed lots this week with 'it's 2021 - google the man - he is a known crime lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, Sonny with no memory at the house would be GREAT! have him fall in love with Ava!
    I don't like NLG storyline - she should have tried to figure out that Neil DIDN'T kill himself------------
    FINALLY we find out about Nelle, but now I have a sinking feeling she is coming back....PLEASE NO...
    I think Peter's blood will save Britt and he cuts a deal...BUT I want a good murder mystery that lasts for a long time.....get Maxie with Dante - Sasha and Brando-----
    P.S. Jane Elliott on the podcast with Stone Cold and Jackal is AMAZING!

    1. Even before social media there was such a thing as television. Michael and Carly would have him plastered ALL over the place. The Invader too since it pops up on everyone in the world's phones.

  6. Great SS! I hate to see Tracy leave-love JE. Sonny looks horrible. Glad to see Alexis hit rock bottom so she can go up from there. She and Lisa L have been outstanding. Kristina is finally returning yay!

  7. I wonder if Maurice Benard wanted this story line. To show what it is like for bipolar people to be off their meds.

  8. "We weren't sure if the necklace would fit"

    If it doesn't fit you must acquit! ROFL!

    "is taken back to the bar by Trooper-Timmy. (I made that up)"

    Hahahaha cute Karen I like it. :)



    "COVID CASTING OF THE WEEK: NuJordan showed up because Ol' Jordan had tested positive for COVID. I hope they don't put she and TJ together because....same age?"

    ROFL! Yeah NuJordan looks 20. :)

    "TOTAL WUB pick and it's only due to nostalgia. LOVE Jenny and Tad. Geesh, so many feels. Not often you can see your faves together years later. :tears:"

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) It was beautiful. :)

    "Olivia prays to God then curses Alexis for all eternity"


    "I want Lucy to go out with Valentin and Maxie with Dante!"

    Yes yes!!! Lucy with V.C.!!! Maxie I want her with Chet! Where the hell is he?!

  9. Thanks for another great SS! So many references to Nelle. IMO she will pop up from the dark beyond soon. In the Sonny story. The neverending necklace story and Phyllis. Seems inevitable. I also read something about Morgan.
    Olivia's scenes have been so good. But Tracy leaving so fast after having done something so bad is not so good.
    NLG is doing a great job but why she went back to drinking was not because of Julian but what happened with Neil who seems to be totally forgotten. That was a bad story.
    Not feeling Jackie T. at all. Don't like the Chase daddy question. It would serve no purpose except angst.
    Have a great Sunday. Waiting for big snow tomorrow.

    1. Yes, Ground Hog day snow storm of the century!! Snowmagedenn Lol. The weather people acting like this NEVER happens every January. Too funny.

    2. I know. Even when there is a few inches they panic. Does make things difficult for our 4 legged friends. We have 2 flights of outdoor stairs to fall on, never mind being trapped on the property.

    3. "lindie says, Yes, Ground Hog day snow storm of the century!! Snowmagedenn Lol."


      "The weather people acting like this NEVER happens every January. Too funny."

      Hahahaha. Don't forget that March is the worst month! When ice storms come!

  10. I think they're writing for NLG to win the Emmy this year. Sorry, but I just don't see her in that category. She cries really well, wipes her nose on her sleeve a lot and seems to give all she's capable of giving but it isn't Emmy-worthy (IMO). LL though, is definitely Emmy worthy. A great actress who delivers in every scene.

    1. I think NLG and Lilo are both great actresses. Just different

    2. I totally agree, lindie.

      I wish the writers would have made them friends instead of enemies. But, I guess I am glad that they are in each others "orbit." It's bringing out great acting from both of them.

    3. I love both of them, characters and actresses. And I agree with Zak, I really wanted them to be friends, like Alexis and Diane!

  11. Thank you for the SS, even though I'm a day late! Not liking the Sonny story at all, and I've been ffing thru most of it. And so agree with you about needing more Gray family, and please god, no Nell coming back from the dead. Talk about screaming at your!

  12. Thanks for another great SS.

    And people PLEASE stop talking about N**l. If theyre trying to guage whether or not people want characters back and they check how many time the psycho's name is being mentioned , they'll be overwhelmed by the numbers and think we want her back. I personally would rather have dental surgey without freezing.

    And the same goes for the now nameless pirate captain.

  13. They are actually pre-empting regular programming to cover snowstorm. In New England. I am not happy.

    1. I knew as soon as you said storm that the Boston station would break in with weather reports.



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