Friday, January 22, 2021


 I thought I'd list some up and coming reveals we have going: 

Britt's 'diagnosis" (I'm convinced she has Hungtinton's)

Peter...all of his dumb ass stuff

Nina's daughter

Sonny's alive 

Dev stole Joss' journal (she finds out) 

What else? Oh, Dr. O is skulking around 

That's going to take us through February right? 

Eden McCoy texts on a break! (From Twitter) 

TODAY'S SHOW!! It's snowed here a lot! Looks pretty but I haven't had to do my car off in a long time. Wah. 

Sonny at the bar. He's cleaning the tables like a mad-man. Oh, I think he's off his meds!! So he's going to be going a bit manic. Ok, he's REALLY manic. Wants to make a signature cocktail. Is going on and on....Phyllis figures out he probably has a mental illness. Lenny tells Sonny to either go to bed or get out. 

Carly cries to Joss about Sonny.  Joss talks about the Sonny --Oscar's death. Misses Avery. She mentions Ava came by.  Carly doesn't react much about the necklace. Tells Joss it was ok it give it to her. Calls Jax really fast. 

Curtis sees Nina at Kelly's. She tells Curtis about the Phyllis visit. He wants to help. She says she's not searching. He thinks she should search.  Jax leaves when Carly calls. Curtis wonders if Jax always puts Carly first. 

Jax goes to Carly. Wants to tell Nina the truth.... Carly freaks out and says no, she'll get the necklace back and save them both. 

Liason at the gym. "it was your dream come true to  kill Franco wasn't it"? She keeps blabbing, wonders how he'll know if Franco is dangerous enough. Tells him Jake loves Franco and don't take him away from him. She threatens Jason that if anything happens to Franco, he'll be sorry. 

Olivia lays into Alexis. Alexis tries to apologize and she's not having it. You need to watch it all! GOOD SCENES

Ned yells at Tracy. She turns it around and says he's guilty of "criminally poor judgement" LOL Tracy, turning the tables! He thinks she came back to PC to run his life since Luke is galvanting all over the place and she can't control him. 

Then, Ned goes to talk to Olivia and Alexis to Tracy . Tracy tries to tell Alexis that it was for her own good. 

Olivia doesn't want to hear from Ned. He decides to leave for a bit. Olivia sobs. 

Franco wants Scotty to represent him if he dies after coming out as "mean-Franco" . Wants him to get Jason off charges if he's arrested for his death. 

END: Jason cocks his gun LOL Pffffft. He gonna kill Franco now? 

Ok, come join me for Sunday Surgery! 


  1. I think that Britt either has Huntington's or Parkinson's the hand trembling is a symptom with either.

  2. so tired of jason being so cold and ruthless. I didn't forget that he and skye (she left the door unlocked so jason could kill him) killed alcazar. 1 of my favorite characters.

  3. I'm glad the writerd have remembered that Sonny needs his meds and are showing him being manic now that he's off them.

    That scene with jason cocking the gun was ridiculous.

    And I'm so sick of hearing about Nell. If the necklace story opens up a whole new cans of worms I'll be leaving for a while. Nell's story has been done to death and she's still haunting us.

    1. I forgot about Sonny's bipolar. Glad the writers didn't forget.

  4. Pennsylvania side of the river bar:

    Mr. and Mrs. Caufee and Sonny: Yeah Sonny isn't taking his meds, so yes he would be manic!!! That's funny that Mrs. Caufee's hubby wants to kick him out! ROFL! Come on where is the hiker guy? He should show up again just to see how Sonny is doing!

    Carson home:

    Carly and Joss: Awww Carly! It will be okay. Jason or Jax can make you feel better with Zex! :)

    CarJax: Awwwww don't worry Jax! When Nina breaks up with you because you lied to her, then you can turn to Carly and have break up/rebound zex!

    Friz home:

    BobTodd and Scotty: Of course he says no BobTodd!!! He is your father! It upsets him that Jason plans to kill you when you become a zombie!

    The gym:

    Jason and Liz: You better listen to Liz Jason! What she says GOES! :)


    Curtis and Nax: Oh Nina! Why didn't you call and tell your bestie what has been going on?

    Curtis and Nina: Yeah Nina lied about giving up on finding her daughter. Hmmmm. Will she have Curtis help find her daughter?

    Q home:

    Olivia and Alexis: Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: Mmmm nah I want to hear you say it.

    *Wags her finger*

    Olivia: Now be specific.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA! Well that friendship is OVER!!! :(

    Nedlia: Mom and dad are fighting. :( Are they going to get a divorce? :(

    Ned and Tracy: Yeah Ned you tell her!!! She can't control Luke, so she can go home and control other peoples lives!! HA! Nobody can tell Luke what to do!! :) Well maybe Laura. :) Kick her out Ned! HA! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1988* I watched Robert and Sean together. I followed them around.. Besties! :)

    1. "Watchingsince78 says, ... and Tiffany too!!"

      Yes yes!! Tiffany too!!! :)

  5. "TODAY'S SHOW!! It's snowed here a lot! Looks pretty but I haven't had to do my car off in a long time. Wah."

    The snow on the trees are very pretty! I took pictures! :)

  6. the close ups of rebecca herbst today, she is gorgeous. she found the fountain of youth.


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